St. Lucy’s rallies for five-set victory over Rancho Cucamonga; Tribune rankings, schedules

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PHOTO GALLERY: St. Lucy’s-Rancho Cucamonga photo gallery
STORY: St. Lucy’s needed five sets to turn back host Rancho Cucamonga 21-25, 25-23, 26-28, 28-26, 15-12 in a battle of ranked CIF-Southern section teams Tuesday night.
Rancho Cucamonga (5-2), ranked seventh in 2-AA, won the first and third sets while St. Lucy’s, ranked eighth in 1-A, took the second and fourth. Both the third and fourth sets went longer than regulation and the teams were not separated by more than three points in the decisive game

1. St. Lucy’s (3-1)
2. Claremont (3-1)
3. Ayala (3-1)
4. West Covina (8-0)
5. Los Altos (1-1)
6. Diamond Bar (3-2)
7. Chino Hills (5-4)
8. South Hills (1-1)
9. El Monte (8-3)
10. Gladstone (5-3)

Baseline League
Del Rey League
Hacienda League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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  • SGVVBfan

    Thanks for the Volleyball top ten. The teams are working hard and appreciate the recognition. The League hyperlinks are great, makes it easy to check up on the competition.

  • Basic

    I too thank you for giving us a little love. And now I get to voice my opinion which btw could be totally off but…

    First St. Lucy does not look overly impressive but all they do is win so them at 1 is the clear choice. Claremont at 2 is off though, Bonita beat them in 3, and not that Bonita should be in the top ten but just giving some background. L.A. is for real, they’ve looked impressive although they loss to St. Lucy too but I think L.A. might be 2. Big game today at Bonita with South Hills coming in, should be fun and a good measuring stick.
    Thanks again for the love though.

    • FredJ

      What makes rankings difficult is not everyone updates their game scores, standings, etc, etc, making it extremely difficult to rank teams. For instance, Bonita is listed as 0-2 on Maxpreps, which clearly they’re not.

      Not everyone or hardly anyone, I should say, calls in results anymore. I don’t know what happened to promoting teams and players but more and more coaches nowadays are protective of their information.

      CIF has recently partnered with Maxpreps, which has become the home of Southern California high school sports. Hopefully they can mandate schools to report in the future, after all, this is the digital age.

      But to answer your question, I will run a weekly standings, rankings thread each week along with other games that we cover during the week. The more conversation I read in the blogs, along with certain games you think we should cover, all helps in planning and covering the teams, so thanks for all the comments.

      • Basic

        I am on that boat with you, I hate the fact that some coaches think they need to “protect” this information, it’s my personal opinion that they are just lazy or maybe do not have the resources but it hurts the game, the school and the players.

        I know that the Sierra has it in their bylaws to update Maxpreps, I hope all leagues follow suit, then again there is another league realignment next year so who knows.

        Well I thank you for giving us what you can, and if it helps anyone, I will post the scores of the SH Bonita game tomorrow morning on here.
        Good luck Lady Bearcats!

        • FredJ

          Tweet me the final tonight, @sgvnsports

          • Basic

            S.H. beats the Lady Bearcats 3-1.

            Here is my take on the teams/game:
            SH is small (height) but plays really well defensively.
            Bonita might be better offensively but defense is lacking, they have height so not sure why there is not more net play, they only put one block up for most of the game so that takes your height advantage away.

            It was fun to watch though and all games were close except for the last one where SH jumped to what seemed to be a 10 point lead, then a lot of substitutions for Bonita and they got back to within 2, which made it exciting.

            Good luck the rest of the year Lady Bearcats.

            So Fred, IMO and from the games I’ve seen L.A. should be much higher and Claremont should not be up there. Thanks for love and hope to get more next week.