JOE LEGEND: Joseph Mayorga’s last minute game-winning 32-yard TD seals the deal for San Dimas, 20-14 over Paraclete for the Mid-Valley Division title

BREAKING: La Serna wins the Southeast Division title in double overtime, 41-38.



GAME STORY: Back in September, the San Dimas High School football team looked lost. Today the Saints are champions. Joseph Mayorga rushed for 151 yards and two touchdowns, including a 32-yard run with 27 seconds left, and host San Dimas capped its run to a second CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley title with a 20-14 victory over visiting Paraclete on Friday night.

Aram’s column on coach Bill Zernickow winning a second title: When Bill Zernickow took over as head coach at San Dimas High School in 2005, the school was looking for some stability and proper leadership at the top of its football program. Anything beyond that, specifically wins, would simply be gravy given how the previous coaching staff’s tenure came to an end.

I’ll update with video highlights and interviews from the Inland Insider…

Mayorga’s game winning TD, final moments, celebration and interviews … later we’ll also have the Inland Insider’s postgame video with game highlights as well….

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  • Don

    Any truth in the rumor that the Antelope Valley media is sniveling about the cold weather at San Dimas in the forecast?

    Margaret Neill gets word of that and she’ll have their cred’s yanked . . . at the least.


      CAL PREPS has San DIMAS 33, Paraclete 31! Wow that’s going to be a game to watch!!! Good luck SD!

  • saints Fan

    Tomorrows forecast for Lancaster, CA — so we should be a little warmer
    7 PM FriDec 6 38°F Mostly Clear FEELS LIKE:31° HUMIDITY:53%


    WIND:WSW at 10 mph

    • San Dimas Football

      Joe Legend? What is that? “The Count” Mayorga’s nickname is The Count! Everybody knows that!

  • FredJ

    The weather outside is frightful …

  • FredJ

    Can’t wait to get to San Dimas tonight … love championship football

  • FredJ

    How did Paraclete manage to bring its weather to San Dimas?

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Lancaster CALIFORNIA right?


  • New York

    A big key to the game should be San Dimas’s tall tightend/receiver. His receptions could make a big difference tonight.

  • FredJ

    That was some exciting stuff

  • Saint Parent

    What a great game by two amazing programs. The boys played hard tonight, its a shame someone had to lose. I call on all SD fans to win with humility this weekend. There is nothing left to be said, just point to the scoreboard. We dont need “I told you so” or any of that. Our program should be proud of how they handled themselves through the Jake Payton situation, Shakegate, and the 0-4 start. I especially ask of you all to leave JP alone. He has to live the rest of his life with the decisions he made and he doesn’t need us rubbing it in. Every time he drives by that stadium or hears the name San Dimas it will bother him. Let that be his punishment, not us running our mouths. Congrats to Coach Zernickow. I dont see how he doesn’t win Coach of the Year and to Mayorga who I see having a very good shot a Player of the Year. Enjoy the night, you deserve it

    • Valley Athletics

      He should win coach of the year and maybe it should be both Martinez and mayorga as co player of the year . Congrats to San Dimas . Everyone was handing Monrovia the trophy at the beginning of the year and San Dimas fought hard to not lose that game . Those 2 missed field goals could of came back to hurt San Dimas , but the defense got the stops and final drive to win game ..

      • inland_1

        Couldn’t agree more on the Co-Players of the Year. Coach Z did do a great job, but it shouldn’t be a surprise the roll they got on. They had a tough preseason, but what was going to change in league, they have been the class of the Valle Vista for years, and that wasn’t going to change. I am impressed with the margin of how they did it though. The coach from Bassett deserves serious consideration, but Coach Z would be deserving as well.

      • SteveO

        I would like to see an offensive lineman like SD’s center (his name escapes me at the moment) also be included for poy consideration! Mayorga himself said that the offensive line had huge holes for them to run through. I believe it was during the Arroyo game when he said it. Also Fausto Martinez up for nomination! Pounding through the meat of the defense over and over again. He punished someone every time he ran the ball!

        • Matt Cabrera


    • Don

      Punishment for leaving SDHS? Every time he drives by the stadium? Forever?

      Doesn’t seem very saintly to wish that on anyone but then I heard it was better to hate the sin and forgive the sinner.

      • Saint Parent

        He accused the coaching staff of providing supplements in an effort to get them fired like what happened to the coaches at Alhambra. He text messaged current and former players before it came out to gather information and build a case. He was on a man hunt and in the end the allegations were false. He could have cost many people their jobs and 56 former teammates a chance at a championship…so yes PUNISHMENT. Emotional punishment for his actions!

        • Don

          I thought it was his guardian(s) who caused the stir. Was it really a kid who did all that?

          • Saint Parent

            I have a screen shot of his text message conversation with my kid. But in the end it all worked out. Instead of dwelling on JP we are going to celebrate the accomplishments of those amazing young men!!! Im officially done mentioning “He who must not be named”

          • AMAT 73

            SP ,
            I guess the LEAVE PAYTON ALONE just went out the door .

          • Saint Parent

            I tried, i really tried but Don made a comment and the flood gates opened but I’m done now, I swear.

          • New York

            NO! You did not try to leave Payton alone. You are the one who initiated the entire discussion about Payton. You say not to rub it in, but then you paint an illustration of JP driving by the stadium and being haunted. You say one thing and do another.

          • SaintsR4real

            Saint Parent, I would sure like to meet you, only to visually see what kind of an idiot you are. Why on earth would you bring Jake Payton up on this blog of celebration?? I know a whole lot of parents at San Dimas and I really question your TEAM loyalty, cause you sure don’t sound like a parent and and I’m sure there are a whole lot of parents embarrassed by your actions. This is High School Footbal, FOOL! Nobody has the truth on anything and nobody has the right to judge becuase nobody knows both sides of the story, nor you or I. Hate to say it, so I’m not….would just like to meet up with you, but I’m sure I could picture you now.

          • Matt Cabrera


          • Trujillo77

            Well thank you for the compliment, I think. I still haven’t come down from this great season and unbelievable CIF Championship. I am truly going to miss watching my son play San Dimas Saints football but that’s life. I look forward to watching the Saints try to go back to back. I enjoy reading your blogs and never took the time to blog prior to this, but once I saw my name thrown out there I figured I would cure your curiosity. So no need to call me out anymore, however, now I’m curious who you are?

          • Trujillo77

            I don’t believe my reply was clear. I am not “Saint parent”

          • SaintsR4real

            Please, let’s keep celebrating the great win and our appreciation of the schools that the boys fought against because their great programs made us shine even more Great job Monrovia, Paraclete, Arroyo, San Marino and all others

  • FredJ

    If you haven’t read Aram’s column on coach Zernickow you should, it’s a great read and cements coach Z among the Valley’s all-time greats

  • FredJ

    I don’t know who’s been more impressive over the last five years in the Mid Valley, Monrovia or San Dimas … Cats have three titles and the Saints two, but the Saints beat the Cats in a title game in 09 and finished another against power Paraclete .. Thank goodness for the Mid Valley division, otherwise we wouldn’t have much to write about it in December.

    • Saint Parent

      Fred…every time I watch the two videos you shot on the sideline it gives me chills. First the Mayorga video and how excited you got and then the final play and seeing the team and fans rush the field. We were all treated to a special experience. Thanks for doing what you do. Those kids will be able to watch that video with their grandkids one day and say “See that, your grandpa was a champion back in the day”

      • FredJ

        I know I got a little excited… that’s what makes this fun, following hometown teams to finals and championships. I don’t care whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, whatever, to be there for the ride, it never gets old. That’s why we do this.

        • New York

          Was Mayorga on San Gabriel’s varsity team that played in the finals two years ago?

          • WCDan

            He is not on the 2011 roster NY, may have been JV that year.

    • New York

      Why even bring this up when we should be celebrating San Dimas. Start another thread for this topic.

  • SteveO

    It was a great game for SD! It was right up there with the game with Monrovia for the Mid Valley championship in ’09! Actually. better! Yes, thank goodness for the Mid Valley division where they always bring exciting games via some great small cross town rivalries! Freddy, hope you and Aram enjoyed yourselves! Congratulations to San Dimas Saints!

    • San Dimas Football

      Joe Legend? What is that? “The Count!” Mayorga’s nickname is “The Count” Everybody knows that!

  • Don

    Congratulations to the Saint’s players and staff. Great job.

  • AMAT 73

    Great win for the San Dimas football team and coaches . Congrartulations to all involved with the program and enjoy your Championship .

  • New York

    Congratulations San Dimas! You all worked hard and stayed the course. You set a great example for every football program. You are never out of the fight.

  • Conq ’76

    Congratulations to the Saints!

  • reality

    How pathetic for all readers of this blog to have to read about the I told you so fans of the champion Saints. You folks really are sick if it makes your day to spend your time typing this garbage.

    • FredJ

      Don’t thing this thread has taken that tone at all

      • reality

        I guess you dont read your own blog.

  • WCDan

    •21 hours ago


    Wrote this in the wrong thread yesterday before the SD/Paraclete game, Saints have since become champions, congratulations on a well played and hard earned Champioship game and way to turn around a season San Dimas:

    “Good luck to all teams tonight, SD Saint’s, good luck and I hope you boy’s bring home a title to the SGV tonight. Paraclete is no joke though, Saints will have to be at their best, but the way they have been blowing out teams in the playoffs, they seem to be the hot team in the Midvalley. Very interesting and exciting matchup.
    La Serna and Norwalk matchup is every bit as intriguing, I saw La Serna two weeks ago vs Diamond Bar and they’re probably the best coached/executing team I’ve seen in person this year. They don’t out athlete or out size you but they beat you with crisp execution and discipline. Coach Margaritto Beltrans got that team firing on all cylinders, their defense closes quickly and smothers the opposing offense, while bottleing up bigger, faster, more athletic recievers. Frankie Palmer and his offense execute with near perfection, and the game plan, play variety, and play calling was some of the best I’ve seen this year. Yet with that said,
    Norwalk with their size and physicality of the O-line along with the size and speed of their runningbacks, may be just the type of combination that gives the discipline but smaller La Serna defense problems. Think about Norco, they’re a big physical type of running team that overpowered La Serna both this year and last year. I think they still run a wing t at Norco which is not the same thing as Norwalks double wing, but both offenses are physical run formations with multiple blockers at the point of attack, and include a lot of misdirection. In that sense, Norwalk is in the same mold as a team like Norco. Thats what make this game so intriguing, will La Serna’s heart, discipline, and great execution, be enough to overcome the size, speed and power of Norwalk. If it doesn’t rain I will be there.”

  • Saints Go Marching In

    Great game. The crowd at San Dimas hasn’t been that big since they held the smudge pot there. It was an electric atmosphere. Is it ironic that the first home game next year when they raise the 2013 CIF banner is against the visiting Monrovia Wildcats. Thats going to be exciting. Enjoy the moment SD faithful, after the start we had I think we earned a few smiles and high fives!!!

    • SteveO

      San Dimas’ crowd size is decent considering the size of the school. They can draw a good crowd for the big games like Smudge Pot, CIF championship games and even league title games like they had with Pomona this year. They also travel well. One good thing is the band and all or most of the cheerleaders also travel (thanks San Dimas high administrators and Bonita Unified!) to the away games so that helps with team support!

  • coachbilly

    The script could not have been written better. Its just proves that good coaching matters! How parents, players, and the administration buys into a system is really what it’s all about. Coach Z is rmore than football coach at San Dimas….
    He’s building a foundation for young men by teaching them what being part of a team or a family unit is all about. The lessons learned this year from all the adversity is what I’m most impressed with. These kids will remember this for the rest of their lives~ How awesome is that??? I’ve sat back and just watched this system of LIFE take root.
    A big Congrats to Bill and his coaches, parents, Admin and most of all the kids! Just a perfect way to end the year
    God Bless

  • 12th man

    How electrifying is this kid “Frankie Football”? Intillegent with the ball,doesn’t make to many rarely sacked..super illusive & athletic…I’m gonna go out on a limb & call this kid the best QB in the whole whittier,SGV, & parts of Orange County area…Last night was my third time watching this kid play & his maturity along with knowledge of the game (know whens to run with the ball & when to throw it away) is mind boggling…If you had an all encompassing player of the year..There should be no doubt as to who the player should be..

    • WCDan

      12th man, I couldn’t agree more, after seen this kid last night and two weeks ago against DB, where he may have been even more impressive,along with seeing him last year in the semis where he dismantled the West Co defense, I can’t remember seeing a more clutch QB and team leader in the entire SGV and whittier area in the past few years. Even more impressive
      is that he never played organized football till his freshman year in highschool, he was a soccer player. If he was 6’2″ he would have offers
      from the big schools.

  • 121 Sweep Right

    Congrats to the Wing T champs: San Dimas, La Serna, and Nordoff.

  • Matt Cabrera

    Too bad for his previous running back that transferred ( I forget his
    name) because I don’t think he had any playoff rushing yards this year.
    I guess the grass isn’t always “greener”.

    • MoreKetchup

      Not to take away from San Dimas’ win or anything, but I do think he was playing in a MUCH tougher division with a extraordinarily harsher league schedule.

      • Matt Cabrera

        Coach Z won the battle tho

        • MoreKetchup

          No doubt about that. Payton’s parent’s played a dangerous game and lost.

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