Glendora boys basketball coach Mike LeDuc notches 1,000 career game and is five shy from 800th victory

MAGIC NUMBERS OF MIKE LEDUC: The numbers keep adding up for Glendora High School and boys basketball coach Mike LeDuc.
LeDuc coached his 1,000th Glendora game in a 59-45 loss to Grant of Sacramento in a tournament in Marin on Dec. 27. He has coached three games since, winning twice. That has put him just five victories away from 800 career wins at Glendora.
“You only to get to these numbers by being old and having a lot of good players,” LeDuc said. “I still enjoy it.”


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  • JamesJ

    Amazing! What an awesome accomplishment by the Duc! Sad to say this…but I simply don’t see loyalty like this happening with the next generation of high school coaches. We complain and gripe about the lack of loyalty from players and parents nowadays with all the transfers and “greener grass” attitudes. But lets be honest…many of our young coaches aren’t much more loyal or committed. Look at the turnover rates of young football coaches. I understand some of that has to do with administration support, family time, pay rates, etc. But old timers like LeDuc, Big Lou, and the like had to deal with all that stuff as well…and they stuck it out and showed commitment and loyalty to their program.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are TONS of great coaches out there teaching our youth! I just don’t know how many of them will be fixtures on the same campus and in the same community in 20-30 years! Hope they prove me wrong! Our kids need quality adults to help show them the right road! We can learn a lot from coaches like LeDuc.
    Freddy, what young coaches in the SGV today (any sport, basketball, football, baseball, soccer) do you see being in the same spot for 30 years?

    • FredJ

      That’s hard to say, the dynamics have changed so much. Names that come to mind are Mike Maggiore (West Covina football), Gordon Hamlow (Rowland basketball), Mike Regan (San Dimas baseball) … those are just a few I don’t see going anywhere for a while, but you never know. It also makes you appreciate the longevity of John Romano at Nogales, Brett Stevens at Sierra Vista and Rich Remkus at Gladstone.