San Dimas is on the verge of another title after 61-28 blowout; La Serna back in title game; Muir, Monrovia, St. Francis, Rio Hondo Prep all lose

What an incredible night of what could have been. Well, it was for San Dimas, but the rest of the SGV was rolling for a while too. Muir looked like it was on the verge of knocking off undefeated Norwalk and St. Francis had a chance of upsetting one of the best teams in the state, Serra. But both couldn’t get it done in the fourth to pull it out. Three-time defending Mid-Valley champ Monrovia won’t get its dream final against San Dimas. The Wildcats fell behind early and rallied to take the lead over Paraclete in the fourth quarter. But the Cats got beat in the final minute and so did their chances of becoming the first SGV school since the 70s Temple City Rams to win four straight titles. Rio Hondo Prep is another that won’t get a chance to defend its title after losing to Salesian. But Frankie “Football” Palmer is going to his third straight championship game and looking for his first ring. But this night was about San Dimas. From 0-4 to the verge of a tile, they’re something special and not even Paraclete is going to stop them.

saintsceleSan Dimas marches on: Nobody was talking about San Dimas in September. But as coach Bill Zernickow always says, September doesn’t matter, December does.
His words ring true again and now the Saints are hoping to get fitted for one.
San Dimas will finally get its chance to win its second CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship since 2009 after running all over host Arroyo for a 61-28 victory in the semifinals on Friday, snapping the Knights’ 11-game winning streak.
And it was all ground and pound.
San Dimas running back Joseph Mayorga went nuts, rushing for a school-record 327 yards and four touchdowns. And he wasn’t alone, Fausto Martinez rushed for 215 yards, two TDs and Manny Elizalde finished with 92 yards and two touchdowns.

Monrovia falls in final minute: Andrew Jimenez kicked an 18-yard field goal with 39 seconds left and host Paraclete ended the Wildcats’ dream of four consecutive CIF-Southern Section titles with a 22-21 victory over Monrovia in a Mid-Valley Division semifinal Friday night.
Muir’s championship bid comes up short: For one half on Friday night, everything was going according to script for the Muir High School football team. Then, the lights went out on the Mustangs’ offense and visiting Norwalk rallied from two touchdowns down at halftime to knock off Muir with a 35-28 win and earn a spot in next week’s CIF-Southeast Division championship game.

Tonight’s CIF-SS Semifinals Results

Paraclete 22, Monrovia 21
San Dimas 61, Arroyo 28
Championship: San Dimas will host Paraclete next Friday
La Serna 28, Burbank 21
Norwalk 35, Muir 28
Western Division
Serra 22, St. Francis 16
Chaminade 49, Lompoc 14
Northeast Division
Salesian 35, Rio Hondo Prep 20
Mission Prep 41, Desert 14

For updates of tonight’s games, click thread

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  • SaintsR4real

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING SPORTS FANS!! Thank you Fred, Steve, Aram and supporting cast for bringing us your best year in, year out!!
    Thankful for being able read everybody’s facts and opinions and sharing my own in a civilized way ……HAVE A GREAT DAY ALL

    • New York

      Well said!


    Boy you hit that right on the nail SAINTSR4REAL! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL! Thanks Fred, Aram, Steve and SainT you forgot the Cousin! ~THE GREATEST SPORT SHOW PERIOD~

  • observantcat

    Well Freddie tonights forecast for Lancaster will be 50 degrees at 7:00 and last til around 9:30 then it will drop just a little to 47 degrees tip 11:00 NO RAIN IN THE FORECAST FOR TONIGHT! by that time we should have taken care of our business and be routing our way home. Unfortunately the SGV will get rain in their forecast so good luck holding on to the ball tonight. Ps… Happy belated TG…… We will see you soon!

    • New York

      That sounds like perfect football weather for this time of year in Lancaster. No complaints.

      • observantcat

        Maybe the Gods were listening to Freddie when he gave us the Lancaster, Pittsburg weather report to begin this blog. Nevertheless hopefully we will take advantage of this unique weather opportunity in the desert and come away with the win and head on over to San Dimas next week where I hear it will be a nice 61degrees with no rain in the forecast. Let me not forget about Arroyo where it should be pretty much the same.

        • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

          I guess GOD is a catholic school fan after all!!! Way to go Clete!

        • Saint Parent

          Where you at Kitty Kat…Spirits got your tongue. We may lose Friday but i wont be dodging everyone like you are. What do you have to say for yourself.

    • Frank

      Ha ha ha now that’s funny! I don’t think curiosity killed the cat. I think arrogance killed the cat!

  • New York

    Freddy and Steve,
    Which team has the biggest task, respectively, Arroyo or St Francis? Which of those two is more likely to pull off the upset? St. Francis had a strong first half last time they played. San Dimas is doing their annual demolition run through the playoffs…This is just a daunting task for Arroyo.

  • Nomoredrama

    Nothing quite like Friday Night Lights! Hoping tonights games are all as good as the hype around them! Play Safe, Play Strong, Play On……

  • Local

    I think that Arroyo beating San Dimas would certainly be an upset, but based on the way they both played vs. Los Altos, how big of an upset is it?

    CalPreps has San Dimas as a 34-26 winner, I think a one score game is very possible.

    • Saint Parent

      You are honestly going to compare scores to the Los Altos game. That may as well have been played last season it was so long ago. That game was played when the temps were still in the 100’s and fall haden’t set in. It’s now 3 months later and WINTER time. If u want to compare look at the BP game where SD won 70-28 versus a 56-53 win for Arroyo which was JUST 2 weeks ago.

      • Local

        That’s fair. The weather may have changed…but the kids on the team are still the same. I’m sure San Dimas has become a better team…but I think a greater function of their success is that they haven’t played anyone near the level of those Hacienda League teams or Monrovia in months.

  • Blue Boy

    Fred, how is SD favored??? Arroyo is 11-1 and got the #2 seed. You picked against SD all year for the big games, Northview, Pomona, now you go with them????? Take a hike buddy.

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Your my BOY BLUE?!?!?…. Are you convinced now or did Arroyo get shafted??? Chalk it up to a good season and move on. You all got worked in your back yard.

    • rene77

      Dear ill boy blue,
      Arroyo got served, so grab a fishing pole and start fishing with the rest of us.

  • Leo Tolstoy

    The weather seems to be cooperating and tonight’s games should be well attended. Doesn’t matter if your team made it this far at least support the teams in your league or division. No need to be a hater and boycott a team that beat you instead acknowledge and aspire to be there next year. I read where Muir doesn’t get the respect it deserves from their hometown fans but high school ballers and football fans everywhere should take in a game tonight,

    In most divisions the best of the best are represented so all games should be competitive. Drag your out of town relatives and show them how we do it in So Cal. See everyone at a game tonight !

  • Down goes MTown

    Nothing quite as funny as watching arrogant trash talkers eating crow.

  • Matt Cabrera


  • FredJ

    The only two teams left are the teams I picked to win the Southeast and Mid-Valley, San Dimas and La Serna … and they’ll both get it done.

    • New York

      Definitely some intriguing championship matchups. Paraclete is Paraclete and they just knocked off the defending champs. Norwalk just came from behind and won at Muir. Frankie has his work cut out for him, as does Coach Z.

  • New York

    Congratulations, San Dimas. You all really turned things around and are on a roll. Good luck this week.

  • Brahma Alum

    The size and power of Norwalk vs the speed and execution of La Serna. Muir would have been a better match up for La Serna. Both teams were great against us, but I’ll take Norwalk’s “3 yards and a cloud of dust” over La Serna by 1 TD.

    • New York

      The most important thing for Norwalk is to eliminate turnovers, especially sloppy fumbles and unwise pass attempts.

  • Inland

    San dimas is in a very weak league. Come on guys look at the pre season they got smacked by 3 hacienda teams. Put them in a real league and see what happens but congrats to them in their league.

    • True dat

      The entire Midvalley was exceptionally weak this year,

    • Saint Parent

      You do realize they have less than 1100 students on campus and are the smallest school in their league and one of the smallest schools in their division. There is a reason they got beat by Hacienda schools, a lack of depth because of school population. It’s not plug and play like it is at the big schools. Second and Third string kids at schools like a South Hills and Charter Oak who never get to play are All League at SD. Instead of a backhanded compliment just appreciate what they do with so little. If the league was so weak look at this…BP took #2 Arroyo to wire and lost 53-56 and that was the wild card team. Pomona beat Rosemead easy and then was in a tie game with #4 Paraclete at half. The league finished with 4 ranked teams. Do some research before you go talking about something you THINK you know.

  • Not Since 1995

    Oh…No! Guaaat Happeneddd with Gangrovia…?

    I go to Las Vegas for a couple of days to celebrate Thanksgiving and that Bishop NoMAS is washing football uniforms and this is Guaaat I come home to…?

    Oh…No! GP aka Santa Anita Hooker aka Division 11.5 Chump has got to be absolutely crying like a little biaaaatch…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    Not In 2013 either….

  • coachbilly

    Congrats to San Dimas Football players, coaches and parents. NOBODY gave this group a chance in September. The simple fact that everyone associated with this school and their football program over came such adversity early on in the summer. Its a true realization of what TEAM WORK is all about and that NOT one player makes a team. How many guys stepped up and got it done for their coach and their team? Just an awesome job regardless if they win or lose next week OR that the division or league is weak. Remember, its deemed were you are suppose to be playing!
    Coach Z has displayed the ability to coach up and really has taken a group of young men and made them believe in themselves. Like it or not, its sweet justice. Great job Bill….

    • New York

      I like most of your post except the part about “sweet justice.” What do you mean? What was the injustice?

  • Lupe

    Anyjuan have a suicide watch on GP aka green machine??

    i think coach Z just wrapped up Coach of Yr. What he did to overcome those 1st 4 weeks is pretty amazing.

  • AMAT 73

    GP and Ocat,
    Waiting to hear just what happened on Friday night ?? No need to hide or dodge the blog . Come on guys nut up and show up . It doesn’t look good for you not to be here when you lose . As much as you liked predicting a 4peat and state title game and basically telling the whole MV and SGV they were playing for second you at least should come on here and explain the loss in your eyes . There are a few others but you guys are the leaders of the pack . I know if AMAT went down in flames like that you would be on us like crazy so what gives ??????????

    • saints Fan

      Tell you what, I have watched little over half of the game on Film. What I saw was Clete coming out and sticking Scoby hard like no one had all year. He had a couple of good runs, a couple called back by penalty (and before you Monrovia folks start the Ref crud, I will say again the officiating this year has been terrible. Against Arroyo, there was 1 penalty I can recall the entire game called against Arroyo…. we got drilled repeatedly every time we hit someone hard, there was a yellow hanky “unsportsmanlike conduct”… and all clean hits). Potts was not throwing the ball well at all so looked like the ground attack was going to be the way. I haven’t gotten to the latter part of the game yet, but one thing is for sure, Clete was NOT intimidated and looked like something had those players ticked off and ready to bang. Monrovia was getting some licks in a little too. Clete is very large up front for sure.

      • observantcat

        Trust Me Saints Fan, they will come to play, just hope your guys are up for the challenge. They are by far much faster than SD and much stronger all the way around. Good Luck.

        • saints Fan

          Didn’t think I intimated that they wouldn’t come to play, nobody on our side expects any less. Yah, Yah, we know, everyone is faster than us and stronger…. just time to buckle em up and get after it.

    • observantcat

      Well Amat 73, Monrovia Lost and we are now joining you guys in the other room awaiting the finals in our divisions. We had a great season and are looking forward to another great season in 2014 as are you. That was the worst 39 sec. in Monrovia football history and we did feel the brunt of it emotionally through our kids. Paraclete deserved the win and will be crowned Champions when it all said and done. Their Defense did and will come to play and they have several athletes that are capable of game changing plays as was displayed on Friday. I’m sure San Dimas will come with their A game but from what I saw on Friday that won’t be enough.

      • AMAT 73

        Well I don’t think you can judge SD in the final by how your team showed against Paraclete . SD is rolling right now and with a chip on their shoulder . The winged T is so tough to defend so they will score no doubt . Enough to beat Paraclete I cannot say but I think it will be a battle and don’t sell SD short as they are not the same team who went 0-4 during the preseason .

    • New York

      The real question is whether or not Freddy and the rest of the SGV put a figurative asterisk next to San Dimas’ 10 game win streak and mention that it all happened once their schedule eased up, just as Freddy and the blog’s peanut gallery have done with Monrovia’s seasons the past few years.

      • AMAT 73

        New York,
        I think that issue has more to do with MTown bloggers than with the ease of schedule . It seems that the constant pounding of the chest and not showing much or any respect for the opponents is the root of the issue . I have not seen to many SD honks on here bellowing as the key MTown bloggers do , yourself not included as you are of a different breed then they are .Even you have to admit and I have seen you post to try and get some humility out of MTown bloggers that they did go over the top on many occasions this season . At one time they were saying that league was more of practice time mode for second string players to get reps and for the starters to rest and get healed for the run to the state title game . I wen’t over to the Mid Valley blog to see if GP showed there and Ocat even went so far as to say that the game between Clete and MTown was the real final . How disrespectful is that to SD . After losing to Clete that should have told him anything can happen in the playoffs such as MTown unbelievably losing the game that they all thought was in the bank .

        • New York

          I don’t disagree with much of your assessment of the more brash bloggers, but Freddy often questioned whether or not Monrovia was truly improving or if it was just a byproduct of the easing schedule. To his credit, Freddy brought it up (almost under his breath) about San Dimas on the current two minute drill.

  • 626

    Football: Desean Holmes could be headed to Muir

    On the day standout junior receiver Desean Holmes of Alemany was named the Serra League co-MVP, he was at Pasadena Muir apparently planning to transfer.

    Muir Coach John Hardy confirmed that one of his players saw Holmes on campus. Hardy said if the rumor is true of Holmes’ arrival, he would be a big addition.

    Alemany Coach Dean Herrington said Monday he was unaware of Holmes leaving the school. Holmes did not show up to Alemany on Monday for classes.