Gibson Homer Rewind: Where were you 25 years ago tonight? I remember where I was….and still regret it


Today is the 25th anniversary since Kirk Gibson’s historic home run to beat the Oakland A’s in the game one of the 1988 world series. For SoCal fans, it’s one of those moments where they can recall exactly where they were when the knew of the home run that catapulted the Dodgers to their last World Series championship.
A few celebrities, from within the sports world and out recall their story here written by our own Tom Hoffarth.
My recollection is a pretty good one. I was a student at Cal State Fullerton and slated to cover the Fullerton-Long Beach State football game that night for The Daily Titan. I received a call that morning from my aunt, who has four season tickets. She said they had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I’d like to come. Being the big Dodger fan that I am to this day, I thought about it, but declined. I had given the commitment to cover the football game, and felt I had to live up to that. Now as I look back later, I probably could have called coach Gene Murphy on Sunday and put together a story for our first edition of the week, which ran on Tuesdays. But I didn’t really think that way at the time.
Now fast forward to about 7:30 or so, I can remember being in the Veterans Stadium press box hearing a huge roar from the north side of the box (I was on the South side). I asked someone what’s the commotion and they said Kirk Gibson just hit a game-winning home run. I didn’t know the details behind it that would become legendary, but already know I had made the wrong decision. And the football game, it was one of the most-boring games I have seen, with Long State rallying for a late win.
That’s my memory…what are yours?

– Steve Ramirez

After reading what Steve wrote, it reminds me of this scene in Good Will Hunting. — Freddy

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  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    family BBQ for the game, I was 7 years old. When Gibson came up, and hit the ball off of Dennis Eckersley I ran from the front room screaming my head off, and ran into the backyard where all the adults were cheering and roaring, I remember running inbetween all the adults huddled up and made it like a maze but cheering and screaming all the way through, then back into the house. Amazing night as it was, and then to see Orel Hershiser win it in Oakland in Game 5 for a COMPLETE GAME and a WS WIN was also unbelievable!

  • FredJ

    I’ll never forget it Steve. I was watching with a group of friends at home. We were going out later that evening, but were getting frustrated because the Dodgers couldn’t do anything. We left after the eighth and listened on the radio. I think it was Drysdale calling it because Vinny was on TV. When we got to our night spot, the Dodgers were batting in the bottom of the ninth, and we said, let’s just wait and see what happens. The first two outs were so quick my friends started getting out and ready to walk in. I held everyone up because I wanted to see what Davis did. When he walked and they said Gibby was coming up, everyone jumped back in the car and was hoping. It was surreal, you were just thinking base hit to tie the game after Davis stole second and then bam, Gibby hits it out of the park. We jumped out and high-fived in that parking lot for five minutes. It was incredible.
    I still regret not staying home and watching it happen, but hearing it on radio was an amazing experience too.

  • Carlos Barron

    I was there. Mezanine Level Row 2, season ticket holders for 15 years. Most incredible thing I’ve witnessed as a sports fan!
    Go Blue.
    Go Chino Hills Huskies!

  • 12th man

    Don Mattingly’s inability to move runners into scoring position & manufacture runs,one at a time is costing his team! The Dodgers have out hit the Cardinals in every single game yet they’re down 3 games to one…why is that? Mattingly not aggressive enough…constantly hitting into double plays is the result of not being able to move the runners over..You have to bunt,steal,or hit & run..playing long ball is not the way you beat the Cardinals..I like Mattingly he’s a great guy & a good coach…but the Dodgers need a great coach someone who is a bit more seasoned & has post season experience..Now i’m hearing they’re going to extend his contract? That makes no sense to me…

    • FredJ

      I don’t have a problem with Mattingly. He tried small ball in Game 4 of the Division series asking Uribe to bunt a runner to third down a run in the 8th inning. Uribe couldn’t get it down then hit the game-winning homer.

      Bottom line is the Dodgers have to execute. They’ve had runners on base but aren’t getting timely hits. That’s not on Mattingly, that’s on players. They haven’t hit a home run in the NLCS or scored more than three runs in any game. That won’t get it done regardless of how great the pitching has been.

    • AMAT 73

      Still think long ball is not the way to beat the Cards. Tonight the shadows will not be a factor so much better hitting out of the DODGERS should be the difference .

      • 12th man

        I’m sticking to my story!! don’t forget who’s pitching for the Cards tonight?..He blanked the Dodgers last time with his 12-6 curve ball..The Dodgers still need to apply pressure & put runners in scoring position via (bunting,stealing,hit & run) they will need at least 3 runs for Kershaw to get the win..I anticipate a low scoring game..You won’t beat the Cards tonight playing long ball..I’m still disappointed that the Dodgers let the Cards intentionally hit Ramirez without retaliation (unwritten rules of baseball) 1st inning, 1st game, no score at the time..Come on man!! That’s no accident..what better way to neutralize the Dodgers line up by taking away their best hitter to even up the playing field…

  • The stands

    I was at my sister’s wedding reception when Gibby hit his unforgettable dinger. Luckily, one of my friends brought along a Sony Watchman which, at the time, was considered “state of the art” technology. The table that was watching the game errupted in unbridled exuberence as Vinny called play. The rest of the guests ran to the table to see what was going on and joined in the celebration. I’ve never forgotten that moment; neither has my sister who wasn’t expecting such an interruption at her wedding reception!

  • FredJ

    Steve Ramirez is at today’s game … he better bring them luck.

    • Steve Ramirez

      I did!!!