CIF-SS commissioner Rob Wigod opens up in first of four-part series

wigodA must read from the Long Beach Press-Telegram on CIF-Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod: In the first of our four-part series, we look at the local background of commissioner Wigod; Wednesday will focus on the subject of transfers in high school sports; Thursday on the digital transformation of the CIF-SS office and the rest of the high school sports landscape and Friday on the issue of public vs. private high schools.

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  • Bonita Boy

    Does the Commissioner really know what is going on? Gage Pucci attends 3 different high schools — JUST TO PLAY QUARTERBACK!!! Are you kidding me? Pucci is already bragging to other students at Rancho Cucamonga that he will transfer AGAIN to graduate with his Glendora class. Hey, Commissioner Wigod — if you were really enforcing fair and honest student athletes — you wouldn’t have a debacle like the Pucci travels. His dad laughs at your lack of enforcement. Oh, I’m sorry, they own an ice cream store in RC, my bad. CIF is a joke. If you have money, have means, or have connections you can move from school until you get a starting position.