VIDEO OF Wilson, Pomona football brawl … 12 players suspended from Pomona

STORY: Pomona High School announced that it has suspended 12 players for their actions in a brawl last week during the Red Devils’ game against Wilson.
The incident happened on the last play of the first half. A player from Pomona and a player from Wilson got entangled in front of the Wilson bench and soon a brawl ensued. Players from both teams left their respective benches.

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  • SGVSports

    This incident could cost one coach his job. A familiar head coach from the past was seen at district office today, and it wasnt pomona.

    • Carlos

      Gano, gano, Wilson?

  • The stands

    Head coaches at Wilson don’t last very long lately. They haven’t had a decent running back since Gilmore.

  • Gabriel Garcia

    Ive watch this like 12 times my question is even before the play ended the head coach from Wilson ran out there makings it look like there was a fight so that made wilson players clear there sidelines and if u look a wilson coaching staff they are putting there hands on pomona players .. I don’t think its fair to Pomona 12 players for being suspended they clearly weren’t throwing punches they were trying to get there players from underneath the pile from getting stomped out from a host of wildcats wilson clearly started it and there nothing on them such as suspension

  • Jess Ramos

    this really needs to looked over pay attention to the refs on wilsons side line??? really bad call really bad call!!!!! wilsons coach ran out to the field twice that game. again pay attention look at the refs make the play dead again,and how many wilson players got suspended!??? i dont see it??? did the refs get any penalties??? for their lazy calls?? they could of prevented this big time anyone can agree from both sides. you need to review the video and question the refs for their piss poor effort players could of gotten injured or hurt.

  • Parent

    I was at the game and I am a parent of 1 of the 12 players. These are good kids that witnessed there team mates get rushed. You can’t expect anything else from a group of high strung teenagers. They didn’t run out to fight, they ran out to help.This punishment is wrong. Wilson started it and since they are not 7-0. Nothing will happen. The punishement for these 12 boys who wanted to help!!! So not called for. The ones who should be punished- Wilson coach and the refs. Bad call all the way. Someone needs to be punished and I believe they are pointing it to the easiest targets. The kids……
    Pomona best season 7-0. No matter what you are all winners.

    • P-Town

      Parent, don’t worry about it, Aram is being Aram and only stating half the truth. Those 12 players are being suspended because then left their sideline, not for fighting. Wilson’s number is going to be huge, alone with Diamond Bar as stated in the other thread. You have to understand where Aram is coming from, he is a Pomona hater. Their is alot more to this story, that can’t be made public at this time.

  • Saints Parent

    Have seen it and not just this version but real version. If you are going by the letter of the rule over 50% of Wilson team as well as injured players on sideline wearing uniforms should be suspended for 1 game as they all stepped on the field. Sucks for Pomona for sure as they have Baldwin Park this week.
    Real issue is Ref’s. I have seen some of the worst officiating in a long long time this year. In this game in particular, film clearly shows QB from Wilson grabbed Pomona player and threw him to the ground starting the fight. This play was final play of 1st half. OK MR Referee’s, so why was QB under center for the entire 2nd half ??? I know there is probably a shortage of quality Ref’s , but it just seems like they are getting worse every year.

  • SGVSports

    The number coming out of Wilson is 30.

    • SGVSports

      Little more detail.
      30 players suspended from Wilson. Lets see if Aram splashes that all the place like he did with the Pomona numbers.

  • SGVSports

    Sure enough I went to Aram’s blog and he has 19 players from Wilson were suspended. The only problem with his numbers is they don’t add up. He states 19 players suspended leaving only 21 available to play. Wilson had 50 players suited up at the game, so with 19 suspended that would leave 31 players available.
    I got it, ten of the players were JV players so they didn’t count them (haha)