Northview is no joke, slams Rowland 28-0; South Hills is the King of Cameron in OT; Bishop Amat, Charter Oak lose heading into next week’s showdown

Northview-Rowland photo gallery
HIGH SCHOOL SCOREBOARD: Quarter Updates, Tout Videos and more
9-13-13 NORTHVIEW05

rcwinsFriday’s final scores
Northview 28, Rowland 0 Vikes improve to 3-0 and are most surprising team by far
Rancho Cucamonga 32, Bishop Amat 29They turned it over three times in the first quarter and fell behind 17-0. Although they came back to take control, they coughed it back in the end.
Azusa 33, Maranatha 14 The Aztecs needed a win in the worst way and got it over a quality opponent.
Los Alamitos 27, Charter Oak 24 If Charter Oak loses to Bishop Amat next week you have to ask, when’s the last time Lou Farrar and Co., started 0-3?
South Hills 31, West Covina 28, OT South Hills needed it more than West Covina just because the Bulldogs had taken ownership of Cameron in recent years.
Diamond Bar 40, San Dimas 28 Big statement game for Diamond Bar and one of the worst starts for San Dimas in years.
Damien 49, Palm Desert 14 — After getting hammered by Orange Lutheran, nothing like a home blowout to feel good again.
Covina 55, San Gabriel 7 — Colts needed it after last week’s loss La Puente.
Baldwin Park 21, Gladstone 15 — After going 0-10 last year, Braves suddenly 3-0 just like 9-13-13 NORTHVIEW19Northview, looking like VVL contenders.
Nogales 24, Ontario 23 — Finally, a win for coach Bruce Alley, who took over with almost no time to prepare.
Walnut 42, Claremont 35 — One of the biggest surprises of the night. If this is the Hacienda’s worst, what an incredible league race that awaits.
Los Altos 55, Wilson 0 — More impressive by the week. And now that victory over Arroyo looks really solid.
Arroyo 41, La Puente 14 — Speaking of Arroyo, Nathan Coto threw for 413 yards and five touchdowns. Wow.
Glendora 33, Bonita 30, OT — You can never sleep on Glendora, they’re simply one of the Valley’s best year after year after year.
Ayala 19, Diamond Ranch 16 — The Panthers raced to a 16-0 lead and looked like they would be 3-0, but Ayala had other plans.
Mountain View 34, Sierra Vista 7 — Not surprised the Vikings won, but surprised by how much.
El Monte 28, Bassett 14 — After back-to-back humbling losses, the Lions can enjoy their weekend.
Montebello 57, South El Monte 21 — Trailing 50-0 at halftime, the Eagles were never in it.
Pomona 39, Bloomington 0 — With everyone talking about Northview and Baldwin Park in the VVL, this result should raise some eyebrows.
Montclair 38, Duarte 14 — Many thought the Falcons were better than this.
Workman 40, Marshall 26 — Back-to-back wins for the Lobos.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Let’s Go San Dimas, Ayala, and SHIlls ….

    • Bulldogs have bite

      What’s with the anti-Hacienda league vibe? hehehe….It’s not like we’re the SEC!

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        No, I am fond of wesco…These are teams on Mtown’s schedule…and well we need these teams to get quality wins.

        • Saints Fan

          There you go greenie… pumpin that SOS, hahaha, I see what your doin !!!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            More Greenie live from arcadia high on the Tablet!!!

        • Bulldogs have bite

          I’m afraid in behalf of the Hacienda league, we will not be able to accommodate you at this time. Good luck to mtown just the same! WC needs these teams to win. go DB, DR and WC! 🙂

      • MoreKetchup

        I have a feeling a few people are still a bit salty over the whole Noodles situation.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      I see what you did right there.

  • Mike jones

    If covina dont dominate they need to pull plug on the joe brown project

  • 12th man

    Did Fred & Aram over look RC & were too focused on Santa Margarita & Chino Hills? Nobody was really listening to what i was saying..Anyways~ I wasn’t at the game so i don’t know the specifics..but what i do know is that perhaps coach hags made some questionable decisions? That’s 5 missed 2pt conversions in the last 2 games (maybe it’s time to kick the extra point unless it’s late in the 4th & the game is on the line) In no means can you win with this’s like a catch 22..If you convert the 2pts each time you look like a genius! If you fail everyone becomes a coach & a critic..

    Amat breakdown: This is for you Amat 73!!

    I don’t have one for Amat but I do have one for Alemany!

    Alemany Breakdown!

    Alemany-42 Narbonne-14

    Alemany defensive line is solid they’re not too big but very athletic..they plug up holes quick & make the RB’s really work just to get 2-3 yds..Defensive Ends on both sides are legit, keeping containment on the QB all night & didn’t allow him to roll to the outside once..defensive backs have speed & can swarm to the ball if the QB doesn’t look off receivers & telegraphs his passes..lookout for #3 Brandon Boyd this kid has a knack for the ball & is all over the field laying some hits (ronnie lott style) & has deceptive speed..didn’t see impressive play by the seems like if you can get them too bite on a play action you can successfully gain about 5-7 yards..

    Alemany offensive line aren’t as big as previous years & at times look vulnerable in protecting the pocket..but they still have the traditional elusive dual threat QB who loves to run the play action QB keeper every 2-4 plays..when he’s not running with the ball he has a quick 2 step drop & releases short passes all day..It also seemed like every now & then he try’s to catch you sleeping & will deliver a hailmary about once or twice each keep you honest..I would definitely cover #13 desean Holmes with my most athletic & fastest player..this kid is crazy fast & does most of his damage after the catch..Some things never change Alemany still has the ability to strike quick if they sense confusion on the defensive side..this game was a defensive struggle up until the 3rd quarter started,,that’s when Alemany came out swinging & scored 4td’s in 8min..

    Overall performance: perhaps a B+
    Alemany looked strong at times but the Narbonne QB did not have quick feet & was a non-factor running with the ball ..I would say the overall team speed isn’t what it was the previous 4 years..they look young & athletic bit that’s it..they remind me of this year’s Amat’s team..if ever thas was a year for Amat to take them out..I would say this is the year~

    • AMAT 73

      Glad to see you feel we have a chance against Alemany this season !!!!! As far as Friday night’s game it’s like I have always said , you can’t turn the ball over to good teams . It will cost you all night long. Not taking anything away from RC as they were ready to play and got the win . Hopefully the LANCERS and staff learn from this loss and get something good out of it if that is possible . They fought a good fight but came up short at the end .

  • Rowland Raider

    Tough Loss.. Offense never got a change to get going after Jackie went down.. Need to regroup and focus on next game….

  • 12th man

    The Kurt Scoby era has begun!! “Freight train” coming to a theater near you!!

  • 12th man

    In the top caption you put South Hills beats West Covina in OT followed by Bishop Amat, South Hills lose…which one is it? did SH win or lose?

  • RealTalk

    The WC/SH game was great!!! 7-0 SH 14-0 SH 14-7 SH 21-7 SH 21-14 SH (HALFTIME) 21-21 TIE 21-28 WC 28-28 TIE 31-28 OT FINAL… KING OF CAMERON was a battle…

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    why is it taking more than an hour for my previous post to be posted, it has been “in review” for quite some time. what gives?

    • SEMHS FAN 3481

      and by the way, it was a review without cuss words or anything of the sort. this happened to me last week as well, it never was posted, no explanation was given on that one.

  • Aaron

    Where does Fred come up with these headlines. I wasn’t there, I am in Kentucky…but looking at the Stats, they obviously rode Jake Payton, but what is going on in the passing game? Need better play and play calling.

    • LongTimeTartan

      Kind of misleading when 87 of those yards come on one play.


    Alright to the “BIG A”, AZUSA ! Like Fred said AZUSA needed that win! Good Job Scherf going on the road and getting the W! Hope the turnover ratio wasn’t as bad as last weeks but that’s understandable being your first week JITTERS! Big game next week against Arcadia and hope you have the same results like last night! GOOD JOB AZUSA! ~


      Cal prep Predictions… Arcadia 31 AZUSA 27 not a bad margin? No mistakes AZUSA…

  • Say WhAtt

    “You can never sleep on Glendora, they’re simply one of the Valley’s best year after year after year.”

    Someone hasn’t seen Glendora play the last three years!!!

    • Say WhAtt

      2012 J. Lewallen 3-7-0
      2011 T. Quinsey 3-7-0
      2010 5-5-0

      • LongTimeTartan

        Can’t look at the record only. At least 5 of those games a year are outside the “Valley”. When they do play “Valley” teams, my guess is most games are very competitive, whether they won or lost. Minus the charter oak game last year 🙂

        • Say WhAtt

          Come on now what do you mean you can’t go by the win loss record. Sure it’s nice to be competitive but W’s & L’s are what counts. 🙂


      Come on Glendora is a decent team! Plus it’s my neighbor! GO TARTAN FOOTBALL!


    I can feel your pain SEMHS, Anytime a team puts up 50 it’s never a good feeling! I’m sure there’s a lot of Coaches, players and family that are pissed off but the only thing to do is practice harder and go at it again on FRIDAY! Good luck to my old hometown!

  • SDSaints

    Love the headline Fred, but answer me this. Who has Northview beaten? Ontario who lost to Nogales…..Gladstone who has 19 guys on Varsity…. and a Rowland team that will finish last in its league and lost their starting running back last week to a ACL tear. I know we are 0 and 3 and will probably be 0-4 but we at least scheduled some competition instead of cupcakes and the blind.

  • Let Them Play

    Curious about Northviews schedule. Flip flop their schedule with San Dimas and my guess is the records are flip flopped as well. Northview opponents are 2-5 on the season. SD playing against schools twice as big in population and physical size has opponent records of 7-2. The showdown on the 27th at district field will decide the league championship. Monrovia will win next week and the SD vs NHS game could look lopsided on paper. 0-4 vs 4-0 but understand that SD has been in every game they played and held a led in the last 2. Going to be good in a few weeks is Scoby doesn’t hurt anyone next week.