Tribune Top 10 rankings … Aram Style for this week only

Two words for you: Matt. Fink. Three more: Four and Oh

NOTE: With Freddie out of town, Aram will be making this week’s Tribune Top 10. Yes, you can expect Fred to screw it all up again NEXT WEEK when he’s back. But for now, enjoy the legitimacy.

1. Bishop Amat (4-1) — Masochistic Amat fans got their jollies last week when the Lancers whipped up on St. Paul in a result that surprised nobody. Not sure what it did for Amat’s development, but hey, a big win is a big win. Next up is a roadie to Culver City.
2. Chino Hills (4-1) — At some point, the Huskies’ porous defense will cost them. Just don’t expect that to be any time soon. The Huskies showed during the nonleague that they are the clear favorites in the Sierra League.
3. Glendora (4-0) — No lead is safe against the Tartans. QB Matt Fink is doing a nice job building his legend with all these late-game TD passes that translate into wins. You have to start wondering just where the Tartans fit in the Baseline League race.
4. Los Altos (4-0) — The Conqs had last week off to rest and heal up and brace for the challenge that is Diamond Ranch. Los Altos is one of few teams in the Hacienda League, if not the only the team, who can handle D-Ranch’s size. But can they handle DR’s speed?
5. Diamond Rancho (4-1) — Scary, scary, scary. The Panthers can really run the ball and play solid defense. Not sure if they can pass … not sure they’ll need to anytime soon. If D-Ranch can beat LA, then the path gets clearer to the league title.
6. Diamond Bar (4-1) — The Brahmas served notice last week with their win over Bonita. It seemed like D-Bar got out to lead and played ‘catch us if you can’. That style is their only hope in the Hacienda and likely the playoffs.
7. Bonita (3-2) — There are still some nice wins on Bo-High’s resume. Last week was a bit of a hit, though. Now the Bearcats are in must-win situations likely every week the rest of the way … and that’s just to make the playoffs.
8. South Hills (2-2) — The Huskies fell apart late against Monrovia. But hey, it’s Monrovia. Not sure what to make of the Huskies’ nonleague quite yet. The element of a passing game hasn’t been what many had hoped. But the losses are to good teams. Guessing game …
9. Ayala (2-2) — The Bulldogs’ win over Diamond Ranch speaks volume … even if they were asleep for three quarters in that game. The close loss to M-Town looks better and better, too. Hard to knock any Ayala fan for feeling confident about the next six weeks.
10. West Covina (2-3) — Because The WC has lost three straight games, I can certainly not argue with anyone saying No. 10 should go to Arroyo or Damien. And the good news is that if things don’t change quick for the Bulldogs’ offense, they’ll get smoked by D-Bar next week and the ten spot will be open for the taking.

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  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Every time I feel confident (since after the Matt Baca era), they let me down. Not falling for it this time. Last year they had all the skill and speed they could ask for. This year they look like a team without an identity.

    We’ll see. I just hope they can play teams tough. I’d rather see that than nothing I guess.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    This is a pretty good top 10. I really only have 2 comments on it. DRanch should be above LA based on the way they boat raced WC. LA is the only team on the list that hasn’t played any of the other teams on the list. So they need to win impressively this week. I don’t see Arroyo or Damien as one of the top 10. I see Charter Oak returning more sooner than later.
    I do have a suggestion though. How about making our top 10 more interesting by taking Amat out of the mix. No one will argue that they are the kings of the SGV. They should be though since they are the only (div 1) PAC 5 team in the area, plus they aren’t playing by the same rules. Public vs Private the debate will go on for ever. I’m also hearing that the football only league proposal from the last Releagueing meetings is starting to get people’s attention.
    Aram, what’s your thought on that ………… Football only leagues.

    SGV430 Ouuuuutttttt!!!

    • Joe Amat

      Smokin’ at 4:20 – please point me in the direction of that “different” Private School Rule Book CIF must be hiding from us?

      On the other note I believe more in the Multi-League Conference thing than football only leagues. Leagues should adjust according to strength in each sport separately.

      • Wells

        Joe —
        There is a fairly easy and equitable way to do this. It just takes the people in power to be open minded. The re-leaguing process has shifted from football being the main criteria to a more overall strength of all athletic programs at a particular school. Even proximity of school did not appear to be a huge influence this past re-leaguing cycle. (although, it should be with budget cuts and traffic.)

        • SGV 4 30 Years

          Joe, how many of the players from Amat actually live close enough to where Amat would be their home school if it were a public school. Private school have a clear advantage over public schools. All you have to do is look at the state champions for basketball and football. Why do you think that basketball keeps most of the private schools out of certain divisions. Amat is a good example in girls basketball. In 3 years, they have gone from division 3A up to 1AA.
          With the football only league, the problem like Wells said is that some AD’s and Administration aren’t going to be open minded enough to see it as a good thing. How exciting would it be for every team in the league to have a legit chance to go to the play-offs?
          Joe, I’m an SGV fan so whenever one of our teams plays someone from out of our area I’m pulling for them. But I’m also a public school fan so when ever When Amat plays one of the local public schools I’m pulling for them to pull off the upset. We all know it’s just a matter of time (and scheduling).

          • Galileo

            for 55 years, kids from Azusa,Temple City,Covina,Hacienda Heights,Rowland Heights,El Monte,Monrovia,Duarte have attended Amat…it’s nothing new…I guess the recruiting done by public schools is acceptable to you!

          • SGV 4 30 Years

            Galileo, You forgot to mention West Covina, Walnut, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga. I’m not downing anything that Amat does. I just know that with players from that wide an area, they should be better, and expect to be better. I actually love tradition. As far as the public schools recruiting? I’m not at all in favor of that either. We should take all those coaches and put them all in the same league. It can be called the cheater league. The truth Galileo is that the rules are completely disreguarded by some people.

    • Brahma Dad

      I agree, things would be incredibly more interesting this season if Amat wasn’t on the list. Look at all the teams after Amat, and anyone can beat anyone on a given night. O.K. Amat fans, yes you guys are the best in Valley, we all know that….so there I said it. But seriously, I really think we could beat any other team on the list on a given Friday. And by the way Amat people, your studs from last year were DB kids ( Andrews and Blue ). Imagine if they had attended DBHS. Also, Sal Velasquez from Hacienda Heights, Matt Lopez from Monrovia, Joe Cook from Upland. My nephew is a junior at Amat, and as he tells me that the majority of the athletes come from out of the area. Very few student/athletes are from the local Amat area. So yes, Amat, you have a huge advantage when it comes to sports, both boys and girls.

      I really think the Hacienda is open to almost every team this season. It will be a dog fight, love it….

      • Valley Athletics

        Andrews is from Phillips ranch . Not everyone from diamond bar lives in diamond bar . Tyler brown can walk to walnut .

      • AMAT 73

        Brahma Dad,
        I know your team is moving back in the right direction but you really think you can knock off Chino Hills . Not a this point in time could DB beat CH . They took AMAT to the wall 2 times and are a damn good team and we know how you feel about DB facing AMAT, you said it I didn’t , so you really can’t say after number 1 at least for DB . You still have a few Hacienda battles in front of you to win to come out like that , at least in my opinion since you are giving yours on AMAT .

      • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

        I really think we would at the very least need EVERYBODY on the field to step on the field with Amat, but like Amat73 said, the program is indeed in the right direction

  • Arthur Fonzarello

    Not your fault Aram, but it sort of makes for a dull thread when Amat is the uncontested No. 1.

  • DeeeeRanchPops

    I have hard time believing that anyone in their right mind would think that los Altos should be ranked ahead of DRanch i guess after we power drive the conqs this week there will be no question who rules the hacienda this year

  • Had To Laugh

    I’m confused Aram on your blog you have Glendora ranked #6 (which is probably where they should be) And here on Fred’s blog you have them ranked #3 which is laughable. What gives?

    • 12th man

      Fred’s blog is the SGV teams only Tribune rankings~ Aram’s blog is all “encompassing” rankings (Tribune,Pasadena Star,Whittier Daily,etc.) teams outside of SGV are listed also…So yeah! there is a difference..

      • Had To Laugh

        Cool thanks 12th!! Kind of like the Fred’s Minor League to Aram’s Big League.