Video Highlights of Chino Hills over West Covina and PrepXtra Live Postgame

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  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Tom Kiss, your videos last year were more comprehensive when Jack Austin was there. This one seemed like you were bored. How did CH get to 52 points? How were their drives set up? How did West Co get to 33? Even being a high scoring game people still want to know how it got there. You get a Come’on Man! For this one.

  • WCDan

    West Covina was not down by 45 at the half. Also they did not score all their points late in the game, all scoring was done against Chino Hills first string. It was 45 to 26 at the half.
    West Co giving up a long opening kickoff return and not being settled into the right defense, along with a fumble deep in WC’s own red zone on their next possesion led to a quick 14 points for Chino Hills only a minute thirty into the game. A few possesions later a pick six led to a 28 to 6 Chino Hills lead. The Huskies had pounced on WC and at that point I thought it would be a 70 to 6 ballgame. But West Covina settled down and battled back. They had a couple nice drives to make a bit of a comeback and made the score 28 to 19 in the second quarter. Both teams had additional touchdowns before halftime, two for Chino Hills and 1 for West Co to make the score 45 to 26 at the half. In the second half both teams had 1 more td each for a 52 to 33 final.
    I didn’t like the results of that game, but I actually walked away encouraged by the offensive display that I saw from West Covina, if they can increase the variety of ways to get Jones and Love the ball via the short passing game, that would give them more balance to go with their run game and would make them a force in the Southeast and would give The La Serna’s, Downey’s and Norwalks, etc. a run for their money. I think the coaches will make that happen, or at least I hope they do. Defense had their problems and a lot of work needs to be done, and I’m sure there are positions that are not settled yet, but the defense will improve over the course of the season if we stay healthy. Considering that Chino Hills put up 42 points against Amat, and also that they easily beat Tesoro, that was a pretty good offense going against West Co on Friday night, and losing by 19 points isn’t so bad when you consider the pick six (qb did a no no by throwing back across his chest) and the fumble down in our own red zone that turned into a TD, West Co also had a couple nice drives going that stalled on missed 4th down opportunities that were open for big yards.