Tribskin Pick’em: Huge League Showdowns, Glendora-Rancho Cucamonga; Charter Oak-Chino Hills; Diamond Bar-Diamond Ranch

Aram Tolegian and I will go head-to-head picking football games throughout the season. He edged me out the past two seasons, but it’s not happening this year, not when we’re playing for a Slater’s 50-50 burger.

Aram Tolegian (13-5, last week); (97-45, season total)
Fred Robledo (13-5, last week); (101-41, season total)

10-4-13 DRANCH05This Week: Lot of tough games to pick with the best on paper, undefeated Glendora (6-0) vs. undefeated Rancho Cucamonga (6-0) at Los Osos. The Tartans have grinded out every victory, winning their last five by four points or less each time. At some point you don’t win all the close games, and I’m not sure this is close to begin win. Take RC by two or three touchdowns. Sorry Tarty. Big Hacienda showdown, Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar. It’s set up perfect for DBar after losing to Los Altos. This is their bounce-back game and after eating humble pie every year against the Ranch, enough is enough, take the purple. In the Sierra League I know I took Chino Hills to win the league title and win it easy. But Charter Oak has shown me something the past couple weeks and I think they’re hungry enough and good enough to get the upset win on the road. Other games that are tough to call but I’m picking them are Covina over Baldwin Park, Bassett over Sierra Vista, Mountain View over Gabrielino and Damien over Ayala.

This week’s games and predictions
Friday’s games
Baseline League
Glendora vs. Rancho Cucamonga at Los Osos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (RC); Aram (Rancho)
Hacienda League
Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DBar); Aram (D-Ranch)
Rowland at Los Altos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Los Altos); Aram (LA)
Walnut at West Covina, 7 p.m. — Robledo (WCovina); Aram (WC)
Mission Valley League
El Monte at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Aram (Arroyo)
Mountain View at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — Robledo (MView); Aram (Gabrielino)
Rosemead at South El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rose); Aram (Rosmead)
Montview League
Bassett at Sierra Vista, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bassett); Aram (Bassett)
Ganesha vs. Workman at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Workman); Aram (Ganesha)
Gladstone vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Azusa); Aram (Azusa)
La Puente at Duarte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Duarte); Aram (Duarte)
Sierra League
Ayala at Damien, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Damien); Aram (Ayala)
Charter Oak at Chino Hills, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Charter Oak); Aram (Chino Hills)
South Hills at Claremont, 7 p.m. — Robledo (South Hills); Aram (SH)
Valle Vista League
Covina at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Aram (BP)
Nogales at San Dimas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SDimas); Aram (SD)
Pomona at Wilson, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Pomona); Aram (P-Town)

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  • 12th man

    Upland was a 2 point favorite vs Glendora…So I wouldn’t call it a huge upset~ Just chalk it as a “Win” that’s all~

    • Guest

      Upland was a touchdown favorite. So technically it was an upset

      • Dustin ohara

        Yea they had glendora loseing 28-21 and we won by 3 ten point turn around I know and see rancho undefeated but so is glendora they have risen to the occasion every time and I think they will be ready for this week they should know rancho qb very well as Puccini once was at Damien and glendora perhaps I don’t know but js from the area they have all the tools defense line running qb they an do this

  • blue

    We gonna see a 2 minute drill on azusa vs gladstone like we saw last year??


      Right on Blue and we all know the AZUSA vs gladstone is the BIGGEST GAME of the WEEK! Good Luck to your little brother Blue, and keep the streak going!

      • blue

        Thank you! I will let him know! Lets get that W!

  • FredJ

    Rancho Cuamonga is a 14 point favorite over Glendora according to CalPreps, which projected the score 28-14

  • Not Since 1995

    Yo Opino:
    Rancho Cucamonga big over Glendora
    Diamond Ranch over the softies
    Rowland at Los Altos – Who cares…
    Walnut at West Covina – WC sucks this year. Another “Who Cares” game!
    El Monte – cus my housekeeper is from El Monte
    Mountain View
    Rosemead – cus they have good chinese food!
    Bassett – or whatever….
    Ganesha vs. Workman – Remember….No Guns allowed on campus…!
    Gladstone vs. Azusa – same rule for guys…!
    La Puente at Duarte – and…you guys too! No Guns!
    Damien finally wins
    Chino Hills – My Huskies will choke again on a big wad of Chargers Offense…!
    South Hills – Why are you so big upfront and Still suck…!
    Valle Vista League – see my rule about “No Guns On Campus” above…!
    Baldwin Park – gonna smoke them SouthCentral Colts
    San Dimas – easy win
    Pomona at Wilson – Who Cares….

    Bishop NoMAS Lanceritos vs. Los Taqueros – Its a toss up…!

    Not In 2013…

    • SGV 4 30 Years

      Not Since 95,

      Are you feeling alright? Are you trying to piss people off? Your post is kind of brutal some might even call it racist. How did Fred let that one slip by.

      SGV430 OUUUUUTTTT!!!!

    • Mike Hopper

      That was funny..Thank you

  • brad mill

    I’m a big DBAR fan and I wish I could say that this is the year to beat ranch…if we had Hull and if Kanye hadn’t been lost for the season I think we truly would have had a chance. Neither of them are the big linemen we need to compete but the skill they posses…imagine a defensive secondary with tyler brown, kanye, Hull and Torrez…or being able to rest some of our speed guys without giving anything up. I think DBAR fades every year at this time because our smaller linemen just get beat down. We don’t have a deep roster so guys play a lot of minutes. Kind of like USC with the scholarship restrictions. I missed last weeks los altos game…don’t know if it was close and they pulled away or if we were dominated from the beginning. One question…how much influence do coaches or ADs have in determining schedules…is it me or does it seem like ranch has a bye every year before they play us?

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Hey does anyone have any details on what I heard was a brawl at the DB-DR game? I hear a coach (from DB) punched a player. All I have to say is typical.

    SG V430 OUUUTTT!!!