Letter from CIF-SS commissioner Rob Wigod about parents

The CIF-SS commish opens by writing about transfers, then shares an email he received from a coach talking about coaching and parents. Interesting read and agree with mostly everything. However, and it doesn’t get into this, but I still believe a parent has the right to send their child to school wherever they see fit, and change schools whenever they feel like it’s needed. As far as parents involvement with the team, I agree with what the coach is preaching.

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  • Wells

    As a coach, I should support guidelines for transfers. In theory, there should be rules regarding athletes transferring from school to school (the NCAA has rules governing the same action) which ultimately helps the student-athlete.
    As the letter from the coach stated, it teaches character traits such as perseverance, determination and support for one’s team — all of which will serve a person well later in life.
    In practice, I have never question a transfer or sought retribution for one. Players transfer because they move more often than they tranfer for athletically motivated reasons. It either case, the team no longer has the player so why attempt to punish a player for what, ultimately, is a parent’s final decision?

    The biggest truth in the coach’s letter is the coach being the only impartial observer. While this cannot be true 100% of the time, parents who think a coach would choose to play an inferior player, and potentially losing a game from that decision, needs to really examine their situation. Specifically, their assessment of their child’s ability.
    We live in an age where far too many parents feel that their child deserves special treatment, a special program and that they deserve to be a star. There are stars on every team but they cannot win alone. Winning comes from the entire unit performing their responsibilities well as often as possible.

    • Basic

      I understand teaching the kids perseverance, determination and support for one’s team but as I posted before what are you to do, as a parent when something like the following happens:

      Your child has a great sophomore year (it could happen), and then the coach leaves after the season for a better job, retires or whatever. Your child stays with the program showing that dedication. The school hires a new coach and that coach brings a total new scheme. Coach realizes this new scheme does not work for your child and has someone else who works better in this scheme start. Now your son is not in the position to excel at what he does best, so as a parent what are you to do? In the current situation, the CIF is telling me as a parent that we cannot move our child his senior year to a school that will better help him get a scholarship and succeed because the only reason I am even thinking of moving my child is so he can play, athletically motivated. So what do we do then?

      • Wells

        A single transfer should be allowed at any time. However, your example is extremely rare. If a player is gifted enough to get a scholarship, that player should have to ability to excel in nearly any scheme. A quality scout can identify talent. A quality coach knows how to incorporate talent even if the talent may appear unuseful in his sheme.
        One scheme players and one-dimensional players rarely receive scholarships

        • Basic

          I agree that my example is rare, but possible and likely has happened, and what do you do with those kids?

          If a single transferred was allowed with no time loss that would solve many issues and that is really my point. However, I think a second transfer should be allowed and you lose 25% of the regular season. We cannot just look at football and think that it only applies there and the 30-day sit out is different in each sport. That is why a single transfer with no sit out period and a second with a 25% of the regular season no matter the sport would work out many of the issues. Of course legitimate address changes do not apply to this scenario.

          So do you see any real issues with this? I enjoy reading what others are thinking as we all have different views.

          • Wells

            Basic —

            Your first point is one of the major problems with this generation. Far too many people feel that they deserve a special program. It makes people feel as if they are special in the sense of having more talent than they actually possess.
            Also, how is the player who continually looks for a better opportunity for himself going to build the support and camaraderie that makes high school athletics so special?
            I understand the desire to earn a scholarship, but this is much more rare than you must think. Once again, if a player has the ability to earn a scholarship, colleges will find him.
            One transfer without moving seems a simple plan. Keep in mind, CIF likes simple.

          • Basic

            First, I think we all need to stop looking at this as a “football only” problem and realize that this is happening in all sports and that while most kids want to play for their local school sometimes that is just not in their best interest. And that to me is the issue with most people, not a generational thing but just seeing this as a football only issue and applying it to all.

            My kid is great in swimmer does she go to school that does not have a program? Or what if my kid plays volleyball, do I send him to school where the coaching is subpar? Or my kid is a wrestler, do I not look for school that has great coaching and a great program or just send him to the local school where they might have a program and there might be a coach there sometimes?

            We absolutely look for the best opportunities for our kids, whether that is in sports or in science, or even performing arts. So why is it that some see this view as “Far too many people feel that they deserve a special program. It makes people feel as if they are special in the sense of having more talent than they actually possess.” Is it not more of a parent looking for the best options for their kids? Yes there are some that are extreme and make it bad but those are the exceptions not the rule.

            Allow one transfer at any time no questions asked.

            All the “minor” sports give the same number of scholarships to girls as football does, so for a girl it is vital that she go to the right school but CIF’s stance is, “you cannot leave your home school or you will lose your season” and that does limit your chances at scholarships. Yes, most of these girls are being seeing during the Travel, Club or AAU season, but the college coaches do expect some growth while you are playing your high school season and if you are playing for a program or coach that is subpar, you are not growing and it’s hurting your chances because you are not growing at an expected rate.

            Again, allow one transfer at any time no questions asked, and allow a second one where you lose 25% of your regular season in that sport because sometimes things just happen. Example, you leave a school after your freshman year and are happy at your new school for the next two years, then the coach leaves for a better job or retires or moves or whatever and they hire a coach with no experience because who is really out there wanting to take the abuse for little or no pay? So should you not be allowed to move? and yes it should cost you something but not everything. Why is the coach allowed to leave and coach right away but not the kid?