2 Minute Drills: Damien at St. Francis; San Dimas at Northview … Aram and I disagree on both

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    We will see…Monrovia is not worried about St Francis…..Monrovia is concerned with SHIlls… Keep doubting…Monrovia beats someone you swear they are going to lose to. You did that with Covina two years ago. You did that with Paraclete in the Finals, You are doing that with this ST Francis Team. Great….How is ST Francis better? Every time we lose on a fluke you never call it that. But when we win it’s a fluke. Really??? I will tell you this. The difference between Monrovia and La Marida, is that we play harder than they do…we have more heart then they do. No one can say Monrovia curls up and does not play until the last play…all losses in the past 2 years have by 3 pts or less…Come one now.

    • AMAT 73

      Maybe you should schedule La Mirada to really see if all that is true . Easy to say it on the blog but tougher to do on the field .

    • MonkeyWrench

      Do you be seeing Monrovia-SF 2 minute drill. Nope. That be a good indication your focused on the wrong opponent. Dont care what the reports said either. You talk to much about SF. South Hills gonna tap that this week. Go Huskys!