FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS: Can Los Altos handle Paramount’s size?

lOSALTOSWINBy Aram Tolegian
It is anybody’s guess as to who will win Friday’s first-round game between host Los Altos and Paramount, but one thing’s for certain, the Conquerors are in for a whale of a challenge.
Paramount boasts 11 players on its roster who weigh 270 pounds or more. Five of them are 300-pounders
The Conquerors are actually one of the bigger teams along both lines around these parts, but they are no match on the scales for the Pirates.
Los Altos finished the season at 8-2 and in second place in the Hacienda League. Their reward was a home game, but that’s where the benefits ended. Getting assigned Paramount, which finished in a three-way tie for the San Gabriel Valley championship, is no picnic.
The Conquerors got assigned Paramount, which finished in a three-way tie for the San Gabriel Valley League championship. Kickoff is 7 p.m. at Los Altos on Friday night.

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  • Conq ’76

    They better water down the field REALLY well! 🙂

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    I do think Los Al will win if they play hard for a full 4 qtrs… Paramount scores in bunches, but they also give up points too. Paramount despite their size can be worn down by team who keeps chipping away at them. The problem with their huge line is that they get tired. Los Altos is going to have to pass to win this one. Paramount has never been a good coverage team. Their DB’s fall asleep and relax when they have a lead, which lets teams back into the game. Monrovia beat them twice by throwing the deep ball late. Can Los Al do that? Pounding the ball up the middle into the big pile of bodies might not work…I’d get that great RB on outside with swings or something. Anyhow, this is one of my favorite matchups of the first round….Playing at Los Al is going to be huge..Los Al wins this one.

    • Conq ’76

      Unfortunately, from what I have seen, LA looks to run down the opposition and counts on being able to punch through consistently in the fourth. I say unfortunately because last week against WC that strategy almost back-fired as the Bulldogs actually put 10 in the box and stuffed LA. I hope Ziola can come up with a plan B… as I believe what LPAlum says is true about LA’s QB.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        You can expect Paramount to do the same by putting 10 in the box…I did not know about the injury. I would say that LA Loses, if they can’t throw. I know I said they would win… but not being able to keep an undisciplined team honest, really hurts them. They need Balance against a team that can bang with them up front… It’s hard to push around 300 lbs lineman. They just get in the way, but this year, it seems like they have a more athletic group on the Dline…They have 24 sacks…Actually, this might be Paramount’s smallest line in last 4 years…that’s how big they have been. Los Al is going to have to be very Careful on special teams…Paramount Looks to have some talent fielding punts this year too. All I can saw is play until the very end.

        • Conq ’76

          If, at the very least, LA can use a little misdirection and try an sweep now and again, it may force Paramount to at least THINK about defending the perimeter rather than just creating a human wall.

  • LPAlum

    If it’s going to take the passing game to win this one? Then LA is in big trouble. Their starting QB has a partial torn rotator cuff,

    Notice Aram did the write up, no mention of the injured starting qb, and Aram is picking Paramount.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      One of the big boys are going to land on the kids shoulder. I really hope Los Al has been prepping the Backup QB this week.

      • Conq ’76

        The backup QB played the whole game against Bonita and demonstrated a few flashes, but in that game, Peyton ran over and around us. Silva has some tools so all is not lost…

  • New York

    Make those big boys have to run sideways. The Packers had a huge size advantage over the Broncos in the 97/98 Superbowl. Besides, this is a similar article as what they wrote before Paramount played WestCo last year…WestCo go the victory!

  • TruTH

    This game will come down to defense. Paramount has a versatile quarterback that loves to run it’s up to the ends to keep containment. For the most part Los altos has done a good job of limiting the rushing attack. For paramount they need to stop the run. They have not been successful with teams that love to run. Their game against Dominguez demonstrated that though they are big they are also slow off the ball. Los Altos needs to take advantage of the edges and keep the ball moving . Last year West Covina was in a similar situation playing a much bigger team but their speed was too much . THis game will either be a blow out win for Los Altos or a blow out win for Paramount