Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat keeps top spot; Glendora, Los Altos crack top five and leaders

Above: A streaker invaded last years Amat-Charter Oak game, what will happen this year?

1. Bishop Amat (2-1) — Normally you drop from the top spot after a loss, but who would you replace the Lancers with? Chino Hills? Nope, not after Amat’s head-to-head win, and nobody else is worthy yet, so the Lancers get a pass with a hungry, passionate and winless Charter Oak visiting Kiefer in what is usually the fan favorite of the year.
2. Chino Hills (2-1) – Great win over Pac-5 Tesoro after nearly knocking off Bishop Amat the week before. Now it gets another test against West Covina, a team it easily handled a year ago.
3. Glendora (2-0) — With so many ranked teams losing and the Tartans defeating Bonita, Glendora’s finest shoots up the rankings with another big one this week vs. Ayala at Citrus.
4. Los Altos (3-0) — Beating Arroyo, San Dimas and Wilson isn’t exactly murderers row, but the Conqs are winning more convincingly each week.
5. Charter Oak (0-2) — Chargers could just as easily be 2-0 after losing to Roosevelt in overtime and by three points to Los Alamitos. Will their luck change this week at Bishop Amat?
6. Bonita (2-1) – After enjoying wins over San Dimas and South Hills, the Bearcats fall to Glendora, which is nothing to hang your head over. A loss this week vs. Claremont would be a different story.
7. South Hills (2-1) – The Huskies got the non-league win they wanted the most, beating crosstown rival West Covina. Now it gets two weeks to prepare for Mid-Valley No. 1 Monrovia.
8. West Covina (2-1) – Went back-and-forth with South Hills before losing and gets a tougher game Friday at Chino Hills. If the Bulldogs are a Southeast contender, this is the game to show it.
9. Northview (3-0) — In terms of lopsided victories, nobody compares to the Vikings with back-to-back shutouts and surrendering just seven points in three games. Looking at the rest of their schedule, don’t be surprised if they go undefeated. This would have been the year for Northview to get a crack at Monrovia, not San Dimas.
10. Ayala (2-1) – After giving Mid-Valley No. 1 Monrovia a fight, the Bulldogs knock off undefeated Diamond Ranch to show its a legitimate Sierra contender.
The rest: 11. Damien (1-1); 12. Diamond Ranch (2-1); 13. Baldwin Park (3-0); 14. Rowland (2-1); 15. Diamond Bar (2-1); 16. Arroyo (2-1); 17. Pomona (3-0); 18. San Dimas (0-3); 19. Walnut (1-2), 20. Azusa (1-1); 21. Claremont (1-2); 22. La Puente (1-1); 23. Rosemead (1-1); 24. Mountain View (2-0); 25. Covina (1-2); 26. El Monte (1-2), 27. Workman (2-1); 28. South El Monte (1-1); 29. Duarte (1-2); 30. Wilson (1-2); 31. Sierra Vista (0-2), 32. Gladstone (0-2), 33. Nogales (1-2), 34. Bassett (0-3), 35. Ganesha (1-1).


1. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 66 for 105, 930 yards, 9 TDs
2. Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, 63 for 97, 883 yards, 7 TDs
3. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 51 for 78, 8181 yards, 6 TDs
4. Adrian Cuevas, El Monte, 49 for 91, 779 yards, 6 TDs
5. Brian Meyette, Ayala, 41 for 88, 756 yards, 6 TDs
6. Cristian Hacegaba, Los Altos, 41 for 56, 532 yards, 4 TDs
7. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, 50 for 85, 501 yards, 5 TDs
8. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 39 for 59, 497 yards, 5 TDs
9. Tyler Peterson, Diamond Bar, 40 for 59, 420 yards, 2 TDs
10. Jacob Tovar, La Puente, 26 for 42, 411 yards, 4 TDs

1. Jackie Zhang, Rowland, 533 yards, 3 TDs
2. Alex Salgado, Workman, 507 yards, 8 TDs
3. Jake Payton, Bonita, 507 yards, 5 TDs
4. Justin Torres, Sierra Vista, 326 yards, 1 TD
5. Christeon Blackmon, Northview, 317, 3 TDs
6. Adam Goss, 291 yards, 4 TDs
7. Donavon Davis, Ganesha, 280 yards, 4 TDs
8. Isaiah Davis, Ganesha, 268 yards, 3 TDs
9. Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, 268 yards, 1 TD
10. Lawon Carney, South Hills, 240, 4 TDs

1. Nico Lozano, Arroyo, 16 rec, 468 yards, 3 TDS
2. Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, 22 rec, 321, 2 TDs
3. Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park, 16 rec, 302 yards, 2 TDs
4. Raymen Baraza, Baldwin Park, 15 rec, 299 yards, 3 TDs
5. Roy Barrajas, El Monte, 16 rec, 291 yards, 1 TD
6. Fernando Espinoza, El Monte, 12 rec, 223 yards, 3 TDs
7. Jose Ochoa, 8 rec, 220 yards, 4 TDs
8. Matthew Zahn, Bishop Amat, 13 rec, 219 yards, 0 TD
9. Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, 11 rec, 215 yards, 4 TDs
10. James Carter, Ayala, 11 rec, 210 yards, 2 TDs

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  • DeeeeRanch Pops

    You have to be kidding me. Los Altos at #4? They’ve played nothing but 2nd rate d11 teams and now they are scheduled to play a horrible Chino team that has scored a whopping 12 points in 3 games. Can’t wait to get at the BillyConqs come league play. Westco is going to get butchered this week vs. CH and if not for Los Altos, Bonita would be the most overrated team in the SGV. CAN’T WAIT FOR ALL THESE CHUMPS!

    • TruTH

      And Diamond Ranch isn’t overrated? Last time I checked they beat a Chino team that has not won a game. They beat an El Rancho team that lost to Bell Gardens. And now they lost to a team that got beat by another Mid Valley team. This week you play another low level team in Schurr yet you talk about Los Altos playing nothing but 2nd rate d11 teams, isn’t it the same for Diamond Ranch?

      • FredJ

        Have to admit, truth makes some sense

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    D-ranch lost to Ayala…..and beat a HORRIBLE Chino team….enough said

  • Not Since 1995

    So….Ehhh Hemmmn….!

    Where are the Lanceritos ranked this week? Hello…? CIF…? Max Prep…? Anyone…?

    Can we now say…Over RATED….AGAIN….!

    Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

    Not in 2013 Either…

    • SGV FB Dad

      Hey, there you are dirt bag. Why did you disappear after Amat beat SM? Did you have to check into county?

      • Not Since 1995

        Hey, SGV PowderPuff Mom.

        I disappeared cus your mom tried to run away from my stable of hoe’s, biaaaatch! It took me 2 weeks, but I found her working the streets in Mexicali…!

        Thanks for your concern though. As long as your mom doesn’t run away again, I’ll be around reminding you that the Lanceritos are no longer what they use to be before 1995.

        Cus you ain’t got a CIF RING. Not Since 1995…!

        And…That Is the TRUTH!!!

        • SGV FB Dad

          I would love to know who your school is. Do you ever just support your school, or just get your ya yas knocking the schools that kicked you out?

          • Not Since 1995

            SGV PowderPuff Mom
            I get my ya yas watching you “Has Beans” lose in the 1st round of the playoffs….!


    • 1st and goal

      Haha. There she is!!! How did it go down in TJ getting that gold cap over your front teeth there. Pinche Burro!! So nice to see that you were able to escape that Cantinas on the Revolucion where they had you performing. Chapete!! After this weeks win, you’ll go back to hiding like the chump you are. Care to join us this week at the tailgates? I’ll be saving my bottles and cans for you again like last year and the year before that.

      • Not Since 1995

        Tijuana was great, Lansaro pendejo! Your abuela is losing her teeth but she still performs her special talents in the alley behind Adelitas, cabron! They call her the “Gummer”! By the way, did your puto dad have the operation? I think I saw her trolling in the same alley. Biaaaatch was ugly…!

        The Truth hurts…doesn’t it pendejo? 18 years and NO CIF RING…!

        Can we say…Over RATED….?

        I predict No Playoffs for 2013…!

        1st and goal is where your SMALL defense will spend the rest of the Serra League this season…! Next year, Western Division Biaaaaaatch…!

        Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

        Not In 2013 Either….

        THE TRUTH!!!

        • 1st and goal

          That’s all you got? Lol. I take rips at you and you feel the need to bring in family members. Lmao. I feel sorry for you. All you can afford is my nana gumming your lil jerky bite in the back alley. Maybe you should go back to collecting those cans and bottles at Keifer after our next win. Maybe you can afford a live woman next time.

          No truth to anything you say. Keep taking your shots bitch. We would love for you to make yourself known on this blog. Then the truth will really be known. Who you are. Who your NOT!! Who you always wanted to be and what you will never become. One thing is for sure, once we all find out who you are, your life will never be the same.

          • Not Since 1995

            1st & Goal AKA Backed Into the END ZONE!

            Your “Gummer” errrrrrr…gramma is still the best at what she does…! But your dad….well…lets just say that she has seen her better days. Just like your football program and that old ghetto you putos call a school!

            I’ll be at Knifer Landfill just like I am at every home game…! Just ask Amat 73…! You’re right under my nose and you don’t even know it…!

            Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

            No CIF RING in 2013 Either….

            That’s THE TRUTH…!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Hey aren’t you supposed to be Monrovia’s #1 Fan? WTF!!! We are not going to renew you contract in ’14 if you don’t knock it off. Your material is getting weaker every year….go to your mom’s basement and work on your act….You are the Andrew Dice Clay of the Blog Scene.

  • joho

    Ah ha! the worm crawls out of his hole! where were you? I missed your weekly diss on Bishop! happy now that the Lancers lost?!
    What’s your prediction for next week?
    Your obsession with Amat football is amazing, bordering on disturbing!

  • warrior fan

    fred sounds like a pathetic excuse to keep your Lancers number 1. If i recall last year when they tied Chino hills and Ba ended up losing you still kept Ba at the top due to who they played. i could be wrong but i smell Bull s#!t

    • Valley Athletics

      Why do you care . How come I don’t see you post on golden state preps blog that is for the area that alemany is in .

      • warrior fan

        Because im from the sgv who played at alemany like the rest of the pasadena kids..

        • AMAT 73

          worrior fan,
          That’s not what you said last season . You were claiming something entirely different .

          • warrior fan

            Huh I played there as well as my nephew Amat 73 I played there in 99,00 year my nephew and cousin played there their both gone now but I still rep the sgv

    • FredJ

      Warrior, or should I say Muir West, I think you’ll find most people agree with me. Who else should you put No. 1?

      • warrior fan

        Chino hills deserve the top spot even though BA beat them. IMO their game was close and could had went anyway and i think if you lined them back up again CH wins.


      The only one that sounds PATHETIC is you!

      • warrior fan

        good luck at azusa

  • Ba Ba Bohi

    I have posted two similar comments, because I thought the first one didn’t go through. What the story with the moderator?

  • LA Dad

    So Warrior Fan, who would you have at #1. I’ve been at every LA game and believe me, at 3-0 I am not ready to put them at #1 yet. They are getting better so the schedule has helped them. Its all about winning the conference so they can go to the playoffs. This team is doing what it has to be D Ranch, Bonita, WC can all take it too. I haven’t seen D Bar and Rowland has injuries. Walnut is hurting but I think Hacienda has enough talent that they can all beat each other out. Just have to play!

  • Valley Athletics

    glendoras Qb got mentioned on LA Times blog as a future college prospect .

  • Not Since 1995

    26 comments is pretty weak, dude!
    Step up your game…Hones!
    No RING for you….

  • IC Green

    I don’t know exactly where to go with this Ba Ba…you’re definitely on track. Diebold doesn’t have Podley to talk to any more so when he does make an ill-advised throw, he’s not being coached up as would normally be the case. And without Podley, it doesn’t look like anybody’s getting coached. Too bad — Bonita’s loaded on offense. Just about all the skill players are returners with lots of starts under their belts. Diebold may have lost #27, but he’s still got #8, 14, 40 & 7 going for him, not to mention 42, 12, 81 and RB’s #3 and 6. That’s an explosive and talented cast surrounding a great returning QB – and they’re wasted. With no OC in the crow’s nest, how’s the QB
    supposed to know guys are running down the field wide open while he’s locked in on somebody in the flat? 

 I don’t have a problem with the backup QB coming in for a series now and then but man did he underthrow a wide open receiver on that int. But again, that’s where they need Podley.

    Bonita is loaded on defense too, but at least they’ve got a DC to lead them in Medina. That’s too bad because their offensive personnel are good enough to challenge for the championship and take them deep into the playoffs. They have the players to be explosive from any point on the field — they just need a coach.