Mid-Valley, Southeast Division two-minute drills and predictions: San Dimas-Paraclete; La Serna-Norwalk

Mid-Valley Division Championship
Friday, San Dimas (9-4) vs. Paraclete (9-4) at San Dimas High School, 7 p.m.
Predictions: Aram (San Dimas); Fred (San Dimas); Steve (San Dimas)

Southeast Division Championship
Saturday, Norwalk (13-0) vs. La Serna (11-2) at Cal State Fullerton, 7 p.m.
Predictions: Aram (La Serna); Fred (La Serna); Steve (La Serna)

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  • New York

    Way to go, Freddy. With your “Freddyan” slip at the 6:56 mark, you have cemented my notion that you have Monrovia derangement syndrome. This show is suppose to be about San Dimas!

    • FredJ

      Figures a Monrovia blogger would be the first to post

      • New York

        I love this blog. I was hoping to hear more about San Dimas’s and Paraclete’s accomplishments and less about what Monrovia did not accomplish.

        Also, this is only Paraclete’s fourth year in this combined division. They won it their first year and left after the second, returning to the division last year and a finals appearance. So this is their third finals appearance out of four years in the division, not the disappointment you suggested.

        • FredJ

          Anytime you don’t win it, it’s a disappointment. Ask La Serna.

          • New York

            As you have pointed out many times, I can stay closer to home and know that losing hurts.

  • realtalk

    What happen to green? He talked about how other teams weren’t good and how coaches will get out coached. It shows you don’t put other programs down. Fred and Aram had Monrovia winning it all from the start… wrong. Good luck to all the teams.

    • FredJ

      Um, real talk, here’s a fact check: I picked San Dimas over Monrovia before the first round

      • New York

        Freddy, you also picked San Dimas to run roughshod over the entire division as soon as it was formed back in 2008. It is funny to hear that SD Fan on the other thread talk about how no one has been in SD’s corner.

      • Matt Cabrera

        I concur

  • Matt Cabrera


  • Joey P

    Burbank doesn’t run what Norwalk runs. Norwalk runs basic pop warner double wing. They have big linemen and are physical up front. Defense gives up a lot of points. La Serna should win in a close game.

    • Steve Ramirez

      From what I saw, Burbank ran a double-wing vs. Muir. Haven’t seen Norwalk, but if it’s a double wing, no matter the different details, the concepts are the same. But its important to remember, like Vince Lombardi once said, no matter what offense you run, you have to establish a bread-and-butter play that forces the opposition to stop. Once you do that, then you can run different plays off of it.

      • New York

        The double-wing is a formation. Various offenses can be run from it. The concepts are dictated by the offensive philosophy. So that is not necessarily accurate, Steve.

        Markham’s double-wing featured linemen foot-to-foot with a sniffer fullback. He also utilized his QB as a lead blocker most of the time after making the pitch. He used to run the same offense out of an I-formation, but he liked the angles better with the wing-back. I assume more schools do not run this offense, because it might seem boring to players and coaches other than offensive lineman and running backs. It really requires players to put their egos aside and become blockers. In fact, Markham discuss this issue in his instructional videos.

        You are spot-on about the importance of executing your bread and butter (Lombardi).

      • J freerun Davis

        Not sure what game you watch but they ran the spread

        • Steve Ramirez

          What game here u watching? V Muir Burbank definitely was running Double Wing and blast most of the time. Now they may have switched since, but V Muir was definitely the Double Wing

  • SaintsR4real

    Lets go S.D. one play at a time, execute perfectly and leave your all on that field…….DONT LOOK BACK!!!!

    • New York

      That is the formula for success.

  • New York

    Norwalk’s Coach Ceniceros was a long-time assistant to Coach Markham at Bloomington and Rialto and then probably to Coach Bruich at Kaiser. As an assistant, he was part of several very physical CIF championship teams.

    Markham’s longstanding philosophy had a heavy emphasis on perfecting the offense, and almost no emphasis on special teams. Markham chose to go for a two-point conversion every time, rather than needing to spend time working on the kicking game. He wanted to essentially wear teams down and effectively beat them into submission. That seems to be Norwalk’s philosophy as well.

    With a double or triple team at the point of attack every time, this type of offense is grueling to play against if your defense does not force 3rd and longs regularly. Markham was known for making this a four-down offense. With a horse like they have, it is common to have a close game in the first half, only to see long runs later in the game when the d-line and linebackers are sucking wind.

  • Jefe

    Pulling for Paraclete and Norwalk. Sick of the other two.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Sick? Why?

    • AMAT 73

      Come on man , are you sick of a couple of obnoxious bloggers or the local kids trying for a title ??? Norwalk I can see , because it’s your side of the tracks but Clete ???? If it’s the first part , bloggers , the same could be said of some your compadres on other blogs , Rivals for one , and you haven’t won crap yet .Yea I know , here comes the AMAT crap from you , but If its the second part you should just stay off our blog with that bull . What would make you sick of the players on the SD team ???????

  • Inland

    San dimas is in the weakest league in the whole area.

    • Saint Parent

      Weakest??? Almonte didn’t have one team in the semi finals. MV league were all man handled and only Arroyo went deep and then got man handled. VVL had 4 teams ranked in the division. Pomona had Paraclete tight at half before the wheels fell off and BP, a wildcard team, took Arroyo to the final seconds 53-56. The same could be said for Rio Hondo. SD smashed San Marino and all the others were absolutely terrible. Don’t confuse the success of Monrovia with a good league.

      • New York

        Don’t pay attention. This guy doesn’t respect anyone in the entire SGV.

        • saints Fan

          I hear you NY and Inland has the same disparity between their upper and lower ranked schools. Been there, done that !

  • WCDan

    Good luck to all teams tonight, SD Saint’s, good luck and I hope you boy’s bring home a title to the SGV tonight. Paraclete is no joke though, Saints will have to be at their best, but the way they have been blowing out teams in the playoffs, they seem to be the hot team in the Midvalley. Very interesting and exciting matchup.
    La Serna and Norwalk matchup is every bit as intriguing, I saw La Serna two weeks ago vs Diamond Bar and they’re probably the best coached/executing team I’ve seen in person this year. They don’t out athlete or out size you but they beat you with crisp execution and discipline. Coach Margaritto Beltrans got that team firing on all cylinders, their defense closes quickly and smothers the opposing offense, while bottleing up bigger, faster, more athletic recievers. Frankie Palmer and his offense execute with near perfection, and the game plan, play variety, and play calling was some of the best I’ve seen this year. Yet with that said,
    Norwalk with their size and physicality of the O-line along with the size and speed of their runningbacks, may be just the type of combination that gives the discipline but smaller La Serna defense problems. Think about Norco, they’re a big physical type of running team that overpowered La Serna both this year and last year. I think they still run a wing t at Norco which is not the same thing as Norwalks double wing, but both offenses are physical run formations with multiple blockers at the point of attack, and include a lot of misdirection. In that sense, Norwalk is in the same mold as a team like Norco. Thats what make this game so intriguing, will La Serna’s heart, discipline, and great execution, be enough to overcome the size, speed and power of Norwalk. If it doesn’t rain I will be there.

    • Joey P


  • Norwalk, the better LANCERS

    Norwalk will be to much for La Serna. Close game but Norwalk will win.