Inland Division Bracketology: Upland woke up sleeping giant, Rancho Cucamonga is going all the way

Inland Division Predictions, first round is on Friday …
Top Bracket

Los Osos at No. 1 Vista Murrieta, 7 p.m.
Yucaipa at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. — Robledo (COak); Aram (CO)
Redlands East Valley at Rancho Cucamonga, 7 p.m.
Great Oak at No. 2 Norco, 7 p.m.
Bottom Bracket
South Hills at No. 3 Upland, 7 p.
Corona Santiago at Eisenhower, 7 p.m.
Chino Hills at Chaparral, 7 p.m.
Etiwanda at No. 2 Corona Centennial, 7 p.m.
Vista Murrieta vs. Charter Oak
Rancho Cucamonga vs. Norco
Upland vs. Eisenhower
Chaparral vs. Corona Centennial
Vista Murrieta vs. Rancho Cucamonga
Upland vs. Corona Centennial
Rancho Cucamonga vs. Corona Centennial
Champion: Rancho Cucamonga
Explanation: I’m not going to try and explain how Upland ended Rancho Cucamonga’s undefeated season in Week 10, but what it probably did is making Rancho hungrier than ever. I know Vista and Centennial are the prohibitive favorites, but I smell an upset all the way to the San Gabriel Valley.

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  • Jefe

    Fred, you obviously have a lot to learn about the Inland Division.

    • FredJ

      I know enough to know that there is no sure thing in the Division, not this year or past years. There are so many teams capable of beating each other, that’s why it’s D-2 Big Boy football. Why not Rancho?

      • Jefe

        Fred, it’s gonna be Vista Murrieta or Corona Centennial.

        Everyone else is just there for the ride.

        • AMAT 73

          You might want to throw Norco in there as they are capable of throwing a wrench in the plans of the 2 you listed . I don’t see RC getting past the quarters .

          • Jefe

            AMAT 73, I thought about Norco but I can’t just can’t see them beating either team in the playoffs. I do think Norco is starting to turn things around though. The program is starting to right the ship and they’ll be contending for a CIF championship very soon, methinks.

        • GP AKA Green Machine


        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Since everyone else is just there for the ride, let’s enjoy it shall we? 🙂

          • Jefe

            Absolutely enjoy it.

  • 12th man

    Rancho really? I think Fred’s fishing to see who bites…There’s no way RC wins it all~

  • Lock-N-Load

    Norco is the Inland Division’s #1 rushing team with 3,369 yards and 41 rushing TD’s and averages 336.9 yards per game on the ground….It will be a Norco vs VM in the semis…book it….Norco has improved throughout the year, well RC has barely been getting by…this is not the same Norco team from the first three weeks of the season….I guess FredJ has forgotten the pounding little Frankie Palmer & La Serna took by Norco or the butt kicking Alemany received…keep sleeping on Norco…

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Uh, I’d probably hold off on booking that ticket. Just because they almost came back on Centennial doesn’t mean the keys are on the table to do it again. 🙂

  • Football Factory

    You do realize that Centennial has pretty much ruled this division since it’s inception. Having won 4 titles in the 7 years of the Inland. So I wouldn’t count them out. In terms of Rancho I seen them play vs Upland last week and there offense struggled. Let’s see how they do in the second round vs a Norco team who hasn’t lost since losing to Centennial 43-25.

    • Lock-N-Load

      Norcos game with CC was a tale of two halves…Norco was down
      29-6 at the half…The 2nd half Norco pulled with 36-25 to start the 4th
      quarter….they drove inside CC 20yd with 4 min to go where they were intercepted inside the
      5yd on …..don`t get me wrong…CC is the class of the division and should be the
      favorite …

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      As I said in another post, Rancho will have to score when they have the ball and often. Which means Pucci can’t throw ints. If not, then Norco is going to chew the clock with their ground game. Norco controls the clock, with the lead, they win. It’s that simple. RC is going to have to let their athletes be athletes by making plays and burying Norco early. Although Norco came back on Centennial, for too many reasons to mention here, their offense isn’t designed to come from behind. Norco has a sound OLine and a RB in Young who can move it.


        That’s if Pucci plays, I still don’t know why they haven’t solved their QB issues… Was it injuries or was Baiz playing the kiffin card by playing two QB’s all year?

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Funny you mention that. I’m not sure what Baiz has been doing with that QB position. It’s worked for RC thus far, but I think once you go into the playoffs you need to go with the one that got you to party.

  • inland_1

    I’m really not sure why people keep saying this isn’t the Inland Division of years past. Did Centennial and Vista Murrieta leave or something. It might not be 1-16 strong, but there are no gimmie games outside of whichever ones CC &VM are involved in. RC & VM had a common opponent, RC won by 15, VM won by 35. RC beat Amat by 3 which lost to Crespi by 7 which lost to VM by 40. Which has no bearing on anything, but sounded interesting. And Norco is not the same team that lost to RC in their 1st game after losing their head coach, QB and 6 other starters a month before the season started. Norco by 10 in the rematch.

    • Schumm

      VM vs Norco in the semi is the game everyone i the IE would love to see. Gerhart vs the school that fired his dad. Thats a made for tv moment that i hope RC doesnt get in the way of. As for CC this is just another level of ftball seen few places. Ever since Logan made them rip the logos off the helmets this team is playing much better than they did vs Alemany.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        VM vs Norco would be one for the ages. Considering what happened with Gerhart at Norco. I’d pay to see that game.

        Coach Logan had them take the names off the back of their jersey’s. As a result, they stopped playing like a bunch of individuals and more like a team.

  • Still laughing

    Was watching the Upland vs. Rancho replay last night and had to laugh when, for the 2nd year in a row, Upland scored a TD on an illegal play that should have been flaged. With 4 minutes left in the game Upland ran a play that included a direct snap to the RB, However, both the RB and QB where in motion at the same time and only the RB reset prior to the snap from center. I hope the SH Coach is in the ear of the ref. tonight about all the violations that Upland commits during the course of the game.