Is running up a score bullying? Parent files “bullying” complaint against high school football coach after 91-0 victory?

I don’t know if a 91-0 score is bullying, but that’s what they’re discussing in Texas after a parent filed a “bullying” complaint against the winning teams coaching staff …

STORY: Aledo ISD administrators say the complaint suggests the coaches should have told players to take it easy on the competition.
“I would never ask our kids not to play hard,” said Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan. “I would never tell them, ‘Go out and let them score.’ That’s not what you want to teach kids.”

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  • The stands

    No it’s not bullying, technically, but running up the score to 91 points does show a lack of class. My question is, why was there such a mismatch? I don’ t know the name of the losing school but I’ll bet an SEC team wants to schedule them for non league play next year. A little levity?

  • Conq ’76

    If what was reported was accurate, (second string subs, running clock, not running back punts), then no, not bullying.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    My response to the crying parent – Tell your son’s team to get better! I am tired of all these candy a$$ed parents complaining because things don’t go little Johnny’s way.

    • Kennedy Bryant


  • Leo Tolstoy

    Losing is part of the game. Winning s part of the game. Deal with it ! That being said the previous year the same two teams played to a 56-0 beating. This year Western Hills has had 50 plus loses, so it’s more the norm than the exception. Maybe the coach should have played the JV team, after half time, as a sign of good faith but then parents would complain that their sons were deprived a full game. Don’t know enough about the situation to comment intelligently but as coaches our decisions set an example, both good and bad, to impressionable minds. I think sideline behavior of the winning team is key as to whether of not this was anything more than one team having a great night and another team being simply outmatched.

  • Wells

    Bullying is the latest issue for people’s complaints. True bullying needs to be ended quickly. However, running up the score does not fall into this category.
    The second and third string players want to score even more since they rarely get as many quality reps as the first string.
    There are many different levels of skill. Teams have, and will, be beaten badly. What the teams does following the defeat is what is important.

  • FredJ

    I file it under the wussification of America .. If you play teams sports, there’s a chance you’re going to get routed. It’s not bullying — you can make an argument for poor sportsmanship, but not bullying. There are serious cases of bullying we read in the news everyday, don’t diminish its importance/seriousness with an example like this.

    • Smith_90125


      So says the gutless idiot sitting on the sidelines, not facing the hits.

    • Kennedy Bryant


  • reality

    A route is tough to watch but did West Covina bully La Serna in 2011 in the title game? I also know of several instances where coaches have declined to have a running clock in the 3rd qtr. when his team was losing by more than 40 at the half here in the sgv, thinking this could be a teaching moment. Most are very critical of such decisions by the head coach.. So barring unknown circumstances this is just one of many bad losses and one of many suffering parents watching their sons get clobbered every Friday night. Thats why winning programs get so many players, so parents can let their kid get a few snaps and be protected by all the other great athletes in the program. .

  • Valley

    Bullying??? are you kidding me. The problem is that coaches need to do a better job coaching. If you are coaching a bad team, you need to be aware you are going to get routed. Most coaches put their 2’s and 3’s in and run basic plays. If you can’t stop that, you deserve what you get. If they are throwing the ball or running counter plays, then that would be a different story.

  • Conq ’76

    I think if a coach deliberately went about kicking a bad team while they were down, a case could be made for “bullying”. However, as Fred has pointed out, we have always labeled that kind of behavior as
    “poor sportsmanship”. I have certainly known grown men who could labeled as bullies, but as it is with most bullies, they only shove around those who cannot defend themselves.

  • 12th man

    It’s part of the game!! Maybe bad sportsmanship if the coach is airing it out to get to 91..but if he’s running the ball & you can’t stop them..It is what it is! Fire the coach who couldn’t prevent the 91 points on the ground lol..Definitely not bullying!

  • Lupe

    Well i’ve got a little inside info on I’ve been to a game @ Aledo high. My nephew played there for 3 years. he has 3 state rings. That coach will leave his starter in and give him carries in the 4th ,up by 30-40. The kid that’s at UT now John Gray broke almost every Rushing record in Texas. He had that kid scoring 8 T.Ds in a Texas State final game when they won 69-34. so it’s tough to argue 3 state titles in a row,…..not bullying, but a bad sport for sure.

    • FredJ

      Lupe, if what you say is true, I sort of blame the Texas High School system. Why are they in a division that allows them to win so easily, even in the playoffs?

      • Saints Parent

        Fred, maybe they are like CIF and the same reason Monrovia is still in the Mid Valley for Football…. ya think maybe. Or does Texas have “Football Only” leagues / divisions which wouldn’t surprise me

  • Joey C

    That’s not bullying but its not classy either

  • Smith_90125

    It wasn’t just bullying, it was stupidity by BOTH coaches. The game should have been called after the first quarter or half time when the score was already out of control. Don’t put the players at any more risk than necessary, especially when the game isn’t competitive.

    Why are games being scheduled between teams with such different talent levels? Teams that have college aspirations should be playing other teams with college aspirations. Teams with players for whom high school is the end of their career should be playing each other.

    What’s wrong with letting kids have fun playing sports when it’s their last year? Or do the idiots of this world “think” that humiliation and beatings are a positive thing for those being humiliated and beaten? Separating teams by talent isn’t “wimping out” or “mothering”.

    How does separatign teams hurt the players who want to play in college? It doesn’t. Or will players only get scholarships by padding their personal stats against inferior competition?