Boys, Girls soccer rankings: Sierra Vista, El Monte boys still undefeated; South Hills girls No. 1 with power Chino Hills to follow


1. Sierra Vista (11-0-1)– Already 4-0 in the Montview and facing 4-0 Duarte at home on Tuesday for sole possession of first.
2. El Monte (6-0-0)– Not just undefeated, but 56 goals for and just two against, including a 4-0 blowout over Baldwin Park. I’m guessing they’re the real deal.
3. Damien (6-3-2)– Defending league champs are still the favorites, but nothing comes easy in the Sierra.
4. Los Altos (4-4-4)– Better than record? Yes. But 2-0 loss to Diamond Ranch not a good way to start the Hacienda.
5. Diamond Bar (9-5-1)- Already 2-0 in the Hacienda with easy wins over West Covina and Bonita.
6. Baldwin Park (8-2-2)- Nice 3-0 start in the Valle Vista, but keep an eye on Pomona.
7. Arroyo (5-1-3)- Solid 1-1 tie against Damien, showdown with El Monte on Tuesday
8. Rosemead (4-1-2)– Another super team in the stacked Mission Valley League.
9. Bishop Amat (5-2-3) – Best start in years. Won three straight and hoping to make some noise in the Del Rey.
10. Duarte (8-3) — 4-0 in the tough Montivew with No. 1 Sierra up next on Tuesday.

1. South Hills (11-0-1)– Undefeated and 58 goals with only 4 against. Do you believe? I’ll answer that after Wednesday’s game at Chino Hills, far and away the best in the Sierra.
2. Bishop Amat (5-2-3)- Defending CIF champs not as dominant, but still good. La Salle in town on Wednesday.
3. Diamond Bar (9-2-2)- Defending league champs with big game vs. Los Altos on Tuesday.
4. Los Altos (8-2-2)- Better than most thought it would be, but find out how good at Diamond Bar next.
5. St. Lucy’s (6-7-1)- Not a typical St. Lucy’s start, but they always play a tough schedule.
6. Sierra Vista (9-3-0)- Far and away the best in the Montview. Again.
7. Charter Oak (7-5-0)– Started great last year and faded in the Sierra. Will there be a repeat performance?
8. San Dimas (7-6-0)- Probably still best in the Valle Vista, but not nearly as good as last year.
9. El Monte (5-1)– Not a tough schedule, but only has allowed five goals in six games.
10. Rosemead (5-1)– Only loss a 3-0 setback at Temple City.

Baseline League
Del Rey League
Hacienda League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

Baseline League
Del Rey League
Hacienda League
Mission Valley League
Montview League
Sierra League
Valle Vista League

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  • Soccer Fan

    Boys Top 10 IMO

    1. Sierra Vista (10-0-0)- No doubt that they are the #1 team in the SGV

    2. El Monte (5-0-0)- Can they continue winning in league

    3. Damien (6-3-1)- Will be interesting to see if they dominate league

    4. Los Altos (4-3-4)- Could easily be 7-1-3 if they could finish games

    5. Diamond Bar (7-5-1)- In a tough slump! Moment of truth starts; League!

    6. Baldwin Park (6-2-2)- Looks like another VVL title for the Braves

    7. Arroyo (4-0-3)- Undefeated is undefeated!

    8. Rosemead (4-1-2)- Not totally convinced with the pre season schedule

    9. Bishop Amat (3-2-3)- Making some noise!!

    10. Diamond Ranch (6-3-1)- Could be fighting for 2nd place

    • Wells

      Soccer Fan —

      You post quite a bit and your top ten is well done.
      How many teams have you seen play this season?

      • Soccer Fan

        Just love the sport! Also helps to be retired and able to watch a lot of the games. For the boys ive seen SV, El Monte, Damien, LA, BP, and BA. For the girls ive watched SH, LA, DB, BA, SV, SD, and CO. I also seen a lot other schools play like CH, RC, LO but they dont fall under these top 10 rankings. Thanks!!

        • FredJ

          Soccer fan I ought to put you to work 🙂

          • Soccer Fan

            Let me know Fred. LOL

          • FredJ
          • Wells

            You should at least give him a meal for each game he sees and reports.

            Not only does has he seen many teams, his analysis is very accurate based on the team I have seen and scores that have been posted.

          • LA Futbol

            Freddy, Girls Soccer: LA @ DB NEXT TUESDAY AT 5:30!!! Be there or be square my friend! IMO, winner of that game is the Hacienda league front runner!

          • FredJ

            Will be there for that one

  • Soccer Fan

    Girls Top 10 IMO

    1. South Hills (9-0-1)- I believe!! I believe!!

    2. Los Altos (7-2-2)- Might be looking at the next Hacienda League Champ

    3. Diamond Bar (7-2-2)- Bad loss to St. Joe 4-0. League is where it counts

    4. Bishop Amat (5-4-2)- Willing to bet that they make a deep playoff run

    5. St. Lucy’s (6-5-1)- Maybe 3rd place in league

    6. San Dimas (6-6-0)- Will make a deep run in the playoffs

    7. Charter Oak (7-3-0)- Might surprise some teams in league

    8. Sierra Vista (7-2-0)- Looking at its 4th consecutive undefeated league title

    9. Glendora (3-5-0)- Good team but wont even make the playoffs. Tough League!!

    10. Rosemead (4-0-0)- Still waiting to see what this team has


      Love your Top 10. Looking forward to next week. How do you think the girls Hacienda will breakdown (rank) this year 1-7 ?

      • Soccer Fan

        1. Los Altos- Tough team! well coached and plays with a chip on their shoulder
        2. Diamond Bar- Very young team. Dangerous on set plays
        3. Walnut- Dont sleep on Walnut cause they keep it close and could pull of the upset
        4. Bonita- Will end up with a 6-6 league record at best
        5. Diamond Ranch- Tough to be a competitor in the Hacienda. A better fit in the VVL
        6. Rowland- Beating up LP, Nogales, BP does not get them ready for the Hacienda
        7. West Covina- With so many talented players in the area it is sad to see them struggle year in and year out

        • Wells

          Soccer Fan — Are you going to do a breakdown of each league in the area?

          • Soccer Fan

            I could if you guys want me to. This is just my opinion and based of what ive seen this year.

      • Soccer Fan

        How do you see it playing out for the Hacienda?

        • PITCHMAN

          I can’t call it until I see them play all play this week. I do think this may be as tight a race as we have had on the girls side of the Hacienda. My first thought coming into this season was that Walnut with Janae Avila, Erin Harris and the Lizarraga twin would win it. SECOND would be Los Altos with Samantha Verduzco up top and Jazzmyn Esquivel holding the back line. 3rd would be D-Bar with Leah Kolek (Whitter College bound) and Sabrina Corpus leading a good group of players that all got lots of playing time last year. It could go any way.

          • Soccer Fan

            I think the Hacienda and Sierra leagues will be decided in the last 2 games of the season. Great teams and athletes!!

  • Soccer Fan

    1. San Dimas- Will go undefeated in league; Duran is a phenomenal player
    2. Wilson- Have played well as of late
    3. Baldwin Park- Physical team but missing the technical part of the game
    4. Pomona- Maybe can pull ahead of BP for the final spot in CIF
    5. Nogales- Improving year in and year out
    6. Northview- Hasnt been the same since 2009-2010
    7. Covina- Just like West Covina, has a lot talent in the area but doesnt know what to do with it

    • Tonne

      Wilson played San Dimas tough and then you had the worst call by a ref on a goal made using not just the top of the arm but also hands. Game ended up 2-1 San Dimas. Alison Kung for Wilson is a remarkable player.

      • Soccer Fan

        Saw Kung play last year and she was great! definitely will try to catch a Wilson game this year. The coaches are doing a great job there

  • Soccer Fan

    Montview Girls
    1. Sierra Vista- Coaching staff has turned that program around. Going for its 7th consecutive league title 4th undefeated
    2. Azusa- Always competes and keeps games close
    3. Ganesha- With SD and DR being around the corner it is hard to keep talent locally
    4. Gladstone- young team and eager to make a name for themselves
    5. Duarte- Hasnt been the same since the early 2000s
    6. La Puente- New coach, new team mentality
    7. Workman- Not enough focus on the soccer teams
    8. Bassett- Boys are decent but girls programs struggle

  • Soccer Fan

    Baseline Girls
    1. Los Osos- Always a treat to see them play
    2. Rancho Cucamonga- Playing well and the best chance to give LO a game
    3. Upland- Strong team but defense isnt all there this year
    4. Alta Loma- Could upset any of the top 3 teams if they keep it close
    5. Etiwanda- In order to compete in league they need to schedule a stronger pre season
    6. Glendora- In the wrong Division and league. Would compete for league if they were in the Hacienda

  • Soccer Fan

    Mission Valley Girls
    1. Gabrielino- Only 2 loses have come to BA and Monrovia; will make it deep in the playoffs
    2. Rosemead- Should be fun to see what this team can do in league and in the playoffs
    3. El Monte- Saw them play and they are scrappy and play all 80 minutes of the game
    4. Arroyo- From CIF Finalist to not making the playoffs; lost too many seniors
    5. South El Monte- Good coach but the talent is hard to maintain with so many schools in the El Monte School District. This team is my sleeper!!
    6. Mountain View- When no one expects anything from you is when you have the chance to prove people wrong. You have to win the close games.

  • Soccer Fan

    Del Rey Girls
    1. Bishop Amat- Strong pre season schedule
    2. La Salle- Not too impressed but always plays well in league
    3. St. Joseph- Could easily end up in second place
    4. Bishop Montgomery- Great pre season record but league is where it counts
    5. Mary Star of the Sea- Went from being a powerhouse to last place in the Del Rey

  • Soccer Fan

    Sierra Girls
    1. Chino Hills- My pick to win the Div 2 title and the Sierra title
    2. South Hills- I think we can say that they are a completely different team from last year
    3. Claremont- I believe they will end up with the same league record as St. Lucy’s but will get in by a tie breaker
    4. St. Lucy’s- Will only get better throughout the season
    5. Ayala- Will take a while to learn the new coaches philisophy
    6. Charter Oak- Dont sleep on this team because they can easily beat any team from 3-5.

    • Wells

      Soccer Fan — great job on all lists. Are the guys coming tomorrow?
      I have a better idea about the men’s teams since I have seen far more of them play.

    • Tom Kiss

      This is spot on, I still think you have to give Claremont the edge for 2nd due to their depth, the super sops are now sr’s and their GK is headed to East Carolina on a scholarship,

  • FredJ

    BYI, we will cover Marshall, No. 1 in D-7 at Bishop Amat girls soccer today

  • Soccer Fan

    Baseline Boys
    1. Los Osos- Looking at the Baseline league champ
    2. Upland- Young team and only room for improvement
    3.Rancho Cucamonga- Should be better with the players that they have
    4. Alta Loma- Will be fighting Upland and RC for a playoff spot
    5. Glendora- Just like the girls they are in the wrong Div and league
    6. Etiwanda- Boys soccer program struggles every year

  • Soccer Fan

    Del Rey Boys
    1. Cathedral- Very good team; disciplined and well coached
    2. Bishop Amat- The boys program making some noise
    3. Bishop Montgomery- Could slip into second place if BA falls asleep
    4. Bosco Tech- Definitely not a soccer school
    5. La Salle- Had a good season in 2012 but have fell out of the radar since then

  • Soccer Fan

    Hacienda Boys
    1. Diamond Bar- Guess the tough pre season is paying off for the boys
    2. Diamond Ranch- Not going to lie, was surprised when i saw they beat Los Altos 2-0
    3. Los Altos- Good team but lacks finishers on top!
    4. Walnut- Bad loss to Rowland but should beat them the next time around
    5. Rowland- Will make some noise in league but need to be consistent
    6. Bonita- A powerhouse in the late 90s and early 2000s! What happened?
    7. West Covina- School just doesnt care about the soccer programs!

  • Soccer Fan

    MVL Boys

    1. El Monte- Good players and it seems that they have been playing together for a while

    2. Arroyo- Best team to give El Monte a run for their money

    3. Rosemead- Could give Arroyo a tough time

    4. South El Monte- Dont sleep on the Eagles
    5. Mountain View- Has gone from a powerhouse to .500 team
    6. Gabrielino- Improving every year but not quite there

    • Wells

      Mountain View has played a very strong pre-season schedule. They should make the playoffs.
      The first two look very solid. El Monte has not played a very strong non-league schedule, but that 4-1 win against BP looks very good.
      Arroyo keeps improving and the seem to have a great defense.

      • Soccer Fan

        Between the 3, 4, and 5 spot it can change very easily. I have Rosemead in the 3 because i feel that they have a chip on there shoulder to prove themselves.

        • Wells

          Sound logic. Teams that are hungry to prove they belong usually play a full 80 minutes. I just think the difference in non-league schedule make catch up with them.

          In the Valle Vista, do you have BP, Nogales….then three or four schools all battling for the last two spots?

          • Soccer Fan

            got Pomona and Northview earning the last 2 spots. Already saw Pomona play and they aren’t as strong as previous years but they got some decent talent. I agree totally about the Strength of schedule but heart will beat talent (not saying that SEM or MV don’t have heart) but i think Rosemead wants it more.

      • Jose

        Mountain View just got handled by Pioneer on Thursday. They need a lot of work.

        • Wells

          I have not seen them play and they might need quite a bit of work. However, Pioneer is a strong team this season, much like most the MV’s schedule.

          Soccer fan likes the teams that appear to be hungry for a possible playoff position (which cannot be underestimated). Rosemead’s schedule does not look as strong as MV’s non-league schedule.

        • Soccer Fan

          I have to agree with Wells on this one. Pioneer is no walk in the park. They beat BA, SH, and tied La Canada which are pretty good teams. Although they do need some work they will always be competitive in league and could push for that 4th (maybe at large berth) or surprise Rosemead in the 3rd spot. Great league this year!!

  • Soccer Fan

    Montview Boys
    1. Sierra Vista- My pick to win the Div 4 CIF title
    2. Duarte- Coach has done a phenomenal job turning this program around
    3. Azusa- Always a tough competitor
    4. Ganesha- Will make the playoffs as a wild card at best
    5. Workman- Needs to leave everything on the field to try to make playoffs
    6. La Puente- Not the same since the last coach left
    7. Bassett- Had one good year when they made the semis, but since then they have not been the same
    8. Gladstone- Looked promising a couple years ago but has not been able to put a full season together

    • Wells

      The top teams in D4 are as good as any in D2 or D3.. It would be great to see SV have a shot at the championship.

      • Soccer Fan

        Boys soccer is so hard to predict because any Division can play against each other and have a shot to win. Seen SV play twice this year and I am impressed!! All around talent, I think it will be Cathedral vs SV DIV 4 CIF Final

        • Wells

          Oak Hills is very strong. They have two very strong forwards, a strong center mid and a tough defense. Bellflower has some great numbers. Those two and the two you mentioned look like the best four in the division by quite a margin.

          • Soccer Fan

            Finally got to see Oak Hills play. Talk about speed!! Forwards are very fast and maintain good not great ball possesion. They beat Apple Valley 5-0 and to tell you the truth it shouldnt of been that close. I think you are right on SV, Cathedral, Oak Hills, and Bellflower being the best 4 teams in Div 4. That would be a GREAT semi match up!!

  • Soccer Fan

    Sierra Boys

    1. Damien- The team to beat in the Sierra

    2. Claremont- Lost to Damien in pre season, will they learn from that game is the question

    3. South Hills- Good team but doesn’t play to its full potential

    4. Chino Hills- Might be able to pull the upset and get into the playoffs

    5. Charter Oak- Will end up with same record as Ayala but will win tie breaker

    6. Ayala- Great club teams around the area but yet they can’t put a winning season together

    • Tom Kiss

      Id almost duplicate what you have here except from what I know, you have Chill ranked higher than you think, they might not win a game in this league, id move up ayala to 4 CO to 5 or Chills ….i see it Damien, Clare, Shills, Ayala, Chills, CO

  • Soccer Fan

    VVL Boys

    1. Baldwin Park- Good team and played a tough pre season

    2. Nogales- Might be able to pull the upset on BP on the second game

    3. Pomona- Not as strong as previous years but not a tough league

    4. Northview- Will squeak into playoffs over Wilson

    5. Wilson- Didn’t think they would be .500 in league

    6. Covina- Had a few good seasons but not consistent

    7. San Dimas- Total 360 turn around from the girls program

    • Wells

      I have the same top two, 3-5 are tough. They all appear to be very equal.

      • Soccer Fan

        It will be a fight to get into the playoffs. Home games are going to play a big roll on who gets that last spot.


    of Bishop Amat girls(Div3) 10 wins on Max preps. 2 wins were D7, 2-D6, 4-D5, 1-D3 & 1-D7. I’m just saying……….

    • LA Futbol

      They could be 0-10 and Fred would still have them ranked! It’s Amat afterall! They can do no wrong!

      • FredJ

        well, they’re not 0-10 and they win cif championships … what are you gonna do?

        • Soccer Fan

          They are a second half of the season team. They will only get better. They play a tough tournament schedule but not so much a non league schedule. Either way they will do well in league and in the playoffs.

        • JamesJ

          Fred, what have they done THIS year to deserve this ranking? I think what Pitchman and LA Futbol are saying is that it appears you are judging Amat on their past accomplishments, rather than what they’ve done this year. Not really any impressive victories. I’m not saying they aren’t a good team…I actually haven’t seen them play this year. But their wins have all come against lesser teams, while they’ve lost to any good team they’ve played. D Bar and and LA have some impressive victories this season over Division 1 and 2 teams!

  • sgv fan

    Slightly off topic, but still in the ballpark. I just want to wish San Clemente boys soccer team good luck in the upcoming MAST TOURNAMENT this week held in Montverde, Florida. Hopefully they can bring that championship to southern section. 7 out of the 8 teams are nationally ranked, the hosts of the event havent seen defeat in 3 years ( 76-0-4) and are national champs. Also doesnt hurt to have frank rijkard as the ambassador for the program. Good luck boys

  • Soccer Fan

    Week 8 Girls Top 10 IMO

    1. South Hills (11-0-1)- Fred said it best. Moment of truth comes against CH

    2. Los Altos (8-2-2)- League will be decided on 1/14. Very strong offensively!!

    3. Bishop Amat (11-5-2)- Looks like they are running on all cylinders but we will see how they do against teams in there own Div

    4. Diamond Bar (9-2-2)- Defense will determine if they can beat LA

    5. St. Lucy’s (6-7-1)- If not careful they can be on the outside looking in

    6. San Dimas (7-6-0)- They rely too much on Duran. Could run into problems come CIF

    7. Sierra Vista (9-3-0)- Could they get over the hump of the Quarter Finals? if so i like their chances

    8. Charter Oak (7-5-0)- Could be a threat in league

    9. Walnut (3-2-3)- Have come alive in the last 4 games

    10. Rosemead (5-1-0)- The best team to give Gabrielino a run for the league title

    • Tom Kiss

      its a shame that the Bulletin includes CHino HIlls and Ayala for their top 10’s, but the Trib doesn’t……conversely the Bulletin includes San Dimas in their coverage area…otherwise, you’d prob have a different 1-2 on your girls side

  • Soccer Fan

    Week 8 Boys Top 10 IMO

    1. Sierra Vista (11-0-1)- Can they stay healthy in the tough Montview League

    2. El Monte (6-0-0)- Ranked 7th in Div 5 and gaining ground on the top 3

    3. Damien (6-3-2)- Are more prone to being on the upset alert than recent years

    4. Diamond Bar (9-5-1)- Already 2-0 in league and have LA up next

    5. Baldwin Park (8-3-2)- Getting better every game they play

    6. Los Altos (4-4-4)- Tough loss to DR. We will see how they recover with DB

    7. Arroyo (5-1-3)- Tied Damien and Monrovia, two tough competitors

    8. Duarte (8-3-0)- Best team to give SV a run for their money; 4-0 in the Montview

    9. Diamond Ranch (7-3-2)- Played bad against WC but looked like a completely different team against LA

    T10. Bishop Amat (5-2-3)- Starting to get some recognition on the boys side of the house

    T10. Rosemead (4-1-2)- Not convinced with the pre season schedule but have a chance to prove themselves in the Mission Valley

  • Soccer Fan

    Excited about this week!! On the girls side you got LA vs DB on 1/14 and CH vs SH on 1/15. On the boys side you got El Monte vs Arroyo on 1/14 and SV vs Duarte on 1/14 also. Hey Fred what games will you be covering? ill go to whatever games you wont be able to cover and provide feedback.