Mid-Valley, Southeast Division two-minute drills and predictions: San Dimas-Paraclete; La Serna-Norwalk

Mid-Valley Division Championship
Friday, San Dimas (9-4) vs. Paraclete (9-4) at San Dimas High School, 7 p.m.
Predictions: Aram (San Dimas); Fred (San Dimas); Steve (San Dimas)

Southeast Division Championship
Saturday, Norwalk (13-0) vs. La Serna (11-2) at Cal State Fullerton, 7 p.m.
Predictions: Aram (La Serna); Fred (La Serna); Steve (La Serna)

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John “Nut And Honey” Honell says Paraclete, San Dimas will be over quick

Johny “Nut and Honey” Honell, one of our favorite and longtime Tribune correspondents, has a few thoughts to share on the Mid-Valley title game and other stuff..
My only prediction for the San Dimas – Paraclete Mid-Valley Championship game is, it will be over early.
Paraclete coach Norm Dahlia told me “when you throw the ball, three things can happen and two of them are bad.” (shades of Woody Hayes)
Couple that philosophy with the Saints’ “Wing Z” offense and the clock is going to keep moving. Get there early and keep your eyes open. (think Black Friday at Wal-Mart)

In the late 90’s I covered a few games for the Pasadena Star News.
Pat Haden’s son, Ryan, played high school football at Pasadena Poly and might have had the best hands of any wide receiver in the area. He didn’t have breakaway speed but, it was certainly a lot better than his dad’s. Getting a chance to talk with Pat while he was sitting in the “grass bleachers” at Poly was always fun plus, I finally got a chance to complain about him throwing the Tribune onto my roof instead of onto my driveway.
I ran into him a few years later when he was an “unpaid assistant” at Bosco Tech. (helping out a friend) The following year the head coaching job at the school became vacant. I understand it was not offered to Haden.

Speaking of coach “O,” he is one of the best college football recruiters in the country. Back in the day he made a few visits to the San Gabriel Valley to look for prospects. I don’t know how many kids he recruited but he certainly had the coaches ready to suit up. I’d pay to see it (not much) but, I don’t think Steve Bogan trying to cover Lou Farrar, or vice versa, on a post pattern would fill the Coliseum.

I don’t have an opinion about the Steve Sarkisian hire at USC, Pat Haden is a pretty smart guy (even if he didn’t get the Bosco Tech job) so I’m sure it will all be fine at USC. We’ll know for sure if we see Cher, (nee Sarkisian) doing the half-time shows. I’m not sure if that would be nepotism but, they are related. (If she sings one of my favorites, “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves,” would it be a sign that a lot of players are leaving for the NFL?) All bets are off if the Trojan song girls start dressing like her. It would shock the Puritan minds of L.A. to see cheerleaders dressed in skimpy costumes.

It appears the CIF has gotten into the handicapping game and they aren’t very good at it. (wait until you see the “top 16” basketball division) The Montview and Sierra Leagues are good examples
of playoff divisions should be set up by enrollment and geography, Period. Schools in the same league could even play in different divisions. (they do in basketball, how hard can it be?). If some teams aren’t good enough, don’t complain, work harder and get better.

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San Dimas represents the SGV at CIF championship luncheon Monday

It’s the lunch that every high school football team in Southern California aspires to attend but only 26 actually get an invite.
The CIF-Southern Section hosted its annual championship week luncheon on Monday featuring teams who will play in this weekend’s 13 divisional championship games.
The lunch was held at The Grand Event Center in Long Beach and the lone local representative was San Dimas, which hosts Paraclete in the Mid-Valley Division championship on Friday night.

Below: San Dimas players Joseph Mayorga, Josh Avila and Jared Trujillo eating on CIFs dime on Monday. Enjoy it boys.

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Maranatha’s third-annual Christmas Combine set for Dec. 14 and 15 … Bring presents for needy families

The Third Annual Christmas Combine Camp is set for Saturday/Sunday, Dec. 14 & 15 at Maranatha High School in Pasadena.
The two-day event, which features the mentoring from local legend and former Florida State quarterback and Fox Sports analyst Chris Rix is geared for all football positions in the following Divisions: QB, WR, RB, DB, LB, OL, DL, & Kickers with the following age ranges and groups.
*Collegiate Division: Varsity & College
*Prep Division: Grades 8/9/10th
*Rookie Division: Grades 3-7th

Cost for the Combine and Camp is $99 for both days. Athletes also have the option for $50 Camp fee if bringing an unopened holiday gift ($10-$50 value) that will be donated to a children’s charity.
The Camp website is WWW.AIMFORGREATNESS.COM. This year’s event has limited spots as local HS and College coaches will also be in attendance. To reserve camp spots parents and athletes can call the Camp Office @ (626) 581-7016 or email: ChampionOrganization@live.com

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