Friday Night Final: San Dimas routs Northview, 41-7; Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch open Hacienda with big wins


San Dimas’ Joseph Mayorga after scoring three touchdowns and rushing for 235 yards in 41-7 rout over previously undefeated and Mid-Valley No. 2 Northview.

Friday’s results
San Dimas 41, Northview 7Well folks, this is why you play a tough schedule. I couldn’t have been more wrong about the Saints and Vikes. Mr. Wing Z is at it again.
St. Francis 34, Damien 16 The Spartans were in it for a while, but the unbeaten Knights pulled away late, setting up next week’s showdown with Monrovia.
Bishop Amat 49, St. Paul 10The Lancers put their old nemesis away early, winning an easy one with Cathedral up next.
Diamond Bar 49, Bonita 26 My pick to win the Hacienda started with a big statement win over the ‘Cats.
Diamond Ranch 47, West Covina 21Yes, Diamond Ranch is the real deal after routing West Covina. I thought they could win, but not like this.
Monrovia 31, South Hills 13 The three-time defending Mid-Valley champs finally beat South Hills after losing the two previous years. What a difference Scoby makes.
Pomona 35, Covina 21 — The Red Devils continue looking like Valle Vista contenders, improving to perfect 5-0
Chino Hills 42, Great Oak 42 — Another big win for the Huskies, who continue to have no problems scoring points.
Glendora 13, Charter Oak 9 — Who would have thought the Tartans would be 4-0 and the Chargers 0-4. My how times have changed.
Maranatha 42, South El Monte 32 — A good effort for South, but nothing good about losing.
Rosemead 30, San Gabriel 9 — The Panthers starting to look like Mission Valley contenders.
Walnut 26, Rowland 21 — At the end of it all, this figures to settle who doesn’t finish last in the Hacienda.
Gladstone 20, Sierra Vista 14 — Kind of a surprise considering so much more expected from the Dons.
Nogales 19, Wilson 6 — Nobles win the battle of two struggling programs.
Azusa 23, Duarte 22 — In what could decide the Montview league title, the Aztecs win a thriller at Citrus.
Claremont 40, Northwood 7 — The hold and cold Wolfpack are hot for a night.

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  • FredJ

    I’m surprised Aram took South Hills over Monrovia. I almost went that way too, but I don’t think Monrovia will lose back-to-back games. The game I think they could lose is next week at home vs. St. Francis.

    BTW, not good for Star-News area if two middle of the pack SGVN teams, South Hills and Damien, knock off the Star-News’ top two teams… But also entirely possible.

    • GP AKA Green Machine


      Actually if the Cats lose tomorrow , it will be 3 in a row!!! Maddox has to be thinking this. Both years Monrovia has fell short by a sum total of 3 pts! There is a lot riding on this one. I know why Aram took this one, I saw his face last year as he left the game during Half time when they cats were down by a few scores. With 5 turnovers last year, we dug a whole that we could not climb out of. This year Scoby3000 should be the weapon of choice. I am interested to see how South Hills handles a dual threat QB like Potts. He is going to have to have a game. You want us to win to set up the big parochial loss to St Francis next week. Both of you should be ashamed!!

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        LOL. dual threat QB, Scoby3000 in the backfield, that’s a lot to ask of a defense.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          What??! Potts can run it. He ran all over SF…Can he stay on point passing is the key…

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            That’s what you said, that I said. lol. That’s going to be tough for SH’s defense to handle. 🙂

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Those are some good matchups on Friday.

    1. Amat should be putting on a clinic at St. Paul. Amat easy.

    2. Chino Hills will have their hands full, but that offense is wicked good. Defense has to stop the run. CHills.

    3. South Hills has the hardest job in containing Scoby and stopping the M-Train. They’ll have to pick their poison. Monrovia.

    4. Ayala at Kaiser. Kaiser ain’t what they used to be. Ayala wins if they’re not sleep walking.

    5. Diamond Bar at Bonita. Hmmm. That’s a hard one. DBar’s athletes help get the W here.

    6. DRanch vs West Covina. WestCo has walked thru fire, ate rocks at Mount Kilimanjaro and circled Stonehenge three times in a rain storm. WestCo in a tough one.

    7. Covina vs Pomona. I know nothing about Pomona other than they’re 3-0. So I’ll go with the underdogs. Covina.


    Whats up with Eric Sondheimer he has Amat #3 in the Serra.

    He has them first round against Oaks Christian.

    @FredJRobledo:disqus I have San Dimas, Damien & South Hills with the W.

    San Dimas is improving, they will shock Northview

    Damien will beat a team their supposed to beat.

    South Hill will beat a team their supposed to beat.

    CO will pull out the win tonight.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I saw that with matching up against Oaks Christian….Alemany looks good right now and ND will be good…Outside the SGV there are some serious doubters regarding a big year from Amat.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      How did you figure south hills was supposed beat Monrovia? The last two years Monrovia shot themselves in the foot with 9 turnovers in those losses. This year Mtown did not turn it over, and the score indicated that.The Series is now 2-2. Now the sgv has to see how the Sierra plays out. CO may not make the playoffs. you were 1-3 with your picks.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    @ Fred, MaxPreps is reporting Ayala and Kaiser is next week. You sure you have Ayala vs. Kaiser this week?

    • realtalk

      “Realtalk” you wine to much and do not know any thing about the game! DR smacked WC around. Fumbles were caused by hard hits Delp is a BEAST! WC STAYED OUT THE TRENCHES ALL GAME! YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WC KIDS QUITTING , YOU DID NOT GET HIT BY A PANTHER, they did! The game is about hitting, it’s not a track meet. And last year has nothing to do with this year. DR could have put up 80 points against WC, but they called off the horses, I MEAN PANTHERS!!! GO DR!!!!!!!!

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Delp got beat like a drum by a guy that is 4 inches shorter and about 25 lbs lighter all night long against Ayala. Stop it already.

        • realtalk

          All day!!!!! It was 16 to zip in the 4th Q. Did you even see the game?

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Delp did NOTHING against him all night. Did YOU see the game?


    Alright we have a lot of GOOD FOOTBALL this Week! First Good Luck to the AzusA Aztecs on Friday! Okay we have the ST. LOUIS RAMS vs the whiners tonight, AZUSA vs Duarte BIG GAME on Friday, for folks in that area, Saturday, Citrus College vs Mt. Sac at Sac and should be a good one. Just want to share something about Jose Nunez, ex-player from AZUSA, on what a season he’s having for Citrus! I don’t know how he does it, he stands no more then 5’11 and doesnt have a muscular built but this guy can tackle and play. Good Luck to the OWLS!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I smell APU all over Jose…How do you miss that kid and he is right in your back yard literally.


        GP guess who I ran into on Saturday, Good old Coach Scherf at Outback! Didn’t know he was running the Defense! He showed me all his rings.LOL… I wish nothing but the best for him! Your right about Literally in your back yard but I got Jose going somewhere bigger then APU! Probably go to Fresno, San Diego Aztecs, or Nevada were several players have gone from Citrus. To bad my son isn’t playing for APU, and I literally can see the Stadium lights on. I’m going out next week to see him play to Sprinfield, MO. Thank goddness for Online games and can watch him!

        • GP AKA Green Machine


          I am just saying…with APU right there, there is no excuse this kid is not playing on Saturday’s

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Bling Bling!

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            Yes just the airline tickets alone were almost a grand and that’s not including the hotel and car rental! Since I’m the parent, atleast I get free tickets to the Game! Will be the most expensive football game I ever pay for! LOL…


        I’m sorry, I meant i ran into Coach Schuster. LOL.. Your defensive Cord, LOL…

  • Bryan Cisneros

    Hey Fred La Canada- Arroyo and El Monte- BG are October 4 – next week. Just so you know. You might want to correct that. Thanks

  • 12th man

    Football: An early peek at the Pac-5 playoff pairings

    Yes, it’s pretty silly and probably means we have too much spare time, but here’s a look at what the Pac-5 football playoffs might look like four weeks into the season courtesy of Eric Maddy, who’s in charge of the CalPreps site, and compiles statistics for The Times.

    #1 St. John Bosco (Trinity 1) vs. LB Cabrillo (Moore 3)
    #8 St. Bonaventure (Marmonte 2) vs. Trabuco Hills (South Coast 2)
    #5 Poly (Moore 1) vs. JSerra/Orange Lutheran/Santa Margarita (Trinity 4)
    #4 Alemany (Serra 1) vs. Moorpark (Marmonte 3)
    #3 Mater Dei (Trinity 2) v. Lakewood (Moore 2)
    #6 Oaks Christian (Marmonte 1) vs. Bishop Amat (Serra 3)
    #7 SO Notre Dame (Serra 2) vs. #10 Servite (Trinity 3)
    #2 Mission Viejo (South Coast 1) vs. Westlake (Marmonte 4)

    Remember, league play hasn’t even begun, but there’s no rule against speculating or projecting.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That lineup looks like a bad nightmare. lol

      • 12th man

        There’s no easy rout if Amat comes in 3rd..but i like their chances vs Marmonte league opposed to playing a #1 seed from the Trinity, South Coast or even facing a dangerous Long Beach Poly team..I’ll take my chances with Oaks Christian all day~

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          you are right…OC is still getting used to being a pac 5 team. Amat could beat them. Their QB is D1, but still a work in progress. If Amat came in 3rd, that could mean that they are not playing well, and could lose this one on the road. Amat’s best chance is to come in at least 2nd place and possibly host a game at Keifer.

    • fb102

      Pure drivel……LOTS of football to play before brackets….This is from the LA Times….you did not cite your source….

      • 12th man

        clearly says “Eric Maddy” who’s in charge of the CalPreps site, and compiles statistics for “The Times” uuuuummmm~ that seems like a source to me!!

        • fb102

          Still pure DRIVEL……


    Great night for Football! Taking shots all day about my RAMS! Hope it gets better! LOL… AzusA let’s do it tonight! Good luck!

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free games . To THE MEN IN BLUE , stay focused and play lights out . AMAT WILL SHINE

  • Mike jones

    Covina needs a coaching change like yesterday

  • Bill

    Great win for diamond bar. Good team.

  • blue

    I’m telling you azusa should
    Have won by more then 1. End of discussion


      Blue did you mean by 1 touchdown? Because they did win by 1

      • blue

        i ment they should have won more then 1 point, im sure there offense will do better in these next league games. happy that azusa won, but need to minimize on the mistakes, defense is playing great though.

        • AZTEC PRIDE

          Blue All you need is one! Does your son play? Keep the updates coming Blue and it’s always NICE when AZUSA gets the WIN over DUARTE! Good Job AZUSA !

          • blue

            Your right on that one. My little brother plays, happy to see him succed at suchyoung age. But I will keep the updates comimg!

  • Let Them Play

    SD silenced all the doubter tonight…especially Fred who had a front row seat to the beat down that only the SD insiders knew was coming. All week we were preaching that NHS preseason was full of fluffy CUPCAKES. SD sent a loud message to the Valle Vista. They will run the table and enter the playoffs on a roll. Don’t let Pomona and BP fool you. They ate cupcakes in the preseason too

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Scoop Jackson said:
    South Hills vs Monrovia game turned into the Scoby show in the second half.

    Great Oak vs Chino Hills shouldn’t have been that close, but GO was giving CH DBs fits.

    DBar and DRanch horses ran wild.

    Can I get some verification on these?

    I guess my underdog didn’t come thru.

    • observantcat

      No, It was that Monrovia train you talked about earlier with Potts at the helm. Word was Scoby was playing with a broken nose and Monrovia used him sparingly the other guys did step up and turned a close half time game into a route.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Great! Scoop had a few beers so I wasn’t sure what he was telling me was accurate or not. Lol

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Actually while everyone is watching one is paying attention the Wild Cat defense which is only allowing 9 pts per game. Another 2nd half shut out. What’s great is that they are young and performing. I would have to say they are among the best in the SGV right behind BA and Chills.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    South El Monte 32
    Maranatha 42

    End of the 1st – score was 18-12 in favor of SEMHS, 12 points = the first TD scored by Maranatha with a PAT hitting the right post and not going in between the posts and the 2nd TD with a failed 2-point conversion.

    End of the 2nd – score was 23-18 in favor of Maranatha. Maranatha scored a TD with a successful 2-point conversion and also successfully kicked in a field goal. I believe SEMHS scored a TD, but I don’t recall if it was a failed PAT or failed 2pt conversion.

    End of the 3rd – score was 30-25 in favor of Maranatha. both teams successfully scored the typical TD and PAT, with Maranatha scoring first, and right after that SEMHS answered with a score of their own.

    End of the game – 4th Quarter Maranatha scored twice, once with a failed PAT and the other was another failed PAT or failed 2pt conversion.

    1st quarter was really, really interesting, as both teams were sizing up each other. from then on, methodically, Maranatha had the edge. The Edge? well many times throughout the game, Maranatha receivers would take off after the catch and SEMHS’ DBs would try and catch up, most of the time they didn’t and the few times that they did, some tackles were pathetically attempted. Guys were trying to tackle starting from the shoulder (pull down tackle), and Maranatha kept wedging out of those tackles. Another point of interest and I’m absolutely positive the SEMHS coaches know this, was the lack of response to the reverses and roll out passes that the QB from Maranatha tried, especially the reverse runs from the RB and TE, you could see it happening from the stands before the HIKE!

    Disappointed that SEMHS could not counter the fast receivers of Maranatha, and it looks like SEMHS is going to depend heavily on #24 and #25 the backs from SEMHS, which sucks, because there is an obvious lack of trust in the receiving game, dropped passes, under-thrown hurried passes, etc… Hopefully they figure it out by the time MVL play comes around.

  • RealTalk

    Was disappointed in the WC loss last night. They just didn’t show up. They were flat, play calling was weak, they just were not the team they normally are. Unassisted fumbles, bad bad non-calls. DR won, but they aren’t as good as the score indicated. They hold a lot, the refs didn’t make a lot of those calls. Tarin was off his mark all night. Jones could have beat the db on him all night. It was like they got really bad news and then just showed up to go through the motions.WC just didn’t show up and the refs didn’t make the calls….

    • DeeeeRanch Pops

      I think it was more a case of us body slamming the little pups and taking all the fight out you guys right out of the gate. Next up is the highly overrated Conqs of LA and they can expect more of the same that we just gave to you guys. Just think, with the W we put up next week will have already all but won the league championship.

      Peace out

      • xiledsoviet

        here comes the dr smack talkers!

        • RealTalk

          You know!!!

      • Bill

        Got two words for you mr Pomona pops last year La serna. I was at that game.

      • RealTalk

        Your team didn’t smack anyone around. And by the way…… Delp way overrated. He holds really well though. It’s all good, I know how you DR fans talk when you win, but can’t put two words together when you get smacked around.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Dirty Ranch lost to AYALA! A friggin YALA!!!!


          That’s all you need to know about Dirty Ranch.

          • Stephen Carter

            U mad Bro?

    • WCDan

      Better to just give credit where credit is due Real Talk, Diamond Ranch kicked our tails up and down the field, their stud athletes were good and outplayed our studs. We have had poor play from our back seven all season, linebackers missing tackles, taking bad angles on wide plays, getting blocked out of plays too often, or waiting for the play to come too them instead of coming up and meeting the ball carrier at the line. DB’s don’t come up and support on pitches or sweeps, how many sweeps went for big yardage on us, seemed like pretty much all of them.
      When we had physical DB’s like Lonzell Barnett, Muleke Henderson, Gus Vilches in the secondary no one ran outside on us. Friday night I saw more than one DB driven back ten yards by D Ranch recievers who in my opinion were excelent downfield blockers, they may have held a couple times but our db’s can’t get tangled up like that, they needed come up and force the play inward as soon as they saw the pitch instead of waiting for the reciever to come up and block them out of the play.
      Saw some kids giving up, it’s gut check time for WC, kids need to step up, coaches need to find who is hungry and who is willing to step up and be a hero. Whoever is not bought in need to be sat until they get the right mindset. Diamond Bar is looking pretty good this year and would like nothing more than too mop the floor with WC. It’s still early in the season, I saw good things even in the SH, and CH, loses, but you can’t come in and play unfocused like we did on
      on Friday, how many fumbles did we have in the first half?

      • RealTalk

        You’re right this is gut check week for WC and we can’t come out flat. I see the potential they have. Coach M has players out there that know what it takes to win and should take advantage of that experience… This is a GREAT group of young men and it will take HEART, FIGHT, COURAGE, and SMARTS to be CHAMPIONS AGAIN… BULLDOGS YOU ARE WINNERS!!!TRUE GLADIATORS!!! TRUE CHAMPIONS!!!


        Run Faster than your opponent, Jump Higher than your opponent Be Stronger than your opponent!!! Be the CHAMPIONS that you are..

        WE ARE WESCO!!!
        Let’s Go Bulldogs!!!!

  • the _truth

    Damn NV got beat by a better coach with more experience and by a better prepared team. We all knew SD would win. Too bad NV will never win a thing with Perez as a coach. He’s prob a very cool and nice guy but he is not a good coach. They have been a team with no discipline or inspiration for a few years now. If I remember correctly he only has the job cause the other coach left. They need to find a real coach with real experience not a guy whos there because they had no one else. They need someone like Zernikow or someone else who knows football. Too bad I dont think it will ever happen.

    • Valley

      Zernickow and his assistants left Northview for SD. With the economy the way it is unfortunately, you are correct, Perez is the guy because there is no one else. He is an adaquate assistant at best. Most quality HC’s need a teaching job too and that will not happen at Northview.

      • Steve Ramirez

        That’s not exactly correct. Bill Zernickow left Northview to become an assistant at the University of La Verne, where he received his degree. He later applied at Glendora and was in the running for a job that went to Mark Pasquarella. Then he got the head job at San Dimas.

    • Valle Vista Insider

      Not a good coach, go ask zernicow if perez is a good coach, and before u start saying that Perez will never win, check last years record and his 4-1 record so far, also ask ur beloved zernicow if he would be putting as much time and effort into his team if one of his kids was diagnosed with a rare and quite possibly deadly disease, thats all I need to educate u with so u dont come on here running mouth because ur son cant play

  • Rafael

    Traveled to the South Hills vs. Monrovia game and I have to tell you the South Hills coaches are a complete joke!!!! Monrovia played well so not taking away from them but SH offense should not have only put up 13 points all game. Monrovia’s coaching staff did a great job adjusting from the bad job their team was doing stopping the run. I could not believe how easily goss was running on them the first half. The second half he had roughly 10 yards on roughly 20 carries. After 5 carries of nearly zero yards the offensive coordinator should have made adjustments but nope. The immaturity of the coaching staff showed from 5 or 6 defensive lineman jumping off sides for easy 1st downs for Monrovia when it was 3rd and short, the exact same thing they did last year and no adjustments made???? The boys should know to look at the ball but if they knew what Monrovia likes to do they could have been looking for this. It’s going to play out like last year where they live and die with goss running the ball which will result in a 4-6 season at best. You guys thought you had some great runningback in #1 when he ran all over covina the first game of the year but the next game he had 20 yards on 20 carries. Then at the end of that game he leaves the field early because he’s not playing telling the Head Coach “I’m not playing so I got to go”.

  • Rafael

    But I still see #1 on the team, what a joke. That makes the kids and parents not respect that coaching staff. They have a kid that transferred from W.C that plays runningback and he will get carries but he had absolutely no play playing time on varsity at W.C for a reason and to be honest they have no backs except to studs in Love and Jones those boys are sick where ever they play on the field. Either way he will have no impact except help going 3 and out even more than they do now. The kid from Charter Oak will be eligible and is very good so he will help but they will get so predictable they will wear him down playing corner, receiver and runningback. At least he has some speed which the rest of the team has none. SH has a offensive lineman that played d line last year that did a great job blowing up the center and now he gets zero time on the dline???? It’s not what you know but who you know. Their janitor O coordinator needs to go and clean those toilets he at least did a better job of doing that!!

    SH vs. Glendora SH Lose
    SH vs. Chino Hills SH BIG LOSE
    SH vs. Claremont SH win
    SH vs. Charter Oak SH lose
    SH vs. Damien SH win
    SH vs. Ayala SH lose

    4-6 season