Breaking: Diamond Bar’s Antonio “Noodles” Hull thanks his team for guaranteeing him a playoff game … And The Two-Minute Drill shocker, Aram eats his Noodles and takes the Purple

“I was just thinking about how I’m going to get ready because I’m going to be on the field,” Hull said of his thoughts toward the end of Brahmas’ 63-29 beat-down over defending champion Downey. “I couldn’t believe it. They kept promising me that I was going to play this year and they kept their promise.”



By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
The Diamond Bar High School football team kept its promise to teammate Antonio “Noodles” Hull.
When Hull, a standout all-purpose threat on offense and defensive back, was declared ineligible last summer by the CIF-Southern Section until Nov. 16 after it determined his transfer from West Covina to Diamond Bar was athletically motivated, his teammates assured him they’d get to the second round so he’d have at least one game his junior season.
Last Friday night, the Bramhas delivered. Diamond Bar, the No. 3 team out of the Hacienda League went on the road and put a 63-29 whipping on defending division champion Downey.
And because of that, Hull will be suited up and fully eligible for game action this Friday when the Brahmas host powerful La Serna in the second round of the Southeast Division playoffs. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.
“I was just thinking about how I’m going to get ready because I’m going to be on the field,” Hull said of his thoughts toward the end of the Downey game. “I couldn’t believe it. They kept promising me that I was going to play this year and they kept their promise.”
After some late-season drama that included a forfeited game against Rowland due to suspensions that came as a result of a brawl against rival Diamond Ranch on Oct. 18, the Brahmas appeared to be real long shots to even make the playoffs heading into Week 10.

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  • Los Altos Dad

    Diamond Bar coaches have to really think, not so much where but WHEN. I know opinion does not matter. But thanks to blogging here it is anyway. They can’t let him start. They have to go with who got them there. If they don’t start TP14 it will be all bad. TP14 deserves the start. He is a senior and this could possibly be his last high school football game. Hull is only a Jr. And has all next year to play football. I wouldnt play him till 2nd or 3rd quarter.

    • PatrickHT

      DB does not need Hull to be at QB..i dont even know why that discussion is even still going.Hull can compliment Peterson in many ways without having to have the ball

    • The Dude

      Hull isn’t a QB anymore. And Peterson is also a junior

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Play him in the 2nd Qtr…La Serna could be up by 2 scores then. He worked hard all year as scout guy. He has been there. The coach has every right to start Him anywhere except for QB. DBar is better when he is on the field. What in the world are you thinking?

  • inland_1

    50/50 on that statement below. Yes TP14 has been there all season, but had Hull been eligible to play , who would have been the starter. Yes, maybe give TP14 the start, but reality says you get your best talent on the field.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      He will be on the field. Taking Peterson off the field and replacing him with noodles is dum. Now you have one less play maker on the field…Will noodles line up in the wildcat? Yes. Will noodles take a few Direct snaps. Yes! But That’s like 2-3 plays at QB every other series. He will be getting a fly sweep or two. Maybe a you put him in to spell that great RB they have. However, Noodles is not in game shape and will need a few spells himself. He will be playing hype the 1st qtr….but they are in a heavy weight match with the best team in the Division. He is going to be a little winded.

  • Los Altos Dad

    I guess your right. After all this is a playoff game. It would be different if it we regular season. At least give TP14 the first series. But if he is that good of player they can find other ways to get him involved.

  • The Dude

    There’s no chance that TP14 doesn’t get the start. I could see Hull getting some snaps at QB to create some different mismatches, but I’m willing to bet that he plays almost exclusively at slot WR, at least on O.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Just acouple of quick comments, first why would DB change what has worked for them all season? The basic rule is “dance with the one who brung ya.” It’s gonna be great to have another weapon, but they can’t make drastic changes. Tyler Brown has shown at he is the most dangerous guy in the SGV with the ball in his hands ……PERIOD. Mr Hull can be a great complement to that. Good luck DBar. Beat the Lancers!!!

    SGV430 OUUUTTT!!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Nah… Brown’s no Scoby…slow down with the “most this and that in the SGV period stuff” well at least at the RB position. You still have the kid at CO who is nice as well. However, brown is a fantastic RB. He will be battle it out for one of the other All Encompassing RB spots…You have Kurt…then whoever else.

      • PatrickHT

        I think its better to make matchup comparisons than individual comparisons…its too many should, could, and would! Tyler Brown and Noodles are worried about the “TEAM” , not about who’s better than who!

    • PatrickHT

      You said it about as perfect as anyone could have!

  • Los Altos Dad

    I didn’t mean in any way, not to play him. Its just that the Coaches have to show some kind of loyalty to the kids that have played hard to get them there.But on the other hand its win or go home. So the F with loyalty.

    • PatrickHT

      Why are you making assumptions that Peterson would’nt play to begin with??

      • Los Altos Dad

        PatrickHT are you assuming that I said Peterson wouldn’t play. Read all my comments and tell me where I said Peterson wouldn’t play.

        • PatrickHT

          Your right! i misread what you bad!

          • Los Altos Dad

            Its all good. Good luck Friday.

  • WCDan

    No way Hull plays qb except possibly for a couple wildcat or option series. Maine would not bench a legit QB such as Peterson, and replace him with Hull who is a tremendous skill player that happens to throw a nice pass, but really isn’t a legit QB. Like was said earlier, he may see some plays at slot reciever or
    a few plays at runningback to give Brown a spell. The big decision that Maine must handled with tact is which DB, afer playing all season will sit out so that Mr. Hull can get on the field?

  • SE div

    What a great night in the SE division. DBar is playing great right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it to the finals.
    Good luck to all teams.

    • J freerun Davis

      Well they didnt so no need to worry

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