CIF Football Polls: Six area teams ranked in Mid-Valley top Ten; Charter Oak not ranked in Inland

1. St. John Bosco (7-0), 2. Mission Viejo (7-0), 3. Mater Dei (7-0), 4. Long Beach Poly (7-1), 5. Oaks Christian (6-1), 6. Servite (4-3), 7. Orange Lutheran (6-1), 8t. Alemany (6-2), 8t. Westlake (6-2), 10. Tesoro (6-1).

1. Rancho Cucamonga (7-0), 2. Vista Murrieta (6-1), 3. Corona Centennail (5-2), 4. Corona Santiago (4-3), 5. Norco (4-3), 6. Murrieta Valley (5-2), 7. Chino Hills (5-2), 8. Great Oak (4-3), 9. Glendora (6-1), 10. Upland (4-3).

1. Norwalk (7-0), 2. Diamond Ranch (6-1), 3. Downey (4-3), 4. La Serna (5-2), 5. Los Altos (6-1), 6. Muir (6-1), 7. Crescenta Valley (6-1), 8. Dominguez (5-2), 9. Santa Fe (4-3), 10. Bonita (5-2).

1. Monrovia (6-1), 2. Arroyo (6-1), 3. Viewpoint (7-1), 4. San Marino (6-1), 5. Pomona (7-0), 6. San Dimas (4-4), 7. Paraclete (3-4), 8. Northview (5-2), 9. Rosemead (6-1), 10. Baldwin Park (6-1).

1. Bishop Diego (7-0), 2. Oak Park (7-1), 3. Carpinteria (6-1), 4. La Salle (5-2), 5. Nordhoff (6-1), 6. Maranatha (6-2), 7. El Segundo (4-3), 8. North Torrance (4-3), 9. Azusa (5-2), 10. Whittier Christian (4-3).

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  • Conq ’76

    Yep, seeing a team you just beat ranked ahead of you has gotta have you questioning the veracity of the polling criteria…

    • Wells

      That is true. However, the guidelines for seeding teams in playoffs takes league rank first. If Charter Oak remains ahead of Chino Hills in the Sierra League order of finish, they must be seeded higher come playoff time.

      • Conq ’76

        Yeah, polls are for fun and conversation….where you finish in league makes the difference come playoff time…

        • Inland_FB_Fan

          Very true, but rankings will help with getting a higher seed for the draw.

          • Conq ’76

            Yep, and if CO runs the table, they could possibly be a 4 seed, …possibly…:0

  • inlandfootball

    So who in the Inland top ten would you move Charter Oak ahead of?

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      You kind of HAVE to move C-No in front of CH. Head to head needs to mean something.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        CO doesn’t have winning record. The head to head was a great upset…but maybe they are basing this ranking on overall body of work. As you can see in the Pac 5 Poly is ranked and Servite is not ranked, and they beat poly. I think going into week 10 if CO wins the Sierra, they will be ranked 10 going into playoffs. Remember Upland and Rancho still play in Week 10.

        • Dustin ohara

          I hope upland beats rancho n shakes the league title up

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            I’d love to see that purely for the havoc it could cause.

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        Your reasoning does make sense, but Chino Hills beat ranked Great Oak and pac5 ranked Tesoro and Charter Oak lost to non ranked Inland team Roosevelt and ranked Glendora…it does get complicated.

        • inlandfootball

          I agree with the overall body of work should matter. Yes CO beat CH head to head, but CO is still sub 500. Even if they win the Sierra, that still might not be enough to get them ranked, league is overall pretty weak.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Maybe there’s some Sabermetrics in there just to FSU.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I think the reason CO isn’t listed is it’s based on strength of schedule. If we balance the two, CH has more signature wins that CO, even though CO beat CH.

      My best guess.

  • blue

    Azusa needs some more respect in that division! They put down maranatha. Pretty much controlled the whole game. Azusa is a very underated team


      Right on BLUE and AZUSA continues to head in the right direction! Great job Coach Scherf making the List!

  • Dustin ohara

    Wish Pomona was higher muir deserves be up there with Dranch glendora lower than chino hills who lost charter oak and glendora beat it is what it is oh well I guess

    • Let Them Play

      Pomona hasn’t played anyone, their schedule is softer than (insert joke here). Maxpreps has their strength of schedule as a -16. With the suspensions sure to come down after their fight, they have a battle on their hands against a BP team looking to stay in the playoff race. The VVL still runs through SD.