Tribune football coach of the year? Your guess as good as mine

There are so many to choose from, but here are a few you have to consider …

10-4-13 DRANCH17Pomona’s Aaron Jamieson (8-0 is all you need to know)
Bassett’s Hector Spathias (Last team you would have thought could contend for a league title)
Glendora’s Jerry Lewallen (Hard-hat kids with shocking wins over area foes).
Arroyo’s Jim Singiser (One of the best coach quotes in the Valley has them winning again).
Diamond Ranch’s Roddy Layton (Trying to go undefeated in competitive Hacienda).
Rosemead’s Marc Paramo (Nobody thought they would only have one loss this late in the season).
San Dimas’ Bill Zernickow (Great turnaround from a horrendus start).
Charter Oak’s Lou Farrar (Coaching IS the reason the Chargers are about to win another Sierra League title).

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  • Valley Athletics

    Lou farrar shouldn’t be on the list . 500 team who’s wins are not big wins . They beat the same teams they have beaten last 3 years .great coach and staff but does not deserve coach of the year unless he finally gets deeper in playoffs and nits off a top team .

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Wait until 1st round of playoffs… coach z, Jaimeson, Layton, and Farrar are the final four

    • Highlander

      I agree with you.

      1. Layton
      2. Z if they beat Pomona
      3. Farrar
      4. Lewallan (great job in a tough division and brutal league)

      Note: Jaimeson is off the radar if they lose to SD,

      Honorable Mention: Singiser

  • Lupe

    I think a team would have to make the semis 1st. I really like the San Dimas turn around story. C.O. should have been beeter from the get go. I think Roddy is awesome, but do you pick a coach that had a bench clearing brawl? I’m voting Z if they make it past pomona and go into semis.

    • FredJ

      I don’t think a team ha to make the semis, most of those teams have talent to begin with. Bassett, Pomona, Rosmead, those are remarkable turnarounds. As Amat 73 noted, to do what Bassett is doing is pretty remarkable.

      • Highlander

        How is Pomona a turnaround??? They were 3-7 last year but before that Rice had those kids 6-5, 5-5, and Cayer had them 6-4. Pomona has always been between 5-7 wins and we won’t even start to talk about the what a fine job Caparo did. 8-1 is nice but turnaround??? I don’t think so. Pomona always has talent and with a schedule like they have, 8-1 is automatic with even you Freddy coaching over there. LOL

  • AMAT 73

    The coach from Bassett , Spathias . Who would have ever thought this program would be in the playoff hunt. Just a couple of years ago they were down to 13 players I believe and now up and running . Farrar , Layton , Z , they get some talent in to work with and have staffs to back them up but the job Spathias has done so far out weighs them all . Honorable mention to Pomona’s and Rosemead’s coach also .

  • 2xTAV

    Glendora’s Lewallen deserves it more than anybody. He took a team that has had back to back 3-7 records and pretty much went undefeated in the sierra league(minus CH), and beat Upland. I am a CO guy and they beat us. That Etiwanda loss I think tarnishes it a little but if the Tartans win out, I would give it to him.

    • D-Mo

      If they can get the W over LO tomorrow, I am with you on this.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        For the first time, in a long time, I think Glendora can get past LO.

  • socalspeed

    Roddy is a great candidate. A coach should be a leader. He sends many players to play at the next level and focuses strictly on academics first. His team does alot in the community during the off season. Every year the footbal team goes into the community and cleans, paints, and does yard maintenance for a less fortunate family. His players also participate in the walk for life Cancer walk. His boys have a great deal of respect for him and look up to him as a teacher, a coach as well as a mentor.
    After his boys got into the skirmish with DB, he immediately rallied his troops and had them on a knee for over 20 minutes while they waited for an escort out of DB. Shows his boys have major respect for him and his staff. He held players accountable as well as made them understand that their actions were wrong and would not be tolerated. He than took a team which was depleted by 19 players(most starters) and went into rowland and found a way to motivate them to a win. I dont condone fighting or “bench clearing brawls” and I dont know one coach that does. obviously there are two weeks left and alot can happen in those two weeks. As a Parent in the program, I couldnt ask for a better mentor/ coach for my son.

    • brad mill

      I like Roddy…great guy and he has always been involved in community. However, when it comes to football he has blinders on. He flouts CIF rules about recruiting, he may have more players outside of district lines than West Covina and he loves to play to the media types. His team was involved in a brawl that and he did nothing to head it off when all the indicators were pointing to it coming. Don’t be fooled by the soft spoken country aw shucks i’m just glad to be here crap. He’s out to win and he will do whatever possible.

      • socalspeed

        Actually he as well as the administration harped all week long to the players to not loose control during this game. They knew that this game was going to harness a great deal of emotion from both teams considering this would be the last time they played each other and the fact that DR had won them every time they have played. Communicatins even went out to parents asking them to have conversation with the kids prior to the game. Roddy and his staff did a great job stopping the bulk of his boys from going onto the field which is why they were able to field a team the next week.
        In this day and age with CIF and the climate with transfers there is not one team that does not possess transfers. I challange anybody to do a roster check and see how many players on DR’s Starting roster are transfers. You would be very surprised. I agree this year he has a great team beneath him and alot of talent. He is out to win and after this week he quite possibly have the Hacienda Title to show for it. None the less, the other Coaches are all great candidates and possess great reasons as to why the should be honored.

  • inlandfootball

    Spathias, Lewallen and Jamieson top 3 for sure. Nobody saw these teams coming at the beginning of the year. Farrar and Zernicow should not be in it. Those teams are exactly where they are each year, so why give them credit? CO & SD both played tough pre-league schedules, but they have consistently dominated their respective leagues, as they are doing again.

  • Saints Parent

    I think you have to look at the total body of coaching and what they do for the team. A couple on this list you are considering just because they put together a weak schedule. Do you reward “Coach of the year” for simply winning games you should win? Having a brawl I don’t think should be a black eye to Roddy come on…. controlling 50+ testosterone overflowing young men, I don’t see that as a negative against the coach unless he was out there throwing down with the players and did not control the situation as best he could when it erupted. Those things I believe he did as well as did not skirt suspensions. And by the way, every high school program is out there in some fashion trying to get the best possible players moving into their program, don’t kid yourself. As for Lou & Z, I can bet NONE of you have every coached at a significant level. Little League and Jr All American don’t count. Keeping the confidence up when things are not going your way is no easy task and both CO and SD could have gone into tailspins real quick after 0-4 pre seasons. Especially when players you counted on as significant contributors are suddenly not there. SD’s first League game was against Northview who traditionally challenges in Valle Vista and remember was Undefeated and blowing teams out when SD came to town. CO was 0-4 when going into Los Osos (a game based on ratings they should not have won) and then they get a Big W against Chino Hills. Sorry, I’m a Saint, but that right there is the biggest turnaround. Personally, don’t know anything about Bassett, but then maybe that is why that coach is deserving, now we know who they are. Glendora coach did some great things and turned that program around in the first half of the season, shame most of what everyone will remember is the last 2 losses and probably one this week, but they should end on a good note with a W over Alta Loma. Tough job Freddie, but don’t just give it out for a lot of wins against crappy teams.

    • HH

      So what you are saying is give it to a team that comes out slow (sucks), then gets where they should be, that makes lots of sense. I assume since you are from San Dimas you are pointing your figure at the two Pomona schools. At this time both schools are undefeated in league, and if that continues how can you not give it to one of them. Assuming it would be Pomona based on that isn’t what you would have expected of that program based on the past. San Dimas four losses, they couldn’t play with those teams they lost to. So why would you even consider a team that wins the games they are suppose to and losses to all the other ones. You guys are all over this blog tells us how it isn’t even going to be a game against Pomona. So if you beat Pomona and get to the Semi or Finals and get blown out by M-Town whats new.

      • Saints Parent

        First and foremost, of course I am from San Dimas, but you will note above I AM NOT calling for Z as Coach of the Year, I stated and feel Farrar has had more signature wins after the 0-4 Start. I also think the Basset coach deserves a TON of respect for what is happening there and Glendora coach did great things, but last 3 opponents (including tonight) will make most forget. But you want to single out the other part of my comment then let’s go. 1. Pomona schedule is soft, care to defend or refute that ? If they beat San Dimas congrats, they will have defeated 1 quality opponent with only 1 other team having a positive rating. To refresh your memory:
        Oppoonent W-L Rating
        Garey (Pomona, CA) 0-8 -38.7
        Don Lugo (Chino, CA) 1-7 -12
        Bloomington (CA) 1-7 -16.9
        Sultana (Hesperia, CA) 1-7 -11.1
        Covina (CA)* 4-5 -6
        Northview (Covina, CA)* 6-2 3.9
        Wilson (Hac Hghts, CA)*1-8 -29.9
        Baldwin Park (CA)* 6-2 -5.3
        Nogales * 2-6 -24.7
        San Dimas (CA)* 4-4 14.1
        26-56 -127

        I think Arroyo’s schedule is very much the same way and will not go into that. That was merely why giving a coach the Coach of the Year Award for a great win-loss count can be extremely deceiving. That was my point and not calling out the Pomona school specifically.

      • Cover2

        DANG…You got put on blast by Saints Parent!!!! Nice schedule…NOT. Give it to the CO coach. Fred likes them being that he put that at #1

  • LA Futbol

    How can you not have Los Altos’ Dale Ziola on this list? As many have pointed out in multiple postings, there is not a single player on the LA team amongst the league leaders in any category. This is truly a TEAM! LA has no superstar. They have no “go to” player. They don’t have extraordinary size, speed or athleticism. Yet they are 7-1. If they go 9-1, I think you need to give him some serious consideration! Roddy, Big Lou, etc are great coaches and I don’t want to take anything away from them. But they are winning games with talent that far exceeds Los Altos. What Ziola and his staff have done to turn around LAHS is spectacular. You guys snubbed him three years ago when he deserved it! You owe him that respect!

    • Conq ’76

      3 years ago I was advocating Los Altos change its name to Hac. Hts HS and change the mascot to a Hawk or Hornet or something because LA’s tradition was being demolished on the Gridiron. I agree Ziola has brought the once storied program back from the brink, and has the school competing in its division, but as I recall, he wasn’t considered because the team didn’t advance far enough in the playoffs.

      • HH

        How can you consider a coach that wins knowing and supporting his kids are on Rods.That’s how a team wins with no superstar.

        • Conq ’76

          Well we certainly wouldn’t want our kids on Rods, would we? Ummmm, what kind of Rods are we talking about? Hot Rods? Fishing Rods? Fly Rods?

          • HH

            ROIDS -Anabolic Steroids

          • Conq ’76

            Yeah I knew what you meant, but I was looking for a way you could save face after making such a stupid allegation….

        • The stands

          HH, do you have any evidence to back up such a charge? You’re on dangerous ground here.

        • WCDan

          The impressive thing about Los Altos is that they don’t have big players. It definately doesn’t look like there would be a steroid problem over there. The team looks very blue collar, no outstanding athletes, but they play tough discipline team football and have won almost all their games because of it.

          • Conq ’76

            Yeah, casually throwing out the idea that any team may be using steroids is just plain reckless.

    • AramT

      For whatever reason, anything Los Altos has totally escaped Freddie this season.

      • FredJ

        “There are so many to choose from, but here are a few you have to consider.” ” Fred Robledo …

      • SGVSports

        Los Altos schedule is weak, all non-league games are sub-division teams. What quality wins to they have? They play down and Aram want to put them in the conversation. The only win to speak of in league is against the 5-4 Diamond Bar team, Even if they run the table the loss to Diamond Ranch takes them out of the conversation.

  • Michael

    I’m nominating Spathias, who took a program that no one in their right mind was willing to gamble and then having to deal with corrupt school administrators. A program considered long to be the doormat of the Montview league and now they have won 5 straight games are averaging 45 points a game and averaging 472 yards a game during Montview league play. Wow what a turn around! Great for the community and the Bassett kids!

  • 12th man

    My vote thus far considering their record & talent on the team would be coach Ziola..He has managed to stay under the radar considering all the chaos that has taken place this year in football..Los Altos could be your “dark horse” this year~

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I think it’s pretty clear that it’s either the HCs at Pomona or Glendora, but the fact there is a school I’ve never heard of on the list, that just might be the favorite.

  • Highlander

    Z, should be coach of the year after dealing with all the drama from the Lyons clan. If that stuff never happened, the Saints may have won a couple more pre-season games. Z, staff, and the athletes have overcome much and have had to re-group with completely new personnel.

    FYI, the Scotts didn’t get anything out of this nonsense either.

    Some words for future transfers…..STAY put or transfer before your 10th grade year are you will get screwed… you should. Sorry Aram, no coach is going to just allow a good kid to leave the program without a fight. Most of the coaches in our area are great people and genuinely care for kid’s future. The college scouts go to all the schools and the coaches talk and send scout to school that have players. Rule are rules people need to follow them regardless of what your personal opinion is on transfers.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Definitely not Rowdy Roddy and his Dirty hoodlums.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with Bassett’ coach or Pomona’s coach. Can you have co-winners?

    Lewallen… Meh… The two above are better choices. A strong 3rd place vote though.

    Can’t consider Louise, she’s been whining about the Inland Division since she got here. She get’s her wish, easier competition and a pass all the way to the Semis. Whiney little baby.

  • Dustin ohara

    Ghs guy or Pomona guy

  • DDTS

    Spathias and its not even close. All you other nominators are just being homers which is OK, but if you look objectively Bassett had like six straight 1win seasons. No one wanted the job, was ranked 35 out of 35 teams in the valley. They only have 900 plus kids. To do what they’re doing is amazing. its a wrap case closed.

  • The stands

    Hector Spathias; what a great year for Bassett. I’m sure the school is on cloud nine.

  • Go Deep

    My vote goes to the Bassett coach. They were so thin a year ago they could barely field a team. To do what he has done is amazing.

  • Don Banta

    I believe you should have a life time coach of the year for the Late Ernie Johnson class of1969