Former Los Altos, Damien coach Greg Gano apparently out at Tustin after 0-4 start

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  • no-step

    In four weeks, Tustin learned something that took Damien four years to figure out. Greg Gano is not a very good football coach.

    • SpartanPride

      Couldn’t agree more. Apparently he has lost his credibility by making false promises to would be recruited players. Why Tustin hired him in the first place is beyond me.

      • no-step

        True. All of his success was by inheriting disgruntled Amat players and competing in a very small league. It’s easy to win when you have Bryce McBride and play against JAA teams.

        • WCDan

          Don’t know much about his coaching, but those Los Altos teams were pretty legit in the early 2000’s, and the teams they beat in the playoffs were some pretty good OC teams.

  • Bear Walken

    there’s more to his firing than the 0-4 start.

  • the michelin man gone…his effort at Tustin even worse than his failure at Damien! time to hang it up , or become the tribs biatch…another SGV d63 star… lol

    • SGV 4 30 Years

      WTF, You sound like a man that understands quite a bit about coaching and leading young men. I don’t disagree with anything in your above post when you talk about the teaching/coaching profession. Quoting Bob Ladouceur is a good thing. He is a great example of what coaches should be. Where I did disagree with you was on the talent level in the area. I think if you go back over the last 25 or so years, schools like Los Altos, West Covina and South Hills played in the Sierra League which competed in what would now be considered the Pac 5 conference. There are fewer boys growing up playing football. Check ayso soccer and basketball. You mentioned baseball earlier, but you left out the fact that there are many baseball (soccer and basketball) players who play travel ball year around so they don’t play football. Do you think that waters down the football talent pool?

      I think the biggest issue in high school sports today is students (parents) ability to change schools. If they don’t like what they are being told by their coaches, or if another coach from another school makes promises, they are out of there. There was a day when you just went to your local school and played with the friends you grew up with. I don’t see us getting back to those days. I think it’s almost comical that as a coach, I can get in big trouble for undue influence by talking to athletes that go to the jr. high that feeds into my school, but someone else from out of the area can basically do a home visit to get them to come to their school and nothing is done.

      There are a number of coaches in this area that do a great job of coaching up the kids they get. These coaches almost never get the credit they deserve. But players always come back to see those coaches and thank them for teaching them about the value of hard work and dedication.

      SGV430 Ouuutttt!!!

      • WTF

        SGV430, You live in a bubble. If you look at football outside of SGV for Example Orange County,Inland Empire,City and the Valley on average they would destroy all but one team in SGV (AMAT). Those areas year in and year out have Competed in State. I am not even mentioning Central and Northern California.

        To top it off California high school football is in third place to Texas and Florida. What does that mean? Let me tell you win any CIF Title in the SGV you are the Queen of the Pigs. Everyone sees this except for people in the SGV. OPEN YOUR EYES. SGV has Talented Kids but not Talented Coaches. All Bad Coaches blame the parents,kids, the system whatever except themselves . What happen to Gano at Tustin? He took winning program down to gutter of their league. If he so great why the sudden change? I will tell you he has not coached kids in over 10years his staff did it all. Gano forgot Bobs 1st rule

        1. I’ve discovered as my age increases my I.Q. decreases. In other words, the older I get the more I realize how little I know – but this is OK. This is the first step of self-awareness.

        • rgd2626

          i am confused.
          you said Gano took a winning program down to the gutter.
          5-years 22-21-1
          6 years 25-28-1
          5 years 23-20

          • WTF

            I am referring to what happen at Tustin this year. Damien is a hole other can of worms

          • rgd2626

            My mistake, i thought you were talking about Damien.Even though I have been a friend of Gano for about 13 years I cannot argue about the year he was having at Tustin.And by the way, I called him a few days ago and have not heard from him.

        • WCDan

          There is easily more D1 level talent in the Inland empire and the OC, the sgv teams do not come close to matching the talent level in those areas. Which sgv team can put out a line year after year that averages 6’4″ and 280lbs across the line, not even Amat does that, yet that is routine in the OC and Inland Empire. Amat in most years will attract most of the talent in the sgv area, just look at their freshmen classes the past two years. That is why they can compete with the Pac 5 and Inland schools. They have good coaching, but they also have the talent to go with it. Yet even great coaching will not win championships with just average talent, you still have to have the horses. Oh and just because the SGV is full of baseball talent does not mean the
          same for football talent.

          • WTF

            WCDan, Have you ever been to any California State Championship games? I always go. I saw De la salle vs Crenshaw. Crenshaw had nine D1 players the spartans had maybe one. Crenshaw’s line was 30% percent larger and the team speed was awesome. Crenshaw had players coaches dream about. Crenshaw lost 28-14, how could a team with so much talent lose? easy better coaches. Crenshaw had bad coaches. In high school football size and speed are not what makes champions. Convincing today’s young men that if they give you everything they got in practice day in day out .you will win championships. I am going to quote BOB one more time. The kids in SGV can compete with anyone the coaches can not.

            Success to us is understanding that where preparation meets opportunity – greatness can be achieved. Preparation for us is long, tedious, and difficult, and the windows of opportunity are brief short and intense. I know for a fact that nobody – at least our opponents – out work us. We prepare well and, when ready, we welcome, not fear our opportunities. Hard work is the cornerstone upon which all achievement emanates.

          • WCDan

            How did Mission Viejo beat DLS? Was it superior coaching from Bob Johnson over Bob Ladouceur? Or could size and talent and having the horses had something to do with it? If your going to use Bob Ladouceur and the DLS program as the measuring stick then you might as well paint the whole Southern section with the same broad brush that your using on the SGV programs. Because year in and year out no program compares. Not even SM or MV.
            But don’t be mislead, from what I’ve read in the past, DLS gets the best talent in a big area, they may not get the biggest size linemen in the area but they certainly get the best, weather it’s linemen or athletes. They also have perfected the veer option and maybe with all the pulling and trapping in that offense they select the 220 to 240 pound types cause they are quicker and more mobile than the 280 pound lines of teams like Servite. The football powerhouses are usually big schools with big populations (LBP,CC,VM etc.) or private schools who usually get the best talent in the area.(Trinity league in OC and Amat in SGV). I know there are parents of the best athletes that shop their kids to the privates, and the privates respond with free tuition or ways to get free tuition for these kids. I am seeing this happen right now with the best player on our sons Jr. All american team. The publics in the SGV don’t have this advantage, they get who is left and they have to work with what they get, and with the demographics in the SGV that we have today, the football type of talent is not as abundant as it is in other areas such as the IE and OC. It’s not just coaching, you have to have the talent to go along with good coaching.

        • SGV 4 30 Years

          WTF, I can assure you my friend that I don’t live in a bubble. If you read my post carefully you would find that my whole point was that the SGV talent pool is watered down by other sports. If you you look at the demographics of schools like Rowland, Walnut, and Diamond Bar, they are very different from the demographics of Upland, Etiwanda, Mater Dei, and Mission Viejo. Couple that with pulling from 4,ooo students as opposed to 2,900 makes for an unfair comparison.
          To your point on coaches? Yes, there are bad coaches everywhere. But you still haven’t defined what a bad coach is. Long Beach Poly has 4,000 students and more players in the NFL than anyother high school in the country. How many state titles have they won? Does that make their coach a bad coach? Gano is a bad example because we all knew he was pretty much done. He told me that he was burned out before he went to Damien. Tustin was a bad fit for him from the start. They ran that double wing offense for more that 10 years. Not his style. What is Mike Maggorie took over that spot? I think he would have been way more successful than Gano. Steve Bogan told me about 10 years ago. “It’s about Frank and Joe’s, not X and O’s. WTF you make a few good points about quality coaching being important, but you can’t paint the whole SGV with the same brush. I’m an SGV Homer, but I’m also very much a realist. The SGV can’t get back to the 70’s and 80’s glory days but that speaks more to the demographic than the quality of coaching.
          SGV430 Ouuutttt!!!!

          • so, the Michelin man told you he was burnt out even before taking the Damien job….that says a lot about his ethics right there…..he was just looking for a payday,nothing more

  • anti17

    Ex amat players?..doubt it..get informed first..he never won a championship with mcbride..ex amat players never accomplished anything at amat or when they came over to los say cif titles on 02 & 03 against foothill and orange lutheran were accomplishments in their own right..n 4 in 5 years is not a bad run..n dnt give methe transfers arguement..his first two titles were with home grown core hacienda hts kids…haters will be any of u wud do any go play monday morning QB or check ur fantasy teams..

    • no-step

      Right. McBride suffered a broken leg in pre season and Gano lost every game after that. He can’t coach up an average high school team. He needs D-1 players to win.

  • Lupe

    Hope his health is OK. Gano hasn’t look healthy in years. Talk all the trash you want, you can’t take away the rings.

  • FredJ

    Four CIF championships is four CIF championships.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Lots of rumors why he resigned, but was it because of health related issues? Is there confirmation of the reason?

    • AMAT 73

      That maybe true but it seems as time has passed him by . Out dated methods and don’t think he can relate in today’s age of transfers or parents of players .

  • WTF

    Gano proves that Coaching in the San Gabriel Valley is Bad. Since the State Championships started the SGV has not won put one team in state championship at any level. Its not because the SGV does not have talent look at baseball the compete. It is simple football SGV has poor coaching look at Gano the best coach the SGV could offer and he goes 0-4. Tustin lost a total of 5 games in last three years.

    • SGV 4 30 Years

      WTF, You have no idea what the heck you are talking about. There are some quite a few excellent coaches in the SGV. Some have won multiple CIF titles, some haven’t. I can name a few coaches that have been around the area for a long time who have done very well. Mike Maggorie at West Covina has won 3 CIF titles, Lou Farrar at Charter Oak has won multiple titles, Steve Bogan (retired) won titles at South Hills. Then there are a number of good coaches who are coaching at schools that aren’t football powers.
      You can’t use the State Championship as a measuring stick for good coaching. There have been 3 or 4 teams that have been deserving of that honor but were not chosen for what ever reason. Take a look back at the history of the State Championships and see how many schools other than De La Salle have won multiple titles in any division. You tried to compare baseball, how many titles have been won in baseball compared to football? Is that all coaching? What is your statement on coaching in the SGV based on? Which is more important to you, winning titles or developing young men.

      SGV430 Ouuuuttttt!!!!!!

      • WTF

        The most important thing for any Coach is not winning it is developing young men. These young men put their blood,sweat and tears on the field not the coach. As a coach you must honor the kids commitment by being the best coach you can be on and off the field. A coach you must treat all players equally with respect. Respect is earned and age has nothing do with it. If you only pay attention to your stars you end up like Gano. You might beat some teams with talent but it always catches up to. For all you coaches who think they need bigger and faster players you just need to coach the kids you have. Focus 100% percent of you effort on Coaching 0% percent on recruiting (Gano).

        Bob Ladouceur
        Head Coach, De La Salle High School (Calif.)
        2002 Schutt Sports National High School Coach of the Year

        Whatever I say today is purely subjective. The only thing I know – is what I have experienced. In my 24 years in education and working with teenagers there are certain maximums I have found to have merit, such as:

        1. I’ve discovered as my age increases my I.Q. decreases. In other words, the older I get the more I realize how little I know – but this is OK. This is the first step of self-awareness.

        2. Teenagers need trustworthy adults in their lives to help guide them – other than their parents. When I was a young coach I used to have parents come to me and ask if I would talk to their sons about – getting a haircut; taking more time on homework – among other things. They used to say “They’ll listen to you.” I used to think “What’s wrong with these parents? This is their job not mine.” Then my daughter turned 16 and I realized exactly what they were requesting. Parents need help, so do kids.

        3. Remember Father Flannigan from Boy’s Town? He said, “There’s no such thing as a bad kid.” I believe he was right. There is no such thing as a bad kid. But there are kids who make bad choices, choose bad behavior, and sometimes are victims of bad parenting.

        4. Teenagers are not lazy. When they have no direction, no passion or goals then the symptom is a lack of motivation.

        5. Whatever we (as adults) want and need – Teenagers want and need also.

        6. Teenagers pay more attention to the messenger than they do the message. So if you’re the messenger then live the message.

        7. Believe in a higher power. Personally I am not smart enough or good enough to shepard myself through life’s journey. And what I found out is that journey is not an outward journey but completely and absolutely an inward journey.

        8. Everybody wants to be a success. I’ve never heard anyone say I want to be a failure. One person may have one idea of success, another person may have another idea of success, but everyone wants to be whatever it is their idea of success may be.

        We measure our success by how well we have embraced the spirit and essence of those intangibles.

        Success to us is understanding that where preparation meets opportunity – greatness can be achieved. Preparation for us is long, tedious, and difficult, and the windows of opportunity are brief short and intense. I know for a fact that nobody – at least our opponents – out work us. We prepare well and, when ready, we welcome, not fear our opportunities. Hard work is the cornerstone upon which all achievement emanates.