Want a tough decision, try selecting the Tribune football player of the year


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  • LA Futbol

    Nice picture of the LAHS Conqueror Crazies! For my money they are the best student section in the valley! Take a look at the home field advantage the Conqs had at home this season (undefeated!) compared to how they played away from home. That a Conqueror Spirit was amazing. Too bad you didn’t get a chance to witness it yourself Fred. Come in by next war and check it out! Not sure about player of the year…but please consider Ziola for COACH OF THE YEAR!!!!

    • MoreKetchup

      That Conqueror field helped them win also. Nothing beats a nice and muddy field.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    I have not seen a worthy POTY. Don’t award one.

  • Saint At Heart

    Frankie “football” Palmer . He deserves it for what he has done over the years. Especially if he can take the next step and win the big one .


    I don’t know if the Tribune POY covers Aram’s territory but if they do….

    I like Rashaad Penny and Frankie Palmer. IMO these are the two best players in the Valley. Hands down the best RB in the Valley and Frankie Football how can you not put him up there. Three years in a row has his team in the finals.

    He reminds me of the kid from Covina (QB) a while back can’t think of his name Colt74 help me out here…

    • Don

      Kid you are trying to remember is named Macdonough (sp). Good QB and a better LB. Mom spent some time on these blogs for a bit.

    • Colt74

      Michael McDonough

  • Saint Parent

    If its just SGV area then Mayorga of San Dimas. He has only played 12 games because he didn’t play in the Bonita game. He has 1712 yards(School Record) and 16 TD’s in an offense that splits carries, his teammate Martinez has 1200 yards and 21 TD’s. In games that mattered he shined. Against undefeated Northview-225 yds 3 TD: Covina-240 yds 2 TD: Undefeated Pomona-191 3TD: Quarter Finals San Marino-194 1TD: Semi Finals Arroyo-337 yds(School Record) 4TD. He is averaging 16 yards per carry in the playoffs and 13 yards per carry on the season…He is the best player on the LAST team standing in the SGV.

    • Valley Athletics

      Agree .

    • Colt74

      +1 for ” The Count “

  • inland_1

    Co- POTY, Mayorga & Martinez. Those are great numbers for a featured back, but having 2 backs with those numbers are unreal.