Glendora talks about being No. 1 in the Valley; power Rancho Cucamonga next

STORY: “I don’t pay attention to it, but it’s neat for the kids because they get to see it,” Glendora head coach Jerry Lewallen said about his team holding the Tribune’s top spot. “I’m happy for them, but there’s a lot of good football teams out there and I’m sure there’s a lot of teams that deserve to be up on that list.
“I think it’s cool because it’s like a little test for our kids. I know they look at that kind of stuff, it’s in the paper and their parents feed it to them. But it’s a test in that since they’re playing well, but are you going to look at that or continue to do the things you’ve been doing to be successful?”

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  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Coach Lewallen is right. He shouldn’t pay attention to it. He has more important things to focus on, like trying to figure out ways to match up with Rancho Cucamonga. I get Glendora beat Upland, but Upland is a very dysfunctional team right now. Glendora beats Rancho then I’ll be a believer, but I doubt that’ll happen.

    Putting them at the number one spot just put a huge target on their back.

  • Lupe

    I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the super soph. Fink, but he better strap it on tight Fri. night. Rancho is going to hit him hard and often.

  • The stands

    The only way I believe Glendora is the #1 team in SGV is if they beat Rancho Cucamonga. Ask youself this, if Glendora and Amat were to sqare off on Friday who do you think would win? I say Amat is still top dog. Would Glendora be undefeated if they’d played Amat’s schedule so far? No way. I applaud Glendora for their success this season but let’s put things in proper perspective.

    • FredJ

      I don’t know, I thought Glendora would lose to Charter Oak, South Hills and Upland .. been wrong each time.

      • The stands

        The difference to me is that Amat already floored CO and would do the same to SH and the U.

      • Lancerito’s Buddy

        Its ok Fred, We all knew Glendora would lose to Rancho and it happened. And the little puppy from the hills in Chino thought they had CO beat but was out coached by the old dog BIG Lou.

  • Dustin ohara

    Glendora is number one because there a team and won close games whatever is In front of them they won next challenge rancho its a huge pope to but believe me they I’ll be ready and if it’s close we can do it

    • Inland_FB_Fan

      I Guess they don’t teach english @ Glendora????

      • Dustin ohara

        Test not pope sorry was a autocorrect just caught a mistake

  • Not Since 1995

    Isn’t it funny that the Bishop AmNOT little lancers homers have gone away into their rat holes…?

    What happen to FAR FAR Superior team and that toro shiat..?

    Alemany is lurking and so is Thanksgiving….

    Not even a “Coin-Flip” can save them in 2013…!

    When do we start the “Fire Hags” campaign….? Kiffin is gone…so is Newweazel..!

    • Boycott lancerito

      What happen chino choker??? Te la jalastes… Couldn’t finish off the sorry A$$ charter chokers??? Hahaha

      • Lancerito’s Buddy

        The little HuskWAHWAH, is just pissed cause big bad Bishop spanked that A$$. Hey not since 95….. Stop telling us about your love life! LOL

  • WCDan

    Let them be king for a day, the kids deserve it with the great season and all the clutch 4rth quarter wins they have had. It’s nice to see someone different up there. As for Glendora beating Amat, maybe 2 out of ten times with this years team, Amat just gets too many athletes from the area and have the coaches to go with it.
    Unfortunately Rancho C. who is at Amats level will put an end to Glendora’s run, but it would sure create some excitement in the SGV if the Tarts, who already have the Upset of the year in beating Upland, outdid themselvs and got an even bigger upset against RC.

  • The stands

    Glendora loses as does Chino Hills. Amat is #1 by default, I suppose. No way CO deserves the #1 spot after the beating they took at the hands of BA. Things could change next week, too, though.