Two-Minute Drill: Doesn’t get much better than Charter Oak at Bishop Amat

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  • rene77

    Charter oak has no chance,

    • Charger Baller

      Never count CO out of a game. We definitely should be 2-0. If you were at the games like I was you would agree. Amat is small, Amat has weak safeties, and a midget corner #2, who can’t tackle. CO will throw all over Amat and pull this one off. To most this will be an upset. But to us Chargers, this is what we expect. I know Everyone in the SGV is afraid of Amat, but we fear no one. Amat is a decent team until you smack them in the face. Expect our boys to come out and beat up the Lancers.

      • rene77

        Should have could have would have… CO is DOA and you can take that to the bank!

      • jcaz

        Charger Baller. I think its great to be a fan of any team, but being a fan sometimes weakens your objectivity. BTW, it’s true what Aram said in that on certain years, some of the local teams have the talent to beat Amat. But even on a leap year, i’d still take Amat over any of the locals.
        Look, the fact is that they really don’t play on an even field. Amat is a private school and gets a talent pool that isn’t locked in by geography. That’s not to say that good schools such as Charter Oak don’t themselves get talent (using what ever method they use) that they might not otherwise be able to get, but Coach Farr himself even alluded to that a couple of years ago (just before these two schools signed on to these games) that Amat is in a different level if only because of the talent pool they can get.
        So, lets just see how this one plays out ok

      • rene77

        Told you… It would have been 14-45 but we felt sorry for you guys

    • Jastrab

      Charter Oak’s D-line is legit…they are big and quick. I love Amat,but CO’s front 4 look good. Should be a great game with two great ESGV programs.

    • AMAT 73

      I am sure you said that before the RC game also . Hey it’s CO and they always have a chance . If we come out and do what we did last week, although I highly doubt it as I have never seen AMAT do that 2 games in a row , it will be up for grabs . Personally I think AMAT comes out and makes a statement to themselves and get things back on track and show what they are really capable of when firing on all cylinders both D and O .

    • Bishop All Stars

      Bishop JV 47-0 over CO
      Bishop freshmen 40-26
      You are right varsity has no chance.
      Felt bad for the freshmen from CO… There parents had no class after they lost.

      • CO Alumni

        I have to say that I was embarrassed by some of our CO parents. CO is a very good school, and I am a proud alumni. We have great student spirit, and we love our teams. But what some of the parents, both moms and dads, said and did was classless. I hope both the Amat families and the CO families don’t categorize all CO parents as trash, even though a few CO parents acted like it today.

  • Valley Athletics

    No studio guest this season ?

  • D-Mo

    Last season Ba and CH tied, BA beat CO, and CO crushed CH. This season BA beats CH, CO beats BA, and CH beats CO……except the last one.

  • jcaz

    Aram, yes indeed, I do remember that you have made mention of the possibility that in certain years, some of the local talent can defeat Amat, The only problem with that argument, is that regardless of weather of not they have the talent to win, they still would have to actually show up and put on their jock straps.
    Look Aram, you win a game based on the what happens on the field, not on the possibility of what if.
    The fact is that any of the teams you could mention would have a 50-50 chance at best. Even when Amat had Verdi at the helm, and when Amat was most venerable, the lancers beat some quality teams (such as Rancho Cucamonga), so even then Amat most likely would have won.
    Now, im not going to over do this rah rah rah stuff, because like I like to say, im a honk, not a homer, but even when Charter Oak had that fantastic running back a couple of years ago, I am most certain that the Lancers would have handled them.
    I guess my argument is based on the fact that in the years that Charter oak had those great teams, Amat defeated quality Pac5 opponents. You just cant ignore those facts my friend, and that’s probably one of the reasons why Alemany looks unbeatable this year.
    The Warriors just keep playing outstanding talent and always end up with more points than the other guys do at the end of their games. Frankly speaking, the way they are playing, I don’t see Amat beating those guys this year…..again
    But we shall see eh ?

    • AMAT 73

      The second to the last line has been your best joke all season .
      hahahahahaha !!!!

      • jcaz