Cordell Broadus, the son of Snoop Dogg, among those expected to be suspended for Diamond Bar following brawl

cordellbroadusStory: Both the Diamond Bar and Diamond Ranch high school football teams are expected to see a considerable number of players handed one-game suspensions for their roles in a brawl that marred the end of last week’s game between the two rival schools. Sources say that Diamond Bar could lose as many 20 or more players for its next game, which is on Nov. 1 against Rowland. The Brahmas have a bye this week. Among those expected to be suspended is standout wide receiver Cordell Broadus, who is the son of rapper Snoop Dogg.
Diamond Ranch is not expected to have as many players suspended, but still a significant amount. Official numbers won’t be known until today when the CIF-Southern Section office is expected to put out a release with its ruling.

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  • 12th man

    Will D-1 schools be interested in players who cause conflict & could be a reflection to the program? A better question will be can this affect his recruiting process?

    • PatrickHT

      Shut it down dude! He whom you are referrring to does NOT have a history of fights or trouble! Dont attempt to slander a kid whom you know nothing about!

      • 12th man

        If you’re having a problem with “names” you are addressing the wrong person..I didn’t publish the story nor did I mention any names..All I did was ask some legitimate questions which i’m sure will come up rather sooner than later..No slandering involved…best way to stay out of the media or the public eye in any type of negative situation is not to put yourself there in the first place~

        • PatrickHT

          You and I both know who you were addressing it too!

          • socalspeed

            PatrickHT, if anybody needs to “shut it down”, its you. You have been on these blogs all week trying to protect DB with your biased rants. Now to the point where you are becoming redundant and annoying! ITS OVER!!! If you have any love for DB or the kid/kids u have been grandstanding for, you would stop. The more you throw up all over youself on these blogs, the more you make the program and kids look bad. Move on to week 8. Enjoy your 2 weeks off of football and relish in Diamond Bars newly aquired athletes!

      • Nomoredrama

        Unfortunately, he does now, thanks to poor judgement and game video.

        • Joey C

          Amen… he should be out for rest of the season. Hes overrated like his dad says

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        “He whom you are referring to” DOES have a name, and it just so happens to be in the headline. His name is Cordell Broadus, son of Calvin Broadus. So what. He was involved in an on field altercation with an opposing team’s player. Deal with it.

        “Shut it down”. Oooooohhhhhhh. Big man with a keyboard. My mouse just peed itself.

        The word you are looking for is “libel”. You should try using a dictionary some time. And no, there’s no libel here. The video backs up the act spoken of.

        ROFLMFAO… maroon.

        • PatrickHT

          Its obvious you dont have kids, cause if you did they should be taken away , ! 2nd i wasnt talking to you! So keep it pushing !

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Actually I have productive adult children and 4 grandchildren son.

            What is “… keep it pushing !”? Some sort of big-man with a keyboard thing?

          • PatrickHT

            Nevermind, you obviously dont get around much!

          • Joey C

            You’re a tool

          • PatrickHT

            I got your tool!!

          • Joey C


      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Does HT mean Head Trauma?

        Hey… It’s a legit question.

        • Nomoredrama

          Hahahaha! Lmao

        • PatrickHT

          Juvenile humor!

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            I just asked because you don’t seem right in the head.

            Don’t like kids getting bad ink? If they stay on the sidelines during brawls, and don’t get involved, they won;t get the bad ink. It’s not rocket science.

    • Lupe

      Two legit questions,…. man someone has thin skin.

      i’ll answer, MOST colleges will take any kid that will get’em W’s.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        PAPER thin.

  • Jess Ramos

    last week has been crazy with these fights, refs gots to be on top of their A game to prevent it and coaches to if they see it,they too must control there players its a game its not about a player its a team, wanna fight put it it on the score board be the better man a leader.

  • wormseyeview

    Interesting that Pomona Adm. doesn’t wait for CIF while DB & DR Adm. sit on their thumbs

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Why is it that over and over again Snoop Dogg’s name gets dragged into this. Was he one of the DB people that charged on the field? How many other parents names get thrown out there? In this whole fight thing I think the reality is that the players that came onto the field should get suspended for one game by CIF. Broadus and anyone else who threw a punch, needs to get a more severe consequence. Punching someone who has their back turned seems like the ultimate cheap shot. I think that whatever CIF decides to do, the schools should take whatever the penalty is and add one game, or suspend them for the rest of the season. Both administrations have to do some serious damage control. There are many parents of potential students keeping a close eye on this situation and how it gets handled or mis-handled. I for one would never allow one of my sons to step on the field for either one of these programs. The true benefactor of this black eye may end up being Walnut. I can already see them at SouthPoint showing them video clips of the “Battle of the Diamonds”. Word on the street is that some DB have already started the ball rolling to leave. Their Maine reason is …………………the program is out of control.

    SGV430 OUUTTTT!!!

    • Gamer

      You know sgv430 I hear the venom in your posts for db. You o not know all the behind the good work that db staff and players do for the community. I have youngster at a elementary school and they had a program where they read o the kids each week and help in other areas.
      You sit behind a computer and criticize people that you really know nothing about.
      I agree with the posts someone else wrote .go do something productive with your life and look into yourself before you throw so many stones. You must be a very insecure man

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      What do you want Blood? A one game suspension for Dbar which is now a bubble playoff team is enough. Not to mention what fire the administration is going to lay down on the staff….is even worse. Dranch Also is taking a ding too. Suspending everyone for the rest of the season is way too Harsh. These kids had on equipment, did someone get their jaw broken or something? Football is a high strung sport, where you hit people. There have been plenty of fights in pop warner, high school and the pro’s. There will be plenty of more as well. This is a great time to teach here, not ruin lives. I am sure all these kids feel embarrassed, and are hurting because they can’t play next week. Why do you want people suspended for the rest of the season, which includes playoffs? Dbar will be 2-3 after this which puts them in a strange place…and Dranch will have a loss…If they lose one of the remaining games, they would have 2 losses, and could go from the # 2 seed to not being seeding at all. Don’t think that Cif will give them any breaks come seeding time after this. It’s going to be a hard road. This fight changes the picture in the south east…we may look back at this fight and Say that DR blew a great season…which could have been a great run.

    • Leo Tolstoy

      This is suspect at best. Both school’s communities have their niche and appreciate the inherent differences in each campus and attend said schools accordingly. Players and parents love and admire Coach Layton and how much effort and energy his puts into the program. DB has a very distinct academic reputation but their program is known for its whiny and finicky parents who start each season with tremendous enthusiasm but wane at end with a chorus of finger pointing that ultimately sinks their teams. That said, neither program will be hurt or benefit from this incident. Maine by all accounts is a stand up DB alumni who wants nothing more than to return his alma mater to former glory, so let’s cut each coach some lack here and agree that boys will be boys and move on.

  • Stormy

    Rather than test him…rather than letting him take the field and run with players who he was meant to run with, you made him settle for this crap.
    Rather than giving him an opportunity to play against the best of the absolute best, you sent him to Diamond Bar. WTF?
    You should have sent him to Bishop Amat. If you wanted to stay in the ghetto you could have at least sent him to the ghetto school that represents and is respected….smacking those OC fools in the face again and again. They don’t hide at home, fool.
    Now your boy is gonna be all over the news…playing and brawling on live TV in a game and in a division that no one in California gives a damn about.
    NIce one, Snoop…Snoop-a-Loop.

    • PatrickHT

      Do you have kids of your own to worry about instead of somebody else’s ? and guess what, he is still getting the looks!

      • Joey C

        Well don’t stick your nose in it, worry about your own kids

        • PatrickHT

          But atleast i know the parties involved

          • Joey C

            so do I

        • PatrickHT

          Furthermore, was i talking to you? NOPE

      • AMAT 73

        By the way he did visit AMAT but I guess is wasn’t for him . You really should not get so riled on people commenting as Fred and Aram feel the young man’s name is a key to getting the hits . Well over 50 and climbing between the two blogs . He is out there as the thread on his comment on the Kiffin firing and the offer from ND . It’s today’s world so if you are going to put yourself out there expect the the same in return . People have their opinion , right or wrong ,but like I say in today’s world it all goes out in public . What happened is sad for both schools , coaching staffs , and players . If they can distiguish who cleared from the bench a suspension is in order and for those who threw punches maybe 2 games , but whatever it is they will be deserved as they did break the rules . And if does affect league standings or playoff hopes , well too bad , that’s the price you pay for bereaking a rule . Maybe they think twice the next time . But I like how you totally disregard the fact that rules were broken , lack of sportsmanship on display was shown , but according to you the bottom line is he’s still getting the looks !!!! The question is now , what kind of looks will they be ???? Here’s a clue for you , when you post on here you’re talking to everyone so get used to all these replies you see directed at you .

    • Frank

      He probably would not of got much playing time at amat. Why do you think they left poly? This fight is good for him it got him mentioned on the blog.