HE’S BACK: Former Los Altos legend Greg Gano will take over as Wilson’s head football coach

“It’s going to be a nice, new challenge,” Gano said. “I don’t have a magic wand, so it’s going to take time. They know that. I know that. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. “We’re going to try and put a staff together, work hard and be competitive.”

coachganoBy Aram Tolegian Greg Gano is back in Hacienda Heights. Gano, who won four CIF championships at Los Altos, was named head coach of the Wilson High School football team last Friday. Gano is the fourth head coach at the school in four years … conversely, Wilson is Gano’s third job in the past two years. “You always think the grass is greener and it’s not, and I’m back in the district where I spent most of my coaching career and I’m excited about being here,” Gano said.Wilson’s football program has fallen on hard times in recent years. The Wildcats were 1-9 this fall and didn’t win a game in the Valle Vista League. Nick Christos, who was in his second year at the helm, resigned as head coach shortly after the season.
Prior to that, the Wildcats were coached by veteran Bob Burt, who was brought in to stabilize the program after the hasty exit previous head coach Brian Zavala. Burt was also supposed to mentor Christos, who served on Burt’s staff.

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  • WTF

    You got say one thing for Gano he does not know when to quit. His self centered attitude will really correct his past. Gano do the right thing for once and Coach the kids you have don’t look for talent you don’t have. Coach and all the kids you need will show up to play

    • hectichuck

      oh i assure you hes out on the recruiting trial as we speak

      • The stands

        Will Harwell follow Gano and leave Cantwell?

        • Boycott lacerito

          Harwell would be dumb to fallow him. Gano will dig his grave at Wilson and will retire after this yr…

          • hectichuck

            he needs 6 more years to get his pension there aint no way hes going to retire after one year

          • AMAT 73

            Well he picked a great place to ride out those last 6 years . I doubt much is expected and if he wins 2-3 games a season all will be happy

        • hectichuck

          no but i bet the browns will

          • rene77

            not a fat chance!!!! Brown does not want to end his carrer early by fallowing Gano, He is much smarter than that. i guarantee he will fallow brigham Harwell to Cantwell

  • hectichuck

    just heard dave merrill joing his staff also

  • Iheard

    Fred is it true that covina valley school district fired the coach Rodriguez from south hills because they paid him too much? And how much is too much are we talking thousands and why would it be rodriguezes fault?

    • FredJ

      No truth to this at all, Rodriguez is still the coach, confirmed it with him.

      • SGV 4 30 Years

        You had to laugh at that one. How many public school head coaches make more than 4,000 per season? And they still have to teach. Wasn’t it the Covina district that wanted to cut the athletics period for their coaches but still want them to run their program year round?

  • rene77

    Oh GOD!!! Gano is not a coach he tanked Damien and Tustin. The only reason he won 4 championships it’s cuz of the caliber of players he had.

    • FredJ

      That’s is one of the most laughable comments ever. “He won 4 championships” because of the players he had….Hate to break it to you, but that’s how you win, with talent, just ask St. John Bosco

      • hectichuck

        i agree fred what kind of a person would make a statement like that. one thing thats good for wilson is that to be a effective coach at wilson you must recruit talent to the school. the back to back championship team was recruited and the 2003 team was recruited and tim gilmore was recruited. nobody lived in the wilson area with those teams they had

      • hectichuck

        gano can recruit, he recruited at los altos and he did recruit at damien also. this is the best thing that ever happen to wilson in years

  • Coach W

    Unless his overweight health gets the best of him. Have some self respect.

  • DHighAlum

    As a Damien alumni of 2013, Gano is not a coach. He relies on players to do everything. He gave up on us after the Los alamitos game and as you can see our record went downhill from there. I would know, this debate is over, not a good coach.