Get ready for a wild finish in the Hacienda

To nobody’s surprise, the Hacienda League playoff race got even more muddied on Friday.
The guilty party was the Bonita High School football team, which kept Los Altos from clinching second place and a guaranteed playoff berth by stunning the Conquerors, 44-32.
10-4-13 DRANCH11“That’s what we were hoping for,” Bonita head coach Adrian Medrano said when asked how it felt to wreak havoc on the league standings. “We don’t want a repeat of last year’s nightmare end to the season. We’re looking to avoid that at all cost. We want to make sure we take care of business next week against Diamond Ranch.”

As someone on the blog so accurately pointed out, here are the scenarios.
1. BoHi beats DR and LA beats WC = #1 DR, #2 BoHi, #3 LA with DB as possible wildcard
2. DR beats BoHi and LA beats WC = #1 DR, #2 LA, #3 DB with WC as possible wildcard
3. BoHi beats DR and WC beats LA = #1 DR, #2 WC, #3 BoHi with LA as possible wildcard
4. DR beats Bohi and WC beats LA = #1 DR, #2 WC, #3 DB with as BoHi possible wildcard

All scenarios assume that DB beats Walnut.

Scenario #4 requires a point system to be used to break a 3 way tie with DB, LA, Bohi. DB wins with the tie breaker with more quality wins vs Bohi, WC, and Walnut (projected). Bohi then wins remaining tie breaker with LA due to Head to Head (after DB is elevated to #3).

Scenario’s #1,2, and 3 are all based on record and Head to Head eliminations.

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