All Hacienda League Football: Diamond Ranch’s Kammy Delp named MVP

Player of the Year: Kammy Delp, Diamond Ranch
Offensive Player of the Year: Estuardo Marcos, Sr., Los Altos
Defensive Players of the Year: Sidney Jones, Sr., West Covina and Thomas Loy, Sr., Bonita
First team offense
C Eric Castillo, Jr., Los Altos; G David Tolmachoff, Jr., Los Altos; G Eric Quevedo, Jr., West Covina; T George Stewart, Jr., Los Altos; T Chris Fernandez, Sr., West Covina; TE Tyler Lli, Jr., West Copvina; RB Daniel Garcia, Jr., Diamond Ranch; RB Tyler Brown, Sr., Diamond Bar; RB Jake Payton, Sr., Bonita; RB William Bryan, Sr., Diamond Ranch; WR Cordell Broadus, Jr., Diamond Bar; WR Danny Gelalich, Jr., Bonita; WR Marcus Briscoe, Sr., Diamond Ranch; K Mario Giron, Sr., Diamond Ranch
First team defense
DL David Tolmachoff, Jr., Los Altos; DL Christian McQueen, Sr., Bonita; DL Josh Herrera, Sr., West Covina; DL Tevita Sina, Jr., Los Altos; DL David Jimenez, Jr., Los Altos; DL Austin Russell, Jr., Bonita; LB Josh Best, Sr., West Covina; LB Matt Preston, Sr., Diamond Ranch; LB Carlos Mejia, Jr., Los Altos; LB Steven Olmos, Jr., Los Altos; LB David Ford, Sr., West Covina; DB Danny Gelalich, Jr., Bonita; DB DeShon Love, Jr., West Covina; DB John Perkins, Jr., Diamond Ranch, Jr.; DB William Bryan, Sr., Diamond Ranch; DB Daniel Garcia, Jr., Diamond Ranch
Second team offense
C Joe Tollar, Sr., Bonita; G Jake Loera, Sr., Los Altos; G Carl Bryan, Sr., Diamod Ranch; T Bryson Finley, Sr., West Covina; T John Aleriano, Jr., Bomita; T Chris, Sr., Diamond Bar; TE Miguel Romero, Sr., Rowland; QB Tyler Peterson, Jr., Diamond Bar; RB Matt Hayashi, Jr., Los Altos; RB De Shon Love, Sr., West Covina; RB Steve Garcia, Sr., West Covina’; RB Andrew Coronado, Jr., Walnut; WR Renee McGowan, Sr., Wlanut; WR Austin Cox, Jr., Diamond Bar; WR Daniel Garcia, Jr., Diamond Ranch; K Brandon Paisley, Sr., Rowland
Second team defense
DL Keandre Johnson, Sr., Diamond Bar; DL Zory McThomas, Sr., Diamond Ranch; DL Ashton Lizarraga, Sr., Walnut; DL Chris Kirchgrabber, Sr., Diamond Ranch; LB Christian Zambrano, Jr., Diamond Ranch, LB Josh Sanchez, Sr., Diamond Bar; LB Damien Ibarra, Jr., West Covina; LB Jacob Karrim, Sr., Bonita; LB Noah Montoya, Sr., Bonita; DB Chris Torres, Sr., Diamond Bar; DB Tyler Brown, Sr., Diamond Bar; DB Isaiah Love, Soph., West Covina; DB Justin Berry, Sr., Diamond Ranch; DB Daniel Valdez, Jr., Los Altos.

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  • Ba Ba Bohi

    Hey Fred,

    Who Got 1st team QB for the Hacienda? I don’t see it listed…

    • reality

      The Hacienda with many fine teams did not have a quarterback worth post season recognition. Bohi’s Diebold and DB’s Peterson were projected to be better and show more leadership than they did and that is why the league failed so badly in the post season. A QB must play great in big games and the Hacienda did not have one QB that fit the bill.

      • Ba Ba Bohi

        Stupid reply.

    • Don

      Heck no there aren’t any 1st team qb’s . . . Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t convert a first down against the 6-5-5 defenses they run in the hacienda.

    • Valley Athletics

      I don’t see a first team Qb . It has to be a misprint . No way you can have a list without a Qb and that many running backs .

  • 121 Sweep Right

    Dude where are the highlights against the good teams? D Bar and Rowland aren’t impressive. What happened vs. Bonita and Los Altos?