Who has the best student fans? Damien, right? Is it even close?


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  • MonkeyWrench

    Cheering at a game or 2 dont make you da best fan base. It be about the historty thru think and thin. Who be the best year in and year out not who be the best next week. Lets hear it…who it be?

  • The stands

    My son played varsity basketball many years ago at a local high school and when they played at Damien, their fans left a definite impression. If this is still the case then it must be tradition.

  • Blah blah blad

    South Hills Dawg Pound is such a joke.

  • SpartanPride

    No doubt about it, especially year in and year out, win or lose, Damien is the best. Other schools have big fan bases (i.e. Amat, CO, Glendora), but there is no student section like Damien’s Pit going back 25 plus years. All goes back to pride in where you come from!

  • LA Futbol

    Freddy, when was the last time you came to a game at Los Altos? The “Conqueror Crazies”, as they’ve come to be known, are pretty amazing! Probably average 200-400 students who tailgate in the parking lot before the game, get painted up head to toe, stand the entire game and jump and chant throughout the contest! It’s fun to watch! Come check it out some time! Might give those Damien lads a run for their money!

  • DHIGHClassof03

    We filled that student section when the basketball team was winning 3 games a year while I was there, home and away.

    Congrats if you think your school’s student section is loud “this year”.

    Talk to me in a couple of decades when there’s been the same level of consistent support through thick and thin.