Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Charter Oak boys have become the men of October; Bishop Amat back to No. 1

1. Bishop Amat (5-2) – The Lancers move back to No. 1 following the bye week thanks to Glendora and Chino Hills’ losses. Amat can prove it deserves the No. 1 spot by finally beating Alemany on Friday, a game it has to have if it has any hopes of winning the Serra.
2. Glendora (6-1) — The Tartans’ stay at No. 1 was brief after last week’s thorough defeat by undefeated Rancho Cucamonga. But the Tartans, who lost their first game, only drop one spot. They have to continue to prove they belong starting with Etiwanda next.
3. Charter Oak (3-4) — The Boys of September have become the Men of October with three straight impressive wins after starting 0-4. The Chargers defeated Los Osos, Damien, Chino Hills and are 2-0 in the Sierra League.
4. Chino Hills (5-2) — Perhaps nobody (except I) saw the Huskies’ loss coming against Charter Oak and now they have to regroup to stay in contention for the league title should Charter Oak stumble along the way.
5. Diamond Ranch (6-1) – The Southeast Division’s second ranked team will find out if there are any punishments following Friday’s brawl with Diamond Bar. But the Panthers still got the win, 34-20, and are in great position to win Hacienda.
6. Los Altos (6-1) – Except for its only loss to Diamond Ranch, the Conquerors have been great and should get another win this week vs. Walnut before finishing with Bonita and West Covina — two toughies to end the regular season.
7. Bonita (5-2) — The Bearcats return from a bye week to host West Covina. ‘Cats running back Jake Payton used the week off to take a recruiting visit to Purdue.
8. Arroyo (6-1) – The Knights could find Mountain View difficult this week, but the Knights should get the win and probably won’t have another tough game until the finale against Rosemead.
9. Diamond Bar (5-3) — For the past few years the theme at Diamond Bar is it doesn’t win the big games. And once again, it lost another biggie at home to Diamond Ranch. Now you have to wonder if it will finish strong enough to make the playoffs.
10. San Dimas (4-3) — The Saints are so dominant in the Valle Vista they’re averaging 50 points a game and winning by a 43-point margin. That, my friends, is ridiculous.
The Rest: 11. Pomona (7-0); 12. Damien (3-4); 13. South Hills (3-4); 14. Ayala (3-4); 15. Baldwin Park (6-1); 16. Rosemead (6-1); 17. West Covina (7-4); 18. Azusa (5-2); 19. Northview (5-2); 20. Bassett (4-3); 21. La Puente (5-2); 22. Duarte (3-4); 23. Claremont (1-6); 24. Covina (3-5); 25. Mountain View (3-4); 26. Walnut (2-5), 27. Rowland (2-6); 28. South El Monte (2-5); 29. Sierra Vista (2-5); 30. Nogales (2-5); 31. Gladstone (2-5); 32. El Monte (1-6); 33. Ganesha (2-5), 34. Wilson (1-7); 35. Workman (2-5).

TRIBUNE LEADERS (as reported by Maxpreps)
1. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 2,107 yards, 20 TDs.
2. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 2,074 yards, 13 TDs
3. Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, 1,952 yards, 17 TDs
4. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 1,618 yards, 17 TDS.
5. Jacob Tovar, La Puente, 1,570 yards, 13 TDs
6. Daniel Martinez, Chino Hills, 1,200 yards, 10 TDS
7. Adrian Cuevas, El Monte, 1,186 yards, 8 TDs
8. Brian Meyette, Ayala, 1,174 yards, 10 TDs
9. Tyler Peterson, Diamond Bar, 1,161 yards, 10 TDs
10. Matt Fink, Glendora, 1,106 yards, 8 TDs
1. Donavon Davis, Ganesha, 1,384 yards, 19 TDS
2. Justin Torres, Sierra Vista, 1,235 yards, 10 TDs
3. Pearnell Smalley IV, Covina, 915 yards, 15 TDs
4. Cecil Fleming, Claremont, 866 yards, 9 TDs
6. Marcos Lopez, South El Monte, 844 yards, 11 TDs
7. Cameron Blackburn, Azusa, 822 yards, 5 TDs
8. Alex Salgado, Workman, 794 yards, 9 TDs
9. Jake Payton, Bonita, 754 yards, 10 TDs
10. Will Bryan, Diamond Ranch, 752 yards, 6 TDs
1. Jose Ochoa, La Puente, 963 yards, 12 TDS
2. Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, 920 yards, 7 TDs
3. Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park, 747 yards, 8 TDs
4. Raymen Baraza, Baldwin Park, 7171 yards, 6 TDs
5. Zion Echols, Charter Oak, 691 yards, 7 TDs
6. Nico Lozano, Arroyo, 673 yards, 8 TDs
7. Roy Barrajas, El Monte, 611 yards, 2 TDs
8. Eric Ruff, Bassett, 581 yards, 4 TDs
9. Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, 515 yards, 3 TDs
10. Donovan Walker, Chino Hills, 487 yards, 2 TDs

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  • Jefe

    Which Alemany team shows up to play at Kiefer Friday night? The team has been a bit of a mystery this season. They looked so good at the start and then sputtered and looked VERY average against Norco & Loyola. If the Warrior offense is firing on all cylinders, it will present a very big challenge to the Amat defense. However, I think Amat has the edge at Kiefer.

    • JoBlo

      In Other News Kurt Scoby has committed to the Fresno State Bulldogs

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        This will be a great school for him….

        • JoBlo

          Ya I just wonder why he chose them over bigger schools? Maybe he’s just trying to stay closer to home.

          • MonkeyWrench

            Not many school do it but FSU be taking….Academic non-qualifiers, commonly referred to as “Prop 48” or “props,” are students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements set by the NCAA to be eligible for scholarship or competition as true freshmen. Non-qualifiers are not allowed to participate or receive athletic aid in their first year of college. They may be admitted as students and after satisfactorily meeting academic requirements in their second year. There be a few other loop holes as well like gaming the summer school and disability stuff.

        • MonkeyWrench

          I said dis before and no one believed me. FSU is one of da top schools in da country for taking in kids with acedemic handicaps. He gonna kill it up dare.

          • JoBlo

            you aint wrong about that bro. Now this is only a verbal, but if this is were he stays then I’m thoroughly happy. He can be the next Ryan Matthews

        • Not Since 1995

          At GP aka Division 11.5 Champ

          How is Fresno State a great school…dumb a$$…?

          When was the last time Fresno State won an academic award of any kind…?

          How many Rhode Scholars do the Bulldogs have…? Pulitzers Prizes…? Nobel Prizes…? Exactly…!

          What’s the acceptance rate at Fresno State? 95%…? What’s the Graduation rate…? 22% after 4 years…!

          How is this a great school for any kid…?

          By the way, St. Francis wants to know “How does my a$$ taste”?


  • warrior fan

    Fred you should really considering reading what Amat 73 wrote your way of ranking is all over the place. TERRIBLE

    • FredJ

      I happen to think it’s very accurate. Lets see your Trib top ten and compare.

      • warrior fan

        1) Glendora holds the top spot only loss to the same team as the usual top position holde in BA
        2)BA idle last week but has beaten CH and CO
        3)DRanch with wins over Los Altos whos 6-1 and DBar whos 5-3
        4)Los Altos only loss to DRanch
        7)Bonita only ahead of Arroyo due to Arroyo VERY WEAK SCHEDULE but did play 4th ranked Los Altos close
        8)Arroyo 6-1 played 4th rank Bonita very close
        10) San Dimas

        I did my best im sure you can find loop holes in my ranking but im sure mines is a bit better than yours BA was idled and should not had moved above Glendora when they both has lost to the same teams and Glendora has played a pretty nice schedule

      • AMAT 73

        Totally inaccurate in my opinion cue to lasts weeks horrible rankings .
        1. CO due to biggest win of the week out weighs Glendora’s biggest loss of the week
        2. DR second biggest win of the week
        3. Glendora biggest loss of the week but lost to same team as AMAT so why do they fall below or AMAT because Glendora lost bigger to RC then AMAT ????
        4. AMAT idle so how can you move when they have beaten CO and CH
        5. Los Altos just because they won
        6. CH lost to CO and climb any higher because everyone but DR has beat them above .


    Hey Fred you have WESCO at 7-4?


    Fred one more thing, how about changing the photo on the guy trying to kiss Lou on the Cheek? LOL… I mean how old is this now, you cant get a better picture?

  • Conq ’76

    Does LA submit its numbers or is this a #6 team without any individual player in the top ten in any category?

  • inlandfootball

    So does those numbers show that San Dimas needs to be moved out of the Valle Vista ?

  • Not Since 1995

    Yo Opino:

    1. Charter Oak (3-4)

    2. Chino Hills (5-2)

    3. Glendora (6-1)

    4. Diamond Ranch (6-1)

    5. Los Altos (6-1)

    6. Bonita (5-2)

    7. Arroyo (6-1)

    8. Diamond Bar (5-3)

    9. Bishop AmNOT (5-3)

    10. San Dimas (4-3)

    You can argue all you want, but we all know that the Lanceritos could easily be
    3-3. More definitely, we all know that they will not be able to hang with Coach Thomas. They will get their a$$es handed to them.

    Thanksgiving dinner…here we come…!

    Not in 2013….


      Hey TUNA breath, what about the rest of the teams? You stopped at ten?

      • Not Since 1995

        Hey AlDavis’ bitch, here are the rest: 11. Pomona (7-0); 12. Damien (3-4); 13. South Hills (3-4); 14. Ayala (3-4); 15. Baldwin Park (6-1); 16. Rosemead (6-1); 17. West Covina (7-4); 18. Workman; 19. Northview (5-2); 20. Bassett (4-3); 21. La
        Puente (5-2); 22. Duarte (3-4); 23. Claremont (1-6); 24. Covina (3-5); 25. Mountain View (3-4); 26. Walnut (2-5), 27. Rowland (2-6); 28. South El Monte (2-5); 29. Sierra Vista (2-5); 30. Nogales (2-5); 31. Gladstone (2-5); 32. El Monte (1-6); 33. Ganesha (2-5), 34. Wilson (1-7); 35. (2-5).Azusa (5-2).

        You Happy Now….?

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Ummmmm, actually Irwindale was Al Davis’s bitch, not Azusa.

          Carry on. (snicker)

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            I’m reporting 19.dollars and 95 cents to Fred as a blogger bully…. I believe they’re trying to put a stop to that type of behavior! LOL…Tough guy on the keys! hahahahah…

        • AZTEC PRIDE

          Come on… , not everybody in AzusA likes the Raiders! LOL…. I’m a LOS ANGEL’S RAMS FAN! You have AZUSA at #35??? LOL…Thanks for the laugh!

  • SEMflockofEAGLES

    Fred, going over the rushing leader board…where is Scoby’s stats? How is he not on the leader board?

  • SEMflockofEAGLES

    Where is Scoby’s stats on the rushing leader board? Is he not one of the areas leading backs?

    • Conq ’76

      Monrovia is not in this group of East San Gabriel Teams….the 35 teams listed above are the teams and individuals who all under the purview of these rankings…