Walnut girls golf coach Cecil Wood says players can make own club selections (on certain holes) when they prove they can beat him.

You can read the entire story, but being a golfer, I thought it was unusual to read about a coach telling players when they can and can’t hit driver depending on what hole they’re playing. I don’t fault the coach for teaching his players how to manage themselves around a golf course. That’s smart. But for me, my driver is the most accurate long club in my bag so I’m not sure he could sell me on this. I’d probably hook my utility club, then I’m blaming coach. But you read the story and decide for yourself. And in any case, the coach is doing a great job with Walnut. Here’s a quote from the story:

STORY: “Our preparation is a little different in that when we play at home on certain holes not any of my players are permitted to hit driver,” Wood said. “Not even in practice. I do not want them to get used to it.
“When we’re ready to go to CIF, we go there and look at the course the night before. I’ll say, ‘On this hole there is no way you’re going to hit that club. You’ll get in trouble with that club.’ We go hole-by-hole.”

This seems like a good thread to share the Fred Robledo trick shot … any questions?

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  • Saints Parent

    Being MORE than just an AVID golfer, I find this ridiculous and extremely over controlling. I know from day to day round to round how I am hitting certain clubs can change. The #1 most important aspect of hitting a golf shot is Confidence and commitment to the shot you are going to hit… OK so maybe that is 2 things. Don’t like this idea, but hey, he is the coach….

    • FredJ

      My first thought is I totally agree … they always say, hit what’s most comfortable. For me, off the tee, I’m most comfortable with a driver. When I try to outsmart myself, I wind up getting myself in more trouble going to a 3 wood or hybrid.

      But I think the message the coach is trying to send is learn how to manage your way around a course.

      • Saints Parent

        In reading that article and looking at some of those young ladies scores, I bet there are a couple of them who get to decide on their own clubs…hahaha some pretty talented golfers