Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Undefeated Glendora wrestles away top spot from Bishop Amat and Chino Hills

1. Glendora (6-0) — I thought long and hard about what to do with Glendora after its Baseline win over Upland to remain undefeated after already beating Charter Oak, South Hills, Bonita and others. They deserve it and hey, it could be short lived facing undefeated Rancho Cucamonga this week.
2. Bishop Amat (5-2) – Only good news after losing its Serra opener at Notre Dame is it has two weeks off to get ready for Alemany, an absolute must win. But here’s the bottom line, if the Lancers don’t find a running game or someone other than Koa Haynes on offense, they’ll be 0-2 and on the ropes.
3. Chino Hills (5-1) — The Huskies probably don’t deserve to drop after a convincing Saturday night win over South Hills, but I’ll be more convinced with a win over Charter Oak this week.
4. Charter Oak (2-4) — The Chargers aren’t No. 4 because of their record, they’re No. 4 because of their wins, over Los Osos and Damien. I’m comfortable knowing they’re better than every team ranked below.
5. Diamond Ranch (5-1) – They’re looking like the best in the Hacienda and can take a huge step toward a league title with a win at rival Diamond Bar on Friday. How are they ranked behind Charter Oak? History. I’ve seen that game too many times in the past and it always turns out the same way.
6. Los Altos (5-1) – They’re right back in the Hacienda chase after beating Diamond Bar. If the Conquerors run the table, they’ll have a shot at this.
7. Diamond Bar (5-2) — It’s put up or shut time for the purple. Either they’re going to beat Diamond Ranch and get back in the league chase, or they’re going to be the same old Diamond Bar that flirt’s with having a good season, then limps to the finish.
8. Bonita (5-2) — The Bearcats were one of the pre-season Hacienda favorites and still are in a good position. But they have tough games left against Diamond Bar, West Covina and Los Altos to decide their fate.
9. Arroyo (5-1) – How about them Knights? They won’t lose in the MVL and will finish 9-1. Their chances of getting to at least the Mid-Valley Division semifinals looking better and better.
10. San Dimas (3-3) — The Saints are crushing the Valle Vista so thoroughly I had to put them back in the top ten. I’m also convinced that like Arroyo, they’ve got a great chance of reaching the Mid-Valley semifinals and may even get back to another championship game. Imagine that, Bonita’s Jake Payton may have to watch the Saints in a title game.
The Rest: 11. Pomona (6-0); 12. Ayala (3-3); 13. South Hills (2-4); 14. Damien (2-4); 15. Baldwin Park (5-1); 16. Rosemead (5-1); 17. West Covina (3-4); 18. Azusa (4-2); 19. Northview (5-2); 20. Bassett (3-3); 21. La Puente (4-2); 22. Duarte (3-3); 23. Claremont (1-5); 24. Covina (3-4); 25. Mountain View (3-3); 26. Walnut (2-4), 27. Rowland (2-5); 28. South El Monte (2-4); 29. Sierra Vista (2-4); 30. Nogales (2-4); 31. Gladstone (2-4); 32. El Monte (1-5); 33. Wilson (1-6); 34. Workman (2-4); 35. Ganesha (1-5).


1. Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, 1,952 yards, 17 TDs
2. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 1,757 yards, 12 TDs
3. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 1,618 yardds, 17 TDS
4. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 1,450 yards, 13 TDs
5. Jacob Tovar, La Puente, 1,218 yards, 10 TDS
6. Adrain Cuevas, El Monte, 1,186 yards, 8 TDs
7. Tyler Peterson, Diamond Bar, 1,161 yards, 10 TDs
8. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, 1,070 yards, 8 TDs.
9. Matt Fink, Glendora, 1,033 yards, 8 TDs
10. Daniel Martinez, Chino Hills, 985 yards, 9 TDs
1. Donavon Davis, Ganesha, 1,223 yards, 6 TDs
2. Justin Torres, Sierra Vista, 1,201 yards, 10 TDs
4. Marcos Lopez, South El Monte, 820 yards, 11 TDs
5. Jake Payton, Bonita, 754 yards, 10 TDs
6. Cecil Fleming, Claremont, 730 yards, 8 TDs
7. Cameron Blackburn, Azusa, 653 yards, 3 TDs
8. Leroy Cloud, Damien, 637 yards, 2 TDs
9. Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, 611 yards, 10 TDs
10. Pearnell Smalley IV, Covina; 600 yards, 8 TDs
1. Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, 45 receptions, 706 yards, 6 TDs
2. Jose Ochoa, La Puente, 34 receptions, 704 yards, 10 TDs
3. Nico Lozano, Arroyo, 27 receptions, 673 yards, 8 TDs
4. Zion Echols, Charter Oak, 42 receptions, 651 yards, 7 TDs
5. Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park, 26 receptions, 549 yards, 4 TDs
6. Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, 31 receptions, 515 yards, 3 TDs
7. Eric Ruff, Bassett, 29 receptions, 487 yards, 3 TDs
8. Cordell Broadus, Diamond Bar, 46 receptions, 470 yards, 7 TDs
9. Matthew Zahn, Bishop Amat, 28 receptions, 467 yards, 1 TD
10. Carlos Montiel, Azusa, 21 receptions, 460 yards, 4 TDs

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  • warrior fan

    I respect this ranking but to put CH below amat even though they lost a very close one to them is one of your 2 mistakes. CO with a 2-4 record shouldnt even be in the top 25 because now it shows your a bit bias. IMO no disrespect but a 2-4 team should and never will make any ranking, fred no matter the history of the team or teams they have lost to. If CO had played teams below their means and was 5-1 you would placed them still right where they are at now. Im just saying fred Glendora deserves the #1 spot but if they lose to RC would Amat jump them? and if they do jump them then why hasnt CH jumped amat who gave them a great run when Amat has more loses then they do. i think a team like DR should be considered a top 3 team based on their record and surprising season just like Glendora who never had your respect to begin with.

    • FredJ

      Interesting, so if I was ranking Alemany (5-2) with the Tribune teams, where would I put them with two losses?

      Look, schedule has a lot to do with records. This isn’t the NFL or even college where your rankings teams in the SAME league or in college’s case, all teams IN Division 1. You know, Pomona is undefeated, by your analysis where should I put them, No. 2?

      • warrior fan

        if we were in the tribune i would have to say rank us were we belong which is below Glendora and whoever else has played better football than we have, but we only have 1 lost. IMO your rankings is sort of like how college football does, with their favorite being the SEC who plays terrible non-league games but all the teams be ranked high and when they finally play against each other, it goes like well look at how high they were ranked so they dont drop as much in the rankings, when other teams like Utah one year (Glendora) goes undefeated and then end up playing bama in a bowl game and Utah wins (metaphoric thinking) im just saying i know its high school football and its different levels but it has been times when lower level teams has beaten higher level teams La Serna over Westlake. With pomona idk i guess refer to my utah, bama comment.

        • Guest

          apologies i forgot about the norco lost we are 5-2

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        Why did you put Glendora #1? It has to be because of their record. They have beaten only 1 Top 100 team in CA. and they has squeeked by every game….even against South Hills and Ayala. Is that what top ranked teams do? Look at common opponents and strength of schedule and you will see that not only are Amat and CH better in that regards, their state & National rankings back it up too.
        The inland division has CH ranked ahead of Glendora as well…… so what is your rationale for putting Glendora first besides they have not lost yet. Are you looking at their wins against 2-4 Charter Oak and 3-3 Upland? Meanwhile CH has beaten 4-1 Tesoro ( ranked #44 in CA) and Great Oak (ranked #60) and only lost to #25 Amat.

        • Go Deep

          Glendora is #1 because they can play DEFENSE LOL Ha Ha Ha Defense Wins Championships! CH has the worst in the Sierra. 1 and done again this year.

          • Inland_FB_Fan

            Fred, where is my reply…didn’t you approve it??

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            When that becomes a legit reason to make a team number one, CIF will follow the NCAA and dissolve itself. Since that’s not going to happen, that’s not a reason.

    • Valley Athletics

      I was surprised the times dropped alemany from there top 25 and kept servite with 3 losses and Santa margarita with 3 losses .

    • AMAT 73

      worrior fan,
      Shouldn’t you be thinking more along the lines of facing ND this week . It’s a good possiblity you come into Kiefer 0-2 in league . It’s going to be tough this year in the Serra . No outright favorite this year .
      Don’t even try to figure these ranking out . There is no rhyme or reason as to why teams are ranked as the are . There is a good possibility AMAT winds up at #1 again next week without even playing a game if Glendora loses and even if CH wins due to Fred’s reply to 12th man . But then again with a win by CO over CH which I think will happen, who knows who is at #1 ????? Wait , AMAT beat CO so throw that out and Glendora beat CO and AMAT also lost to RC so maybe even with a loss by Glendora they stay at #1 . You see what I mean about trying to figure these rankings out . Only Fred holds the key and he’s not giving any reasons as to why he ranks the way he does .


    Fred, I think you gave the bagpipers the #1 spot because you know they are not beating RC and they are still unbeaten so might as well give it to them for one week, right? If that’s the case I agree with you.

    Like I said a few weeks back, once CO beats CH everyone will be crying because of our record but CO can only be ranked as high as #3. BA 1, Glendora 2, and CO 3 with CH in 4th.

    Sorry Huskies but CO has grown and worked out some of the kinks. You’ll see Friday!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I’m going to have a fresh bowl of crow stew for you. Lol. I’ve got CH putting it all together Friday. Defense will regain their earlier form and stop giving up the big play aka the front four stuffing the run and their DBs using technique instead of something they’ve seen playing Madden. Either way, that’s going to be one hell’ava game.


        NSFMF, I will be here win or lose. I will not run from the blogs like the Monrovia fans did when they lost to St. Francis.

        • AMAT 73

          SGV ,
          i also like CO in Fridays game . They are starting to click now and I think the MTown boys and others wishful thinking of CO’s demise is just that , wishful thinking . I bet on the team that has their defense together instead of one that’s looking to regain their form . That MTown loss seems to have taken some steam out of their blogging also . Very quiet out of MTown .

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Yes, even Greenie has slowed his roll a bit. 🙂

          • WCDan

            I kind of agree with you and SGV_Football, I wouldn’t be suprised if CO wins this game. Chino Hills looked vulnerable on defense when they played West Covina,
            South Hills was also able to put some points up against them and so did Amat and Great Oak. CH does have a great offensive scheme, but if Charter Oak’s defense is as good as I’m hearing, it may be enough to slow down the CH offense and give CO a chance at the end. This game looks to be real close.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Lol! It’ll be a good game!

  • 12th man

    True Rankings! #1 Chino Hills #2 Bishop Amat #3 Glendora, You can place the rest in any order you like~ CH should run the table & keep it’s #1 billing until the playoffs..

    • FredJ

      I couldn’t put Chino Hills ahead of Amat because we already knew how that turned out. It would take at least another Amat loss to drop them

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        That’s a weak reason Fred. Lol. CH has been playing better than Amat has. Unless this is some type of BCS-SEC voting methodology you’re using? Lol

    • WCDan

      Don’t agree with CH at #1 12th man, Not even sure Chino Hills will beat CO the way the Chargers seem to be playing the last two weeks. Love the run that Glendora has had, great win against Upland, tough game this week though, I don’t think Glendora will be close enough in the fourth quarter to get the upset, I think RC gets this by 2 or three tds, never the less, it’s been a great run by the Tarts.

  • InquiringMinds2014

    Has anyone heard from Say WhAtt???

  • reality

    Glad to see Glendora #1. They have played great clutch footall and came out on top every time. If Keppel did this put them #1 even if it was a weak schedule. I give the Tartans the punchers chance against Rancho C. If it’s close in the 4th I’ll take Glendora..


    ALRIGHT ~AZUSA AZTECS~ good to see you moving up in the rankings! Good Job Coach Scherf ,and way to bring them back! Montview Fans you don’t have to be in the top ten or “PAC 5”, to make a comment on Fred’s blog if you Love the game just like everybody else does, just state it! The Big Game this Friday! You know what i’m talking about… AZUSA vs Gladstone and it’s always a jam packed house at Citrus! Check out Fred’s Rankings and he has FOUR MONTVIEW LEAGUE teams over,Covina, Claremont, Walnut, Rowland and S. El Monte!!! WOW…. Fred has BASSETT over them too! LOL,,,, THE MONTVIEW LEAGUE FOOTBALL GODS are smiling down on us!!! AZTEC PRIDE!

  • Valley Athletics

    Agree with the rankings . Glendora deserves the rankings .

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Uh I don’t think they deserve it, yet. Certainly not jumping several other teams.

      • IC Green

        The only reason Glendora beat Bonita is because Bonita has a dumb coach who decides he’s going to run it up near the end of the first half when he already had a comfortable lead — backfired big time. Medrano couldn’t manage a pile of dirt if he had a shovel.

  • Not Since 1995

    Bishop NoMAS is the worst 4 – 2 team in the Pac 5 and in the SGV.

    C’mon maaannh…Step up your game…! You’re much better than that…!

    You and I know these guys should be 3 – 3 right now. Except for the fact that my Huskies choked and gagged on a huge wad of Lanceritos, Do you actually think that these La Puente chumps are going to win against the mighty Warriors of Alemany High School…! Even Mrs. DoubtFire 73, JoeAmNOT, and Lancerito ComeLately know that this is going to get ugly very early and very often. I predict a 42 – 13…HUMILIATION on the Lanceritos! By this time next week, the hapless lanceritos will be 4 – 3 and on their way to another A$$ Handing over to the mighty Celts of Crespi.

    This FAR FAR Superior team is done in 2013…!

    Best start preparing the THANKSGIVING meal! Its another Black Friday for the Parochial of South La Puente…!

    Not In 2013 Either…

  • Leo Tolstoy

    Fred how would the SGV teams do in the Western Division?

    BTW St. Francis “our” current #1 SGV team is ranked 4th. How would Chino Hills do against Serra? We saw what St. Francis did to Monrovia but how would Charter Oak do against Chaminade? How would Damien do against Cathedral? How would Diamond Ranch do against Hardd-Westlake? So much is given to local area teams but the best football isn’t played in the SGV, it’s played outside the Fish Bowl. Next year I hear Serra is going to the Pac 5 following in the footsteps of Oaks Christian who previously battled in these parts.



    1. Serra (Mission) 6-0 W Harvard-Westlake 63-7

    2. Chaminade (Mission) 5-1 W Cathedral 48-7

    3. Lompoc (Los Padres) 5-1 W Templeton 49-0

    4. St. Francis (Mission) 6-0 W St. Paul 63-18

    6. Camarillo (Pacific View) 5-1 W Pacifica/Oxnard 52-28

    5. Cathedral (Mission) 5-1 L Chaminade 7-48

    7. Santa Monica (Ocean) 3-3 W Morningside 41-6

    8. Harvard-Westlake (Mission) 4-2 L Serra 7-63

    9. Morro Bay (Los Padres) 3-3 —- Bye —-

    10. Inglewood (Ocean) 3-3 W Beverly Hills 49-0

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Serra in the Pac 5 ups the ante big time.

  • Conq ’76

    LA at #6 without a player in the top ten of any category….smells like teamwork to me…