Gibson Homer Rewind: Where were you 25 years ago tonight? I remember where I was….and still regret it


Today is the 25th anniversary since Kirk Gibson’s historic home run to beat the Oakland A’s in the game one of the 1988 world series. For SoCal fans, it’s one of those moments where they can recall exactly where they were when the knew of the home run that catapulted the Dodgers to their last World Series championship.
A few celebrities, from within the sports world and out recall their story here written by our own Tom Hoffarth.
My recollection is a pretty good one. I was a student at Cal State Fullerton and slated to cover the Fullerton-Long Beach State football game that night for The Daily Titan. I received a call that morning from my aunt, who has four season tickets. She said they had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I’d like to come. Being the big Dodger fan that I am to this day, I thought about it, but declined. I had given the commitment to cover the football game, and felt I had to live up to that. Now as I look back later, I probably could have called coach Gene Murphy on Sunday and put together a story for our first edition of the week, which ran on Tuesdays. But I didn’t really think that way at the time.
Now fast forward to about 7:30 or so, I can remember being in the Veterans Stadium press box hearing a huge roar from the north side of the box (I was on the South side). I asked someone what’s the commotion and they said Kirk Gibson just hit a game-winning home run. I didn’t know the details behind it that would become legendary, but already know I had made the wrong decision. And the football game, it was one of the most-boring games I have seen, with Long State rallying for a late win.
That’s my memory…what are yours?

– Steve Ramirez

After reading what Steve wrote, it reminds me of this scene in Good Will Hunting. — Freddy

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Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Undefeated Glendora wrestles away top spot from Bishop Amat and Chino Hills

1. Glendora (6-0) — I thought long and hard about what to do with Glendora after its Baseline win over Upland to remain undefeated after already beating Charter Oak, South Hills, Bonita and others. They deserve it and hey, it could be short lived facing undefeated Rancho Cucamonga this week.
2. Bishop Amat (5-2) – Only good news after losing its Serra opener at Notre Dame is it has two weeks off to get ready for Alemany, an absolute must win. But here’s the bottom line, if the Lancers don’t find a running game or someone other than Koa Haynes on offense, they’ll be 0-2 and on the ropes.
3. Chino Hills (5-1) — The Huskies probably don’t deserve to drop after a convincing Saturday night win over South Hills, but I’ll be more convinced with a win over Charter Oak this week.
4. Charter Oak (2-4) — The Chargers aren’t No. 4 because of their record, they’re No. 4 because of their wins, over Los Osos and Damien. I’m comfortable knowing they’re better than every team ranked below.
5. Diamond Ranch (5-1) – They’re looking like the best in the Hacienda and can take a huge step toward a league title with a win at rival Diamond Bar on Friday. How are they ranked behind Charter Oak? History. I’ve seen that game too many times in the past and it always turns out the same way.
6. Los Altos (5-1) – They’re right back in the Hacienda chase after beating Diamond Bar. If the Conquerors run the table, they’ll have a shot at this.
7. Diamond Bar (5-2) — It’s put up or shut time for the purple. Either they’re going to beat Diamond Ranch and get back in the league chase, or they’re going to be the same old Diamond Bar that flirt’s with having a good season, then limps to the finish.
8. Bonita (5-2) — The Bearcats were one of the pre-season Hacienda favorites and still are in a good position. But they have tough games left against Diamond Bar, West Covina and Los Altos to decide their fate.
9. Arroyo (5-1) – How about them Knights? They won’t lose in the MVL and will finish 9-1. Their chances of getting to at least the Mid-Valley Division semifinals looking better and better.
10. San Dimas (3-3) — The Saints are crushing the Valle Vista so thoroughly I had to put them back in the top ten. I’m also convinced that like Arroyo, they’ve got a great chance of reaching the Mid-Valley semifinals and may even get back to another championship game. Imagine that, Bonita’s Jake Payton may have to watch the Saints in a title game.
The Rest: 11. Pomona (6-0); 12. Ayala (3-3); 13. South Hills (2-4); 14. Damien (2-4); 15. Baldwin Park (5-1); 16. Rosemead (5-1); 17. West Covina (3-4); 18. Azusa (4-2); 19. Northview (5-2); 20. Bassett (3-3); 21. La Puente (4-2); 22. Duarte (3-3); 23. Claremont (1-5); 24. Covina (3-4); 25. Mountain View (3-3); 26. Walnut (2-4), 27. Rowland (2-5); 28. South El Monte (2-4); 29. Sierra Vista (2-4); 30. Nogales (2-4); 31. Gladstone (2-4); 32. El Monte (1-5); 33. Wilson (1-6); 34. Workman (2-4); 35. Ganesha (1-5).


1. Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, 1,952 yards, 17 TDs
2. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 1,757 yards, 12 TDs
3. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 1,618 yardds, 17 TDS
4. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 1,450 yards, 13 TDs
5. Jacob Tovar, La Puente, 1,218 yards, 10 TDS
6. Adrain Cuevas, El Monte, 1,186 yards, 8 TDs
7. Tyler Peterson, Diamond Bar, 1,161 yards, 10 TDs
8. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, 1,070 yards, 8 TDs.
9. Matt Fink, Glendora, 1,033 yards, 8 TDs
10. Daniel Martinez, Chino Hills, 985 yards, 9 TDs
1. Donavon Davis, Ganesha, 1,223 yards, 6 TDs
2. Justin Torres, Sierra Vista, 1,201 yards, 10 TDs
4. Marcos Lopez, South El Monte, 820 yards, 11 TDs
5. Jake Payton, Bonita, 754 yards, 10 TDs
6. Cecil Fleming, Claremont, 730 yards, 8 TDs
7. Cameron Blackburn, Azusa, 653 yards, 3 TDs
8. Leroy Cloud, Damien, 637 yards, 2 TDs
9. Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, 611 yards, 10 TDs
10. Pearnell Smalley IV, Covina; 600 yards, 8 TDs
1. Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, 45 receptions, 706 yards, 6 TDs
2. Jose Ochoa, La Puente, 34 receptions, 704 yards, 10 TDs
3. Nico Lozano, Arroyo, 27 receptions, 673 yards, 8 TDs
4. Zion Echols, Charter Oak, 42 receptions, 651 yards, 7 TDs
5. Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park, 26 receptions, 549 yards, 4 TDs
6. Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, 31 receptions, 515 yards, 3 TDs
7. Eric Ruff, Bassett, 29 receptions, 487 yards, 3 TDs
8. Cordell Broadus, Diamond Bar, 46 receptions, 470 yards, 7 TDs
9. Matthew Zahn, Bishop Amat, 28 receptions, 467 yards, 1 TD
10. Carlos Montiel, Azusa, 21 receptions, 460 yards, 4 TDs

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Tribskin Pick’em: Huge League Showdowns, Glendora-Rancho Cucamonga; Charter Oak-Chino Hills; Diamond Bar-Diamond Ranch

Aram Tolegian and I will go head-to-head picking football games throughout the season. He edged me out the past two seasons, but it’s not happening this year, not when we’re playing for a Slater’s 50-50 burger.

Aram Tolegian (13-5, last week); (97-45, season total)
Fred Robledo (13-5, last week); (101-41, season total)

10-4-13 DRANCH05This Week: Lot of tough games to pick with the best on paper, undefeated Glendora (6-0) vs. undefeated Rancho Cucamonga (6-0) at Los Osos. The Tartans have grinded out every victory, winning their last five by four points or less each time. At some point you don’t win all the close games, and I’m not sure this is close to begin win. Take RC by two or three touchdowns. Sorry Tarty. Big Hacienda showdown, Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar. It’s set up perfect for DBar after losing to Los Altos. This is their bounce-back game and after eating humble pie every year against the Ranch, enough is enough, take the purple. In the Sierra League I know I took Chino Hills to win the league title and win it easy. But Charter Oak has shown me something the past couple weeks and I think they’re hungry enough and good enough to get the upset win on the road. Other games that are tough to call but I’m picking them are Covina over Baldwin Park, Bassett over Sierra Vista, Mountain View over Gabrielino and Damien over Ayala.

This week’s games and predictions
Friday’s games
Baseline League
Glendora vs. Rancho Cucamonga at Los Osos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (RC); Aram (Rancho)
Hacienda League
Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DBar); Aram (D-Ranch)
Rowland at Los Altos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Los Altos); Aram (LA)
Walnut at West Covina, 7 p.m. — Robledo (WCovina); Aram (WC)
Mission Valley League
El Monte at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Aram (Arroyo)
Mountain View at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — Robledo (MView); Aram (Gabrielino)
Rosemead at South El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rose); Aram (Rosmead)
Montview League
Bassett at Sierra Vista, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bassett); Aram (Bassett)
Ganesha vs. Workman at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Workman); Aram (Ganesha)
Gladstone vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Azusa); Aram (Azusa)
La Puente at Duarte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Duarte); Aram (Duarte)
Sierra League
Ayala at Damien, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Damien); Aram (Ayala)
Charter Oak at Chino Hills, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Charter Oak); Aram (Chino Hills)
South Hills at Claremont, 7 p.m. — Robledo (South Hills); Aram (SH)
Valle Vista League
Covina at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Aram (BP)
Nogales at San Dimas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SDimas); Aram (SD)
Pomona at Wilson, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Pomona); Aram (P-Town)

Check out our Maxpreps Made Easy Widget for Tribune Football Fans. If coaches are posting rosters, updating stats and standings, this is the most useful SGV widget there is. Check it out, makes following your teams and area leaders simple.

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Glendora football is the “I believe that we will win” team

I’m on the Glendora wagon, they’re 6-0 and have won every game by 8 points or less. That’s coaching, that’s playing hard, that’s believing, and being lucky and good. But how far will heart and a will over skill attitude take you? They play undefeated Rancho Cucamonga (6-0) on Friday at Los Osos, and you know how that will probably turn out? You don’t think they can do it again, do you?
…By the way, the Charter Oak “Oak Squad” was more impressive than I thought. But they lack creative chants. Start with this.

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Glendora stuns Upland, 24-21; Charter Oak routs Damien, 35-7; Notre Dame beats Bishop Amat, 31-21

For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click the football scoreboard page



Friday’s results
Baseline League

Glendora 24, Upland 21Biggest win for Glendora since leaving the Sierra for the Baseline. Tartans a perfect 6-0 and can make a case for being the Valley’s best team.

Sierra League
Charter Oak 35, Damien 7 Can’t believe they’re really 2-5 … I’m a believer and like their chances more and more next week at Chino Hills.
Ayala 17, Claremont 14 — Thought the Bulldogs would win easier, but a W is a W.

Serra League
Notre Dame 31, Bishop Amat 21Bishop Amat can’t run the football, it’s as simple as that. Now they’re 0-1 in the Serra with Alemany at home in two weeks. Not good.

Hacienda League
Bonita 29, Walnut 10 Bearcats trailed 10-9 at half but got it going in the second to stay in the Hacienda chase.
Los Altos 31, Diamond Bar 14 The Conquerors needed it after losing to Diamond Ranch last week. Now the Brahmas must beat Diamond Ranch or they’re in big trouble.
West Covina 54, Rowland 7 No surprise, West Covina usually does this to teams it should do this against.

Mission Valley League
Arroyo 41, Gabrielino 7On paper it looked close, but in reality you knew it would turn out like this.
South El Monte 50, El Monte 20 — Eagles hoping they can beat a sleeper in the MVL, and always helps when you can crush your rival.
Rosemead 34, Mountain View 27, OTNobody ever expects overtime, but we all expected a close game and got one.

Montview League
Bassett 27, La Puente 13 — Biggest upset of the night considering La Puente was chasing a league title and Bassett was near the bottom of the Trib list.
Sierra Vista 34, Ganesha 21 — Dons trying to stay in the playoff picture.

Valle Vista League
Covina 36, Wilson 0 — Easy win for Covina who still has playoff hopes.
Pomona 17, Northview 9Raise your hand if thought Pomona would be 6-0.
San Dimas 70, Baldwin Park 27 You knew Baldwin Park wouldn’t stay undefeated facing San Dimas, but you didn’t know the Saints would drop 70.

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Duarte and Azusa romp to easy victories in Thursday night Montview League games

For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click the football scoreboard page

Photo Gallery of Duarte’s 45-0 win over Gladstone

Duarte 45, Gladstone 0: The high school football regular season is past the halfway point and it’s hurry-up time. Duarte High School, seemingly stuck in neutral in its Montview League game against visiting Gladstone Thursday night, took that hurry-up to heart. The Falcons switched to a no-huddle offense and it ignited a 45-0 victory.

Azusa 53, Workman 7: Senior running back Cameron Blackburn returned from an injury to lead Azusa to a 53-7 win over Workman on Thursday night at Citrus College. The Aztecs (4-2,3-0) fell behind 7-6 midway through the first quarter then scored 45 consecutive points as their defense stifled the Lobos.

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Sierra, Mission Valley tweet predictions


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Ray Nelson inspired all of us

“Most people, when dealt the cards he was at such a young age, would have kept saying, ‘Why should I?’ But Ray spent his entire life asking, ‘Why can’t I?’ ”– Former sports editor Art Wilson and childhood friend of Ray.

Steve Hunt column on Ray Nelson

raynelsonSTORY: Ray Nelson, a sportswriter and copy editor for this newspaper for more than 25 years, died early Tuesday morning from natural causes. He was 60. Services are pending.
Nelson served two stints with this newspaper, the first from 1979-94 and again from 1997-2004. Since health issues forced him to retire, he had freelanced and was featured as a horse racing handicapper.
“This is truly a sad day,” said Steve Hunt, San Gabriel Valley Tribune supervising editor and former sports editor. “Ray Nelson was a cherished member of our newspaper family and a wonderful man. He was the nicest person I have ever met, a gentle soul who possessed that rare ability to remain upbeat and positive at all times.
“He brought a calming influence to the Sports Department, and was loved by all who knew him. He will be greatly missed.”

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Bonita girls volleyball will host Los Altos on Thursday in big Hacienda match and fundraiser for Breast Cancer

Thursday night is not just prep football night, there’s a pretty big girls volleyball game that also will serve as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. Whenever Bonita (4-0) faces Los Altos (3-1) it’s always an intriguing match, but the “Dig Pink” event will help raise money for Breast Cancer, as well as being an important match in the Hacienda League race. Bonita will host Los Altos at 5:30 p.m. There are approximately 70 prizes and gift cards to raffle off, and there will be baked goods and 50/50s. Go donate a few bucks and watch a great match for a good cause. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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Could coach Darren Murphy leave Northview for South Hills baseball?

VNORTHVIEWOne of the most prized coaching vacancies in the Valley is at South Hills, where longtime baseball coach Kevin Smith vacated his position to become the head coach at Mt. San Antonio College. Who will succeed Smith? I’ve heard some rumors and one that stands out is Northview’s Darren Murphy. I have no idea if Murphy, who won a championship at Northview and who has built his program into one of the areas best would leave, but sources tell me that he’s interested. I texted Murphy to ask if there was any truth to it all, but haven’t heard back. If there is one candidate already at South Hills that would be a logical successor to Smith it’s assistant Dan Roddy, who always comes across as a knowledgeable and competitive baseball guy. I’m sure there are many other well-known coaches interested in the position, which likely comes with a teaching job, so stay tuned. I’m sure South Hills will want to make a decision sooner rather than later.

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Chino Hills football is the heavy favorite in the Sierra

STORY: There’s one thing most people agree on when it comes to the Sierra League this season. The Chino Hills High School football is the overwhelming favorite.
It stands to reason, too. The Huskies have the league’s best record, have played the toughest nonleague schedule and have the best nonleague win of any resume with their 30-17 triumph over Tesoro on Sept. 12.

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