Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar ends in brawl with Panthers on top 34-20; Charter Oak knocks off Chino Hills

10-18-13 DBAR19
Friday’s results
Baseline League

Rancho Cucamonga 37, Glendora 9The battle of the unbeatens was a dud, but still a great start for the Tartans.
Hacienda League
Diamond Ranch 24, Diamond 20 Game called after brawl breaks out between players with just more than three minutes left. But more importantly, Diamond Ranch in firm control of the Hacienda.
Los Altos 42, Rowland 0Conquerors remain in contention in the Hacienda with blowout over the Raiders.
West Covina 42, Walnut 21After back-to-back losses to open the Hacienda, the Bulldogs win their second straight to get back in the playoff hunt.
Sierra League
Damien 24, Ayala 7 Not surprised by the win, but surprised by how comfortably they got it.
Charter Oak 24, Chino Hills 17The Chargers comeback tour continued, winning their third straight after dropping their first four of the season.
South Hills 23, Claremont 20 Huskies win sets up a dandy on Thursday when it hosts Charter Oak at Covina District.
Mission Valley League
Arroyo 47, El Monte 6 Knights blowout last year’s Mission Valley League champions.
Gabrielino 28, Mountain View 21The Vikings seem like they’re in every game, but finishing and getting the W is a problem.
Rosemead 37, South El Monte 7Panthers remain on course with Arroyo in chase for Mission Valley title.
Montview League
Bassett 45, Sierra Vista 30The Olympians are 4-0 in the Montview. When was the last time they were in contention for a league?
Ganesha 35, Workman 28 For two teams who have been blown out a lot this season, nice for both to be in a competitive game.
Azusa 49, Gladstone 0 It’s usually one of the areas best rivalries, but this was not one of the classics.
La Puente 30, Duarte 29 Warriors bounce back after last weeks loss to Bassett.

Valle Vista League
Baldwin Park 37, Covina 34 The Colts jumped out to a big lead but the Braves rallied to pull it out.
San Dimas 44, Nogales 0 Every game in the Valle Vista has been a blowout for the Saints.
Pomona 53, Wilson 10 The Red Devils are now the areas only undefeated team after improving to 7-0.

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  • 12th man

    you can catch DB vs DR game on live stream at fox sports west (prepzone)

  • Dustin ohara

    Let’s do it glendora

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      You’d probably done better with “good luck!” because that’s what you’re going to need. lol.

      • Dustin ohara

        That’s your oppion I believe we will win :)

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          If you’re a fan or a supporter, you’re supposed too! Athlete match up wise, Glendora has a few, but I think Rancho has more. Glendora’s win against a dysfunctional Upland team could be attributable to Upland being dysfunctional along with dropped passes and what? Two or three missed field goals??? Not clear about that.

          It would be nice to see Glendora shake it up, my only concern is they’ve been winning, but not convincingly. Tonight’s the night to show they’re the real deal.

          • Dustin ohara

            I agree with you for most of what you said upland had good recievers we stopped them thats credit to our defense I think. Missed field goals thats prob them but they always rave had good kickers there. I think for is to win we have keep it low scoreing like we did last week upland and rancho both have great offenses and score a lot. Uplands not a bad team they beat some solid teams and it was glendora second big win of the season I think.

          • Dustin ohara

            Oh and winning close is good and bad might not be best of teams but still winning and it will help down the road when it matters most like tonight perhaps

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            It definitely builds character.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Glendora beats Rancho, then I’ll become a believer. Until then, they’re a paper tiger. Oooooooh. lol

    • Guest

      Who is your team?

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Corona Centennial, but I follow a few teams in the SGV, Sierra (Chino Hills) and teams in the Baseline league. You?

        • Guest

          What do you have against glendora?

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Absolutely nothing! But when you’re sitting at the no 1 spot you have to endure questions about if it’s justified. That’s especially the case when you haven’t been dominating anyone and squeezing by in the wins.

            I’ve always said Glendora had athletes. Their problem has been stability in coaching. They have that now. Beat Rancho and I’ll be a believer that they’ve turned the corner. :-)

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            They beat Upland and that’s enough…Upland is still a threat to be a final four team. The U had so many transfers, that they may gel right before the playoffs, in a rematch vs Upland the playoffs…I’d take Upland. Glendora is a threat and they know how to win close games..That’s a good thing.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Beating Upland, as a win is win, was a good thing. It builds character and confidence. But beating Upland doesn’t make a season and doesn’t define a team, especially with an Upland team with three uncharacteristic loses. Greenie you know that as well as anyone. It no more states that you’ve arrived as a legitimate contender than you did and you win by three or a touchdown. If Glendora dominated Upland, ok. But they didn’t. The key is can they continue to compete with the rest of the teams on their schedule? They still have a rejuvenated Etiwanda team on their calendar and solid Los Osos squad.

            All of these schools are into the meat of their schedule. Even if Glendora comes out with two losses or three, they’ve done well. But just because they beat Upland, whose got a truckload of issues, it’s not time to ring the dinner bell cause their done.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Glendora won, But I feel more like Upland lost it. I am sure they thought they would roll teams because of all that talent, but they are not playing together right now. However, they will make the playoffs, and all it takes is one night for a team to play together and you lose….You can call upland a failure, if they lose their first round game..

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            That’s what I was told. They had WRs dropping passes and missed a couple of chip shot field goals. They were certainly capable of winning, but didn’t. But you touched on it today and I’ve touched on it before, Upland has issues. A lot of them and that includes Salter himself.

          • AMAT 73

            If Glendora holds on to the ball ( no turnovers ) they have a good chance of getting the W . Winning builds confidence in your team so they have that going for them and they been playing solid football . I think the game hangs on turnovers and who has less at the end . You can’t give RC a short field .

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Totally agree!

          • AMAT 73

            Upland is not the team you think they are . A lot of internal problems and there are rumblings on Salter . Don’t think they will have it together this season .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Maybe, but until the playoffs are over, I would still be concerned about playing them in the 1st round…

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            If there was ever a year where Salter is vulnerable, this is it.

  • FredJ

    Look, Glendora’s got a chance … a good chance.

    • Dustin ohara

      I agree amen


      Believe Fred, he knows what he’s talking about.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That chance evaporated pretty quickly.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Everyone has a chance. People need be chillin on the anti Glendora stuff. Da program been in the the dumps last 2-3 years. Good to see them getting a little love for doing well…..even if it be short lived

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Getting some stability at head coach helped! But I’m guessing that glass slipper gets broken tonight.

      I’m prepared to be shocked :-)

    • Dustin ohara

      Yea it’s been awhile since we been this good hint haven’t been undefeated since 1989 at this point of the season


    Have fun tonight AzusA! Good luck Coach Scherf! Also, hope you get the~ W~ GLENDORA and i’m rooting for the TARTANS!

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Glendora looks to have a stud QB and he has the ship running smooth. Can you Imagine 2 more years of that kid…The question is how much better is Rancho than Upland? Despite Upland losing a few games, they are similar type teams. I don’t think Glendora get’s the win, but if they do, you can seriously think Semi’s. The one thing about football, is that it’s so hard to go 10-0. The chances of you losing are greater than going undefeated. Someone loses their 0 tonight. I Personally want to see Glendora win this one. That would mean the SGV will have a strong presence in the Inland playoffs and Glendora would be the proverbial “Cinderella”. But if they beat Rancho and Upland the are a real threat… This is for a top 4 seed tonight.

    1 Corona Centennial
    2. Chino hills
    3. Vista Murrieta
    4. Glendora/Rancho

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I like that list, but I’m hoping we’ve turned the corner on our season. We hurt ourselves in our two loses, but we played well against Norco.

      At this stage, I’d probably put Vista at the one, Rancho at the two and Chino Hills at the three. I’d put us at the four strictly because of our two loses. The only flip is if Glendora beats Rancho handily mind you. Then I’d probably move Glendora to the three (only because of the strength of schedule thus far), Chino Hills to the two (stronger schedule) and keep Vista at the one. I’d keep us at the four.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Look at who centennial lost too…Vista only played one team of that Calibur and they lost too. I would give the defending champs the nod..Vista starting a new QB and is going to have a mishap somewhere down the line in the playoffs. You are right, Rancho Beat BA and Chino Hills lost to BA.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Normally I would give us the nod as well. But you gotta take the hit with two losses. I know there’s talk of “quality losses” but I don’t subscribe to that school of thought. A loss is a loss. We have two and Vista has one.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            yeah, but CC puts it on the line every season, playing the best of the best…When it comes to newspaper rankings you may go with that idea, but when you are talking about playoff seedings, you go with who’s the best team… Centennial is the best team in my opinion.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            I won’t argue that point. 😉

    • inlandfootball

      Vista Murrieta

      This is your final four come semi finals

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        Santiago in place of Norco. They will beat them again this year…3rd year in a row.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Well you slit your throat on this one . You know you should have jumped CH over AMAT in the rankings but you set precedence by saying that AMAT beat them so you couldn’t move them over AMAT . You moved up a 6-0 Glendora based on what ???? but you hold down other undefeated teams in the bottom ten . So now CO knocks off CH , Glendora lost but you can’t put CO at #1 because they lost to AMAT . You can’t use that AMAT didn’t play , you can’t say that tonight’s win was a bigger win then Glendora over Upland because AMAT still beat CO . You should have just done the right thing last week and moved CH up to #1 because even though AMAT beat them AMAT lost last week and # 2 CH won . There has to be a reward for that if you want these rankings to mean anything in the SGV. AMAT just can’t be # 1 because they are AMAT and play in the PAC-5 . CO deserves the number #1 ranking this week but you’ve set the precedent so I think if you want any credibility to these rankings , we see CO at # 1 and DR at # 2 because both had the biggest wins to date in the SGV then AMAT at #3 because we did beat CH . The question is , now where do you put Glendora , because after all AMAT lost to RC so Glendora should hold number #1 because CO lost to AMAT and Glendora ,and you can’t penalize AMAT for having a bye and move them down ,but you can’t anyway because they beat both CO and CH .So maybe CO moves to #3, DB to #4 and Glendora stays at # 1, AMAT# 2 . Man Fred , you’ve dug quite a hole for yourself this week to justify the rankings you come up with .

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Wow! That was a mouthful.

      I knew the Sierra League was not that great this year and it would be no real prize but my goodness, I didn’t think it was dreadful…until tonight.

      Definitely one and done for the Sierra’s Champion and 2nd place teams, and there will be NO 3rd. place Sierra League making an appearance in the playoffs coin toss or not.

      Looking forward to the Chino Hills vs. Ayala game next week, should be exciting… at least as far as Chino Hills residents go it will be exciting.

      • AMAT 73

        Don’t sell CO short this year .I was telling SGV FOOTBALL they are a good solid team .They proved that to themselves by beating Los Osos . Despite GP’s death sentence based on the talent pipeline is dry , CO gets ballers and they coach them up .Both schools played AMAT and CO was the better team in my opinion .CH is good also so don’t count them out either , after that the drop is deep . CO made mistakes but you could see they would get it right and they had the players . They might make some noise in the playoffs this year , maybe not according to my buddy GP, but to me , I think so . I just want to hear GP explain this game .
        You know I’m just tired of these nonsense rankings, and having a bye , I took advantage of enjoying the games , and after some of the wins tonight and loses , these rankings have to reflect it . The Hacienda league is on fire right now . Great SGV football .

        • The stands

          Amat goes back to #1 because Glendora’s strength of schedule just doesn’t measure up to that of BA; and BA beat CH and CO outright. These rankings shouldn’t be this complicated. If the Trib is looking for reasons to knock BA off of the top for the sake of parity then they ought not include BA in the rankings.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Not selling C-NO short per se, I just do not see the Sierra Champion getting an even remotely favorable pairing in playoffs. CIF-SS’s job is to weed out the bad teams early, and there is not a Sierra League team that looks good enough to make any noise in any way shape or form in the playoffs, so as a consequence they will inevitably fade some form of gridiron nastiness yet unseen by either C-NO or CH this year.

          • Inland_FB_Fan

            Name a team in the CBL that is better than CH or CO? CH beat the #2 team in the Southwestern league….That is the only way the Sierra will get a decent draw is because the Inland is weak this year.

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        3 teams are assured playoff bids for each league and there is one at – large berth from the division. I agree, the Sierra league will be one and done in the playoffs. The only thing that might work in their favor is that the baseline (besides rancho), the southwest (besides vista) & CBL leagues all suck.

      • MonkeyWrench

        Out of yo mind your such a dumb azz dont even know the playoff format and you want people on the blog to be taking you serious. Beat it fool.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Just got home from the Charter Oak vs Chino Hills game. Before I run thru that game, the Glendora glass slipper broke before midnight.

    My hats off to Charter Oak. They were smartly coached, well prepared and played within themselves. BUT their win, for all they did right, was more about what Chino Hills did wrong.

    After watching this game last year, I was looking forward to seeing what a difference a new defensive coordinator made and the offense with a full year under Matt Bechtel’s stewardship. The defense played a lot better tonight than last year. Lots of positives there. Occasionally the DBs lost outside containment on a few pass plays, but that’s manageable. For the most part, the defense stopped CO’s run plays, but the short underneath routes helped keep their drives alive. That was smart on their part.

    Chino Hills offense on the other hand left a lot to be desired. I would normally never run the bus over a coach in public, unless they flat out deserved it. Tonight is one of them so give me a second to get the bus in gear. My personal assessment, as well as a dozen more people sitting near me was the play calling was out of rhythm. Underneath routes for CH were open more than they were not. The middle of the field was open and ripe for the taking early in the game because CO as bringing pressure up the middle. When CH tried to go big, CO went big and COs bigs won. Not all the time, just enough some of the time to make it frustrating. Normally Bechtel calls plays like a gunslinger. Tonight he was playing poker against a poker player.

    Again CO played a smart game and by doing so, they won. They took what CH gave them.

  • Valley Athletics

    The diamond bAr and D ranch game fight could have big consequences . Last year little fight between Amats darren Andrews and charter oaks Garcia led to a one game suspension .in baseball like Steve R mentioned . St. Paul and cathedral had to forfeit the game they played , so they both got losses and the whole team got suspended for a game for clearing the benches . No punches where thrown and punishment was given .going to change things if forfeits occur

  • brad mill

    Officials did a horrible job at the DBar vs DRanch game. Once ranch went up by 14 the game was pretty much over, but that is when the wolfing and taunting began in earnest. On DBar’s kick return three flags were thrown and all five officials gathered at the ten to discuss the play. None of them watched the players. DRanch’s defense came on the field and waited at the thirty. Some of them turned and standing on the hash mark by DBar’s sideline began to taunt them. I’m not saying the Brahma players had no part of it, but if at least one official had stayed focused on the players on the field or they had told DRanch to return to their sideline until the discussion was over I don’t think the fight would have happened. I am a DBar fan and will never like Roddy or his “program” and I’m not going to list my reasons why, but you knew as long as it was close…no problem…as soon as they scored on the Peterson fumbles the taunting began. Three (really two actual and one shoulda coulda) turn overs were the key to this game and as usual DBar was on the short end…the first: DBar up 20-17 and a pass is thrown straight to a DBar corner with no one around and he dropped it. If he makes the catch it’s 27-17 DBar and who knows from there. The second (real) was the Peterson fumble in the end zone. Tyler Brow was out on first and second downs with cramps so Maine decided to throw from his own one. Blitz on third and sack and fumble…essentially ball game. The third..Dbar is moving the ball and Peterson is grabbed by the jersey (stopping what could have been a huge gain) and fumbles on a carry that would have brought first and ten. Oh well…back to the Sierra league and we can take DRanch off our schedule.

    • SGV 4 30 Years


      This fight was an ugly scene and a horrible black eye for both schools. I wasn’t at the game but I’ve talked to a couple of people who were, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. It all stems from one thing, lack of discipline and class on the part of both teams. Both teams have a history of trash talk, dirty play, and penalties. The only question here is how many players will get suspended. Any player who left the sideline or threw a punch will get one game. You have issues with Roddy?Maybe you should look at Maine and his staff. They are quickly becoming the new Roddy. Diamond Bar has a history of being less than gracious hosts to visiting teams. Remember 2 years ago when they wouldn’t allow DR to use the visitors team room?Remember this, DB didn’t “choose” to leave the league next year. The problems with both of these schools is leadership from the top down. They both put winning ahead of dealing with the knuckleheads. I will take fundamentals over flash any day of the week.

      SGV430 OUUUUTTT!!!!!

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Dirty Ranch… living up to the moniker.

      • Spectator

        Sounds like a personal problem you have with Roddy Brad, like sgv430 says the DB coaching staff isn’t any better, for adult coaches to be talking trash to the players before the game even began, shows the lack of class DB has, DR has beaten them with dignity several times in a row! Nothing new! DB needs to get a grip and stop their dirty sucker punching antics that they display and stop being sore losers!! Quite interesting DB had the same problem with Los Altos the week before!! So the fact that officials didn’t do their job, neither did the coaching staff?? Look at the film, when do you ever see parents jumping the fence to get on the field?? How insane is that??? DR parents would never be allowed to do that?? Plus they have more class than that anyway!
        Who’s really the dirty ones?? Outta YourMindTrib look before you leap you obviously haven’t seen the film in its entirety….

        • FootballFan

          Watch the whole game film – who was called for dirty plays the most – DR. Ref’s missed a lot of things that had they controlled in the first place the fight wouldn’t have happened. Oh and did you see the DR coach throw a helmet at DB coach – nice!

  • charger parent

    just a little info on something everyone is over looking, CO’s D is really good. young at some spots, but good and getting better each week. held high scoring CH to 17, should have been 10 questionable ruffing kicker kept drive alive. glendora had less than 100 yrds TOTAL offense, don’t count CO out of the inland. offense getting better and D wins championships, prevost hands down D POY

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      There was nothing questionable about the roughing the kicker call. It was pretty obvious, just like the two pass interference calls that weren’t called. One was right in front of the refs face on Charter Oaks sideline on a pass to No. 2. The other was on a pass to No. 5.

      Neither are excuses for why CH lost. Lack of blocking, poor play calling selection, and overall execution by their offense. Again, hats off to Charter Oak for playing a smartly coached game.

  • jstafan

    CO deserved that win. They figured out what all others haven’t. They figured out CH can’t throw. Stop the run game and you are a winner! Not brain surgery folks. When they do pass it’s to #5 or #2.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      I’ve been saying since last spring, THEY DO NOT HAVE A REAL QB IN THEIR SYSTEM!!!. Maybe it’s a surprise to everyone else but not to me. That position is DRY in this city on down to JAA.

      What CH has is a decent player that could not compete at his home school for the job. REAL QB’s DO NOT play defense.

      • jstafan

        Thought he HAD the job at colony? Didn’t like the kind folk down there?

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Or was going get beat out by an up and comer.

    • Inland_FB_Fan

      CH can throw, it is just that they made too many mistakes and CO took advantage of them. These were 2 evenly matched teams but CO made the bigger plays. CH didn’t have an Answer to CO’s #4.

      • patriot_dmo@yahoo.com

        CO won on purpose. Ha!

  • reality

    The trash talk started before the opening whistle by adult coaches that are supposed to be educators. One was so hyped up I would of bet he was on something. When your team see’s their adults acting crazy then they rightly assume it’s okay for them to. If punishment is handed down I hope CIF takes that into consideration. If they don’t the Districts should Don’t just suspend players when the adults that are supposed to be teachers are egging them on in some sort of gang mentality. This situation was a heartbeat from being a total disaster. .

  • Southeast follower

    Here is my take on this terrible display of High School Football.

    The build up on this game by local media was too much. Including have Fox Preps streaming this game. NO PLAYOFFs should be covered.

    Both of these teams have D! prospects that should have done something to quash the incidents of bad sportsmanship….Do you want these kids on your campus. Not going to mention names. Recruiters should check out social media accounts of players and so should coaches. Does CHARACTER count anymore.

    Coaches love the hype of their teams and do not discipline teams and their assistant coaches.

    Let’s see what the HS administrators do prior to CIF investigation.
    I would have them forfeit the game, suspend all players that threw a punch out for two games, and those that ran on the field one game. Any coaches that were involved should be fired. The refs get evaluated on whether they should have done more to control game ( Don’t know if anything was said to coaches after their pre game activity)

    I would also consider a ban on this year on any home playoff games…Does a visiting team want to deal with this type of environment that is foster the players home and High school.

    Sorry to be so harsh but a message needs to be sent to High School football otherwise things will get worst in the area.


    CO started slow but was getting progressively better each week. Too bad they kept making mistakes but they finally put it together.

    3 weeks ago I made a comment about CO beating CH Fred and Aram at the time had no faith. I said that CO would shake up the rankings and bypass a lot of teams in the process.

    So I want to hear all the CO haters (Mostly Monrovia fans) that said we only beat good teams with transfer and recruits. We came to the Sierra and dominated the champ 3 out of 4 years. Coaching is key, that’s why BA and CO are always at the top at the end of the year.

    I feel bad for the Southeast next year.

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