All Sierra League Football: South Hill’s Adam Goss and Charter Oak’s Donavin Washington earn top honors

Players of the Year:
– Adam Goss, Sr., South Hills; Donavin Washington, Sr., Charter Oak; Eric Prevost, Sr., Charter Oak.
Offensive MVP: Zion Echols, Soph., Charter Oak
Defensive MVP: Trent Goens, Soph., Chino Hills
First team offense
QB Brian Meyette, Sr., Ayala; RB Kory Brown, Sr, Charter Oak; RB Brysen Charbonier, Jr., Chino Hills; RB Cecil Fleming, Sr., Claremont; RB Dylan Thigpen, Soph., Damien; OL Jordan Austin, Sr., Claremont; OL Ray Fathauer, Sr., Damien; OL Mike Green, Sr., Chino Hills; OL Alex Haston, Sr., Charter Oak; OL Dominic Johnson, Sr., South Hills; OL Tate Larson, Sr., Damien; WR Josh Dozal, Sr., Ayala; WR Chazz Eldridge, Sr., Chino Hills; WR Baron Franklin, Sr., Claremont; WR D’Angelo Ross, Sr., South Hills; WR Donovan Walker, Sr., Chino Hills; K Tristan Vizcaino, Sr., Damian; ST Tanner Carew, Sr., Damien
First team defense
DB Philip Afia, Jr., Ayala; DB Leroy Cloud, Sr., Damien; DB Carlos Delgado, Sr., South Hills; DB Chazz Eldridge, Sr., Chino Hills; DB Candy Nava, Sr., Charter Oak; LB Mason Behr, Sr., South Hills; LB Jose Bonilla, Sr., Charter Oak; LB Matt Chavez, Sr., South Hills; LB Josh Ferrer, Sr., Claremont; LB Nick Markarian, Jr., Ayala; LB Luke McKay, Jr., Chino Hills; LB Jason Ortiz, Jr., Charter Oak; LB Joe Provenzano, Sr., Damien; LB Anthony Rosales, Soph., Chino Hills; DL David Apodaca, Sr., Charter Oak; DL Khylan Brooks, Sr., Charter Oak; DL Matt Daley, Sr., Damien; DL Ryan Rodriguez, Sr., South Hills; DL Patrick Sanchez, Jr., Damien

Second team offense
QB Daniel Martinez, Sr., Chino Hills; RB Lawon Carney, Sr., South Hills; RB James Carter, Jr., Ayala; RB Craig Myers, Sr., Claremont; RB Brian Phelan, Jr., Ayala; OL Clay Garcelli, Jr., Chino Hills; OL Nico Jaffe, Sr., Claremont; OL Andrew Leadingham, Sr., South Hills; OL Parker Blakeslee, Sr., Claremont; OL Oscar Perez, Sr., Charter Oak; OL Andrew Posner, Sr., Ayala; WR Brandon Burnhem, Sr., Claremont; WR Carlos Delgado, Sr., South Hills; WR Andrew Herber, Sr., Chino Hills; WR Mackenzie Sternquist, Jr., Damien; WR Elijah Taylor, Sr., Chino Hills; K Tristan Gonzalez, Sr., South Hills
Second team defense
DB Alfonso Basurto, Sr., Ayala; DB Todd Green, Sr., Charter Oak; DB Tyrus Lineberger, Jr., Chino Hills; DB D’Angelo Ross, Sr., South Hills; DB Cameron Tyus, Sr., Claremont; LB Jacob Adams, Sr., Damien; LB Cody Darrow, Soph., Ayala; LB Stephen Schaap, Sr., Ayala; LB James Stephens, Sr., Claremont; LB Addison Whitham, Sr., Claremont; LB Conner Wilson, Soph., Chino Hills; DL Elijah Campbell, Jr., Ayala; DL Nick Carrillo, Sr., South Hills; DL Isaiah Flowers, Soph., Ayala; DL Nico Jaffe, Sr., Claremont; DL JP Lanathoua, Jr., Chino Hills

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  • D-Mo

    Soph Zion Echols from CO is going to be fun to watch these next 2 seasons.
    Fred, you have Kory Brown listed as an RB. Far from it, but a good QB.
    No offense Twinkle Toes.

  • Valley Athletics

    That’s a lot of players chosen . 9 linebAckers first team . Was there any who didn’t get chosen between first and second team .

  • DHS

    Sanchez and Thigpen, will be two of the best players in valley next year for Damien

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Trent Goens is a Junior…not a Soph. He will be one of the most dominant defensive players in the Baseline and area next year. Also, Connor Wilson of CHHS is a Senior, not a soph.

  • DHS

    Goens and Sanchez use to dominant when they played on the same Jr All American team in Chino Hills