PrepXtra Postgame conversation and Diamond Ranch, West Covina highlights, interviews

Tom Kiss, the Inland Insider, has highlights and interviews from Diamond Ranch’s win over West Covina

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  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Well it’s Saturday morning after the first Friday night of league play. What a great night of football. A couple of things have been made at least for now cleared up.
    I have to give DBar credit. Blowing out Bonita was a good win to start league play. They scored big on the WOW scale. San Dimas made a huge statement to the rest of the VV with their beat down of Northview. The rumor of their demise was greatly exaggerated. The biggest surprise of the night was DRanch no Hacienda team has ever done that to WC. I think Roddy finally figured out that if you don’t get your team beaten up in the preseason you can put yourself in the drivers seat in league early and handle your own business and not need help from someone else down the line. Glendora, I didn’t forget about you. Hangin tough and getting the W against CO Great Stuff!!!! This is why we love high school football season!!!!

    SGV430 Ouuuutttt!!!!!

    PS Sorry AZTEC PRIDE I forgot to give Azusa their props. They put a league contender in their review mirror last night.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Don’t forget about Mtown they hung a 13 spot on SHills…not too shabby.


      SGV 4 30, that made me laugh. Good looking and I’m sure ALL THE FOLKS from AzusA appreciate your comment like I do.

      • Panther Fan

        Another team has done that to WC before, the other team was DR during the Semi final game in 2008. Final score 39-7. WC scored their 7 points on a return of a fumble by DR at the WC 20 yrd line with only a couple of minutes left in the 4th qtr. Otherwise the score could have been 46-0 or at the least 39-0.

        • LOL

          He said it was the 1st “Hacienda” team. This is only the 4th year of the Hacienda’s existence. When DR beat them in the playoffs both teams were in different leagues at that time.

        • Stephen Carter

          And that was with Ricky Johnson and Big Sid (UCLA) at the helm of their offense! They were supposed to “molly wop” us that night!

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    GP, sorry dawg didn’t mean to slight Mtown. Anytime you hammer South Hills like that it’s impressive. AZTEC I always keep an eye on Azusa just because of you and Schuster.

    SGV430 Ouutttt !!!!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Thanks SGV….This is the most respectable start we have had so far.

      • WCDan

        GP, that’s a nice win vs S.Hills, Monrovia looks legit this year, this may be your best team since the late 90’s. Heard your QB was the real problem for South Hills, and not so much Scoby, although just having Scoby back there can open many things up on offense.
        With DRanch looking as good as they did against WC on Friday, you can’t help but wonder how good they and Monrovia and Ayala are this year since all three of those teams played each other close.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Dan, Monrovia is looking good. It’s the combination of Potts and Scoby in the backfield. Having a big time Athlete w/ Size at the Qb position is a big plus for Monrovia. We had a mobile QB in Nick Bueno, but Potts is different. It’s not a stats thing, it’s more of a athleticism thing. Nick was sick. However, we have never been 4-0 before against these teams. I feel comfortable with our Qb because he can get out of trouble, while looking down field. If you pay too much attention to Scoby, Potts will hurt you w/ his speed. Scoby is as good as your going to see anywhere in Socal. With a steady running game and limited turnovers the D is fresh. We just need to stop the run better. I wouldn’t give up on West Co yet. Coach may have to open change that offense. Love, Jones, Bryant #5, there all the same guy. WC should be using them the way DR uses their speed guys.

          • WCDan

            Don’t worry GP, not giving up on West Co, been following them close for 14 years, wouldn’t stop now. I agree though on opening up the offense, anytime #1 and #3 get the ball in space it affects the game tremendously for West Co, if we can find more ways to get them the ball in space, say maybe 10 to 15 times each via short quick methods I think the offense would be very hard to stop in our division. I think our coaches will find way’s to do just that. Good luck against St. Francis, they look real good this year, but so does M-Town, should be a heck of a game, maybe the Scoby – Potts combo along with that tight defense Madox has going over there can be the difference maker for the Wildcats.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Yeah, I agree…I am not saying scrap the wesco Identity, but when you watch the tape above you will see when you get the ball to Jones and Love with space, they broke long runs. It’s going to be a dog fight in the Hacienda. I think the dogs know that now. I made a comment about a player quitting on a play, and was accused of calling out a kid…what did you see in the highlights above? I honestly think the players were shell shocked by how bad DR wanted that game….I don’t think west co has played their best game this season…

          • WCDan

            Saw what you saw GP, I’m sure it’ll get fixed though.


      SGV 4 30, Schuster is the Defense coordinator for Monrovia, and maybe you meant Coach Scherf! LOL… Schuster was the head coach of AzusA about 6 seasons ago but you knew that!

  • realtalk

    Dranch and Will Bryan are the real deal. There O and D lines will be too much for the Hacienda! After Los Altos all will know.

  • BossHogg

    West Covina head coach need to get real. He did not have a game plan and used the excuse that he need find the kids that care. Maybe he need a coaching staff that cares starting with himself. He has a quarterback that should be starting at the JV level and dismal play calling that reserved for jr all American teams. The buck starts and stops at the top. Why do you continue to highlight a quarterback that cannot pass and a running game that all opponents know that is going to be straight ahead and up the middle. You have two of the best wide receivers in the league and running back that transferred in and you do not know how to utilize them. Coach you go on the interview and state that you do not know what to do with the Sidney Jones and that you never had an athlete of that caliber. However it appears that you do no know what to do DE Shaun Love or Steven Garcia either. Please do not blame it on the kids as you did and they have to get better. You know it is not their fault that you failed to groom a quarterback for the year and if you fail to plan you obviously plan to fail. Why don’t you open the offense stop being so predictable.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That was heavy but sounds like it needed to be said. Surprised by coach saying he doesn’t know what to do with a player like jones. That’s easy! You get him the ball.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      All I can say is that noodles was the piece. You can only groom so much. All of the QB’s West Co has had in the past were good period. They all could run, and were decent athletes. This year their QB is not very good. He does not have 5 backs like in the past. He still has a great Line! He really should have went to spread and open things up a little bit. He has one back and 2 good utility Athletes in Jones and Love. He has the tools there, but some coaches think that their system is that good, that they don’t have to change with the personnel. What happen verses Dranch, was a old fashion butt whoopin’. It you come out flat and turn the ball over, you are going to get rolled! I know the kids at west co care and have pride…they all came there because west co was winning titles. He did not blame himself or the staff for not having the team ready. Maybe he was the one who thought that DR was going to lay down. Surprise surprise! All they have to do is come out and kick some butt next week…They are still going make the playoffs…

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Greenie, you touched on it. It’s a lack of coaching. If West Co’s coach didn’t put in the time to coach up his kids, be it Noodles back up or someone else, that’s his fault. I cannot stand coaches who blame their players via sideway commentary like his.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          You know what, I did some a player quit on a play, and it was one of their stars too. So the coach had reason, but….you take him out the game, that’s statement enough. I wouldn’t bash my team publicly

          • Guest

            The kid was injured, get your information right before you make that type of call.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Which Kid? I just did not want to call names…Watch 3 mins and 23 secs on the highlights…If he was injured why was he in the game? However the kid I am talking about could have made the tackle….take a look…however coach should have pulled him…either way Injured or quitting…. I was critical of the coach publicly saying what he said, but the player did quit on a play…

          • Charles Watson

            You watched it and I am not going to call the kid name out. I will not subject the kid to this type of humilation and mistruths

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Like I said film doesn’t lie…now if there is some sort of injury….then maybe that explains it…I watched to see if there was anything to back up what the coach was saying in the interview. it’s really clear…I mean really clear…I had to rewind several to see if my eyes were playing tricks…

          • Not So Fast My Friend


  • wcdad

    wc freshman qarterback looks better than all quarterbacks at wc