Football: Chino Hills shocks the OC, beats Tesoro 30-17, Rosemead holds off South Torrance, 41-33

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Thursday’s results
Chino Hills 30, Tesoro 17 The Huskies pulled away in the fourth quarter, that’s two-great showings against Pac-5 schools and a win in Orange County. OK, should have never dropped them in the rankings.
Rosemead 41, South Torrance 33The Panthers took a two-touchdown lead in the fourth and held on against a quality opponent from the South Bay.

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  • The stands

    Great win for one of our local schools. They showed a lot of heart against Amat and now the Huskies have proven they can compete at a high level.

    • FredJ

      Completely agree, Sierra beware

  • WCDan

    Great win for Chino Hills, see Fred, drop em when they shouldn’t have been dropped and they go out and beat a Pac 5 powerhouse. Great for Rosemead to get a win too. Amats stature just bumped up with that Chino Hills win.
    On a side note I just noticed Gardena Serra has an 86.2 cal preps rating, I think that is the highest rating ever. I remember a few teams in the 70’s but never in the eighties. I know they are suppose to be real good this year but contrast that to the 2001 Long Beach Poly team that had 5 Highschool all Americans on the same team and won the D1 title, they only had a 45.2 rating. I think Cal preps has developed a sliding scale over the years.

    • observantcat

      Try St. Bonnie… 93.8 rating

    • observantcat

      My badd…. WCDan

      Here go some pretty high ranking teams…

      1St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) 93.3
      Serra (Gardena, CA) 86.2
      Centennial (Corona, CA) 75.9+2
      Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA 73.9

      • WCDan

        Forgot to look up SJB but I see it’s a 93, St. Bonnies lost last week, as of now their ratings are in the 60’s, never seen ratings in the 80’s and 90’s until now, like I said, the ratings system must be based on a different scale than 10 years ago.

  • reality

    Those ratings go up and down faster than tomorrows temperature. Meaningless.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Big win for CH and the SGV…well that shows how good CHills is and how good BA is. Looks like they could be the SGV’s # 2 team.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Not getting ahead of ourselves, you do have a point. However I think once Upland gets their house in order, both coaching and team wise (which is a bigger issue than the coaches) they could roll into what they were built to be. But I do agree that this is the year to smack them.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        They do not have continuity to go to Semis this year.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          I agree with you they do have their issues. I think their continuity is seriously fractured (if there ever was any). Personally I don’t think it’s repairable this season. But should they, they’ll be an interesting match up for anyone.

  • haditwiththisfool

    Congrats to CHHS! I’ve said it before proud of any of our teams that can hang with an OC powerhouse ! Great WIN!
    Good luck tonight to all SGV teams, play safe!

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Why was this such a “shock” for you? You do know that Chino Hills has a 4-2 record vs. Tesoro, right? If Chino Hills would have played their best QB ( #7 Martinez) all game against Amat, I think the outcome would have been different. They were very thin @ linebacker and they needed him their. You see what a difference maker he was when he came in, didn’t you?

    • jcaz

      Ya, and if the queen had gonands, she’d be king. You know, when ever a Monday morning quarterback chimes in to these blogs (no matter who he roots for) then all it does is to show disrespect towards the coaching staff for having made what ever decision they made during that game. It’s over and done with. Maybe next year. BTW, great win for CH

  • 12th man

    No Shocker!! CH was the favorite in that game..Even Calpreps had them winning 24-21…Tesoro is a mid-level pac5 team this year..sure! they blew out La Mirada..but at the same time what has La Mirada done lately? For those of you who don’t believe in numbers Calpreps is at 84% accuracy rate right now…They just changed the projected score & have BA over RC 28-27..earlier in the week it was the other way around..In other words..This game could be a lot closer than people think?

    • Valley Athletics

      It’s going to be close . We don’t know how good Rancho is yet . They beat Redlands but so did Los osos . They beat Norco in Norcos first game with new coach and new Qb . Don’t know know what norco has besides huge O line . Last week Gama, Moran and Gaston didn’t play . Lets hope they get healthy .just yesterday they had rancho as favorite over Amat on maxppreps . After chino hills win the computer calculated to Amats favor .

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Rancho is athletic and when you have two athletic teams like BA and Rancho battling, it comes down to who makes fewer mistakes. And that starts at QB. I think Haynes is a far better QB than Pucci, but Pucci can get hot. If he’s on, then you can expect some fireworks.

        I don’t know if Redlands this year is the same horse they were last year or the years before. This doesn’t take anything away from Los Osos’ win. Norco, well Norco most assuredly isn’t the same since Gerhart left. From my understanding some kids left, but a lot stayed as well.

        Rancho vs BA should be a good game for a variety of reasons.

        • RC FB

          I agree that this will be a great game. We were not even ranked preseason, but after some good wins, we are on the map. Norco was a good team we beat. They are big and athletic, but I agree their QB change affected them. They will be there once league starts though. Amat is very athletic, but the reason we will beat them is because of our much bigger boys up front on both sides. Haynes will be scrambling for his life all night, and our OL will open up running lanes for our RB’s. That will also open up our passing game. I respect Amat, but we will win this game by two scores.

          • 12th man

            RC does have some big boys! ..but! so did Santa margarita & Chino Hills..You won’t beat Amat in the trenches..if anything it’s the speed of the secondary that’s suspect?

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Love it!

            Be sure you come back Saturday morning, or later tonight and share your thoughts, win or lose. Looking forward to hearing them. šŸ™‚

          • 1st and goal

            Amat will come out victorious in this game. RC’s “big boys” will tire by the end of the game. By that time Amat will have the momentum and pull away. Our boys are much better conditioned and disciplined. It showed in games 1 & 2. RC is in for some good football tonight. Points will be scored but it won’t enough to get the ‘W’ for the cougars. Haynes, Zaughn, Camargo, Prieto will be ready for a fun night. Amat 39 RC 24.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Guess that didn’t work out that way huh? Lol

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      It was shocker to a few people, namely an unnamed writer for a certain blog. lol

      • 12th man