Soccer Wrapup: Chino Hills girls soccer knock off undefeated South Hills, 2-0

Boys Soccer
South Hills 3, Chino Hills 1 — Both struggled in non-league, SHills gets a boost, CHills in big trouble.
Damien 1, Charter Oak 0 — Defending champs favored again.
Claremont 2, Ayala 0 — Wolfpack with the best chance to dethrone Damien.
Girls Soccer
STORY: Chino Hills 2, South Hills 0 — South Hills was undefeated, but Chino Hills showed why it’s among the best in D-2
Charter Oak 4, St. Lucy’s 2 — Chargers went 1-9 in Sierra last year.
Claremont 2, Ayala 0 — Wolfpack could be Chino Hills’ biggest threat.

ABOVE: Sierra Vista’s Sebastian Ocampo (27), center, celebrates with teammates after scoring the second goal against Duarte in the second half of Boys soccer

Sierra Vista 3, Duate 0There is a certain amount of luck to play to an undefeated season. Sierra Vista High School took a lot of that luck in its Montview League showdown against visiting Duarte on Tuesday afternoon. “It was at least a little bit of luck,” Sierra Vista senior Mario Saenz said of the 3-0 victory, “But the skill and effort are always there. Going undefeated is motivation for us. We’re just being humble and giving it our best.”
The Dons remained unbeaten, and once-tied. It was Duarte’s first league defeat.
“It was by far our worst game of the season,” Dons coach Jose Rodriguez said. “I don’t know what it was. If we would have played 50 percent of the way we practiced (Monday) night, it would have been a different thing. But the score was there.” Saenz had two goals and an assist.

Mission Valley League
Arroyo 1, El Monte 0
Arroyo High School midfielder Adrian Ramirez said he woke Tuesday morning and felt he had a big game coming. He was right.
Ramirez scored the lone goal in the 76th minute to lift Arroyo to a 1-0 victory over El Monte in a battle of undefeated teams in the Mission Valley league opener.

The Knights’ Jose Meza got it started on a breakaway. Meza’s shot was poked away by Lions goalkeeper Ramon Rodriguez but Ramirez was there to clean it up. Ramirez didn’t finish on his first shot, but followed up his own shot for the game winner
“I thought was going to miss,” Ramirez said. “But I felt calm and I knew the goal was inside me. I felt that anger inside me and I had to let it out. Our coach told us it’s all about winning.” El Monte (6-1, 0-1), which had outscored its opponents 56-2 entering the match, had a chance to tie a minute later, earning a penalty kick in the 77th minute. But Jesus’ Garcia steered his game-tying attempt wide and Arroyo remained undefeated, improving to 6-0-4 and 1-0 in league.
Montview League

Hacienda League

Los Altos 1, Diamond Bar 1
Los Altos didn’t beat Hacienda League girls soccer rival Diamond Bar on Tuesday.
It just felt that way.
Natalia Elizarraras scored with about five minutes to play in regulation to help the Conquerors tie the host Brahmas in a key league game.

The Conquerors, who got nine saves from goalie Daniela Gonzalez, are 8-2-3 overall and 1-0-1 in league play. Diamond Bar, which scored its only goal on an own goal in the first minute, is 9-2-3 and 2-0-1.
Los Altos coach Chris Reeder: “I told the girls that the way this league works, very few (teams) go undefeated in this league. When you go to somebody’s house, you have to get a point. Our goal was to tie the game. If you can get a win here great. We haven’t won here in a long time. We came away with a point, and get to play them at our place in the second round.”
Diamond Bar coach Matt Brummett: “It was a fair result, I think. It went back and forth. Both sides, there were chances to win the game. A good old-fashion Hacienda League matchup. It was a fair result. It’s unfortunate we didn’t come away with the win, but I’m sure they feel the same way.”

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  • sgv fan

    Those are some great games

  • FredJ

    My predictions today, and I’m usually right … Sierra Vista 3, Duarte 1; Arroyo 2, El Monte 1 and Diamond Bar 3, Los Altos 0

    • Soccer Fan

      i will challenge Fred…I got SV 4, Duarte 1; El Monte 2, Arroyo 2; LA 2, DB 1

      • FredJ

        Los Altos over Diamond Bar? Wouldn’t go that far

        • Soccer Fan

          Taking a page from your book…”Mark it down” LOL. But seriously LA is more disciplined and like you have seen on my prior posts they just wanted more and to me heart beats skills

      • Wells

        I like the call on the SV — Duarte boys game. I see a huge difference in the schedules. Based on the scores, SV has monster goal scorers. SV 4-0.
        I will have to go with DB. The Lady Brahmas are strong on set plays. But it should be very low scoring. 1-0

        El Monte vs. Arroyo is a great offense vs. a great defense. I will take Arroyo to play very slow to neutralize the Lions potent offense. 2-1 (a shutout would be a monumental acheivement)

        • FredJ

          El Monte beat Baldwin Park 4-0, still trying to wrap my head around that. Seriously, 56 goals for and just 2 against? That’s ridiculous. I know they haven’t played a super schedule, but the teams they beat they just crushed. I’m not sure Arroyo will hang at all.

    • JamesJ

      Wow Fred! you think DB will beat LA 3-0??? No love! LA lost 1-0 to Sunny Hills who is #2 ranked in D2 and who beat Aliso Niguel (previously #1 in Div 1!) They beat Brea 2-1 (ranked Div 1 team). They have one common opponent, Glendora, who DB beat 2-1. LA beat them 3-0. I could see picking DB to win a close one, but 3-0 is a WHOOPIN’ in soccer!

      • FredJ

        We’ll see what happens….Diamond Bar has the mental ownership edge over Los Altos. Maybe 3-0 went too far, but I do like Diamond Bar in this one.

        • LA Futbol

          I predict a 1-1 tie with LA giving up an early goal and scoring late to send it Into overtime.

          • LA Futbol

            I should change my name to NOSTRADAMUS!

    • sgv fan

      Caught the sierra vista vs duarte game. Im just going to say this, sierra vista’s forwards are incredibly strong, with that being said, this wasnt the same team that I saw the last time. Yes, sierra vista had most of the ball possession the first half but were lacking that creativity from the players. In the second half, duarte came out strong they were on sierra vista. It looked like duarte had gotten a little bit of a rhythm going and then BAM!! SV scores. 3 minutes later they score again. Final 3-0.

      • Soccer Fan

        I was there also and i was surprised on how Duarte came out in the second half and had SV on their heels. If they would of scored that game could of gone Duarte’s direction. When SV scored the second goal it seemed to me that it knocked whatever little life Duarte had and then it just became a possesion and kill the clock type of game. I wouldnt say that SV wasnt the same team that played right before the Christmas vacation, honestly i dont think anyone thought that Duarte could keep up with them and they did for at least the 1st half.

        • sgv fan

          I think we were all surprised by the way duarte came out to play in the second half. I was just saying that sierra vistas intensity level wasnt there. I caught sv at the don lugo tournament against monrovia in the final and im just going to say this if they wouldve played with the same intensity it wouldve been a different story. But then again this is high school soccer and anybody can beat anybody

    • LA Futbol

      “And I’m usually right”.
      Two outta three ain’t bad Fred. Shoulda listened to me on the DBvLA Game!

      • FredJ

        Would have been 3 for 3 except for Los Altos’ goal in the final five minutes to tie it … But a great point for LA

    • sgv fan

      Fred, who do you think has the best chances to bring home a cif title to the sgv? Boys and girls

      • FredJ

        Boys Sierra Vista; Girls San Dimas. Divisions mean everything

        • Soccer Fan

          I’m going to go with Boys SV; Girls SV. I like SD but you said it SD is not as strong as previous years. SV girls are well coached and have some good talent all around especially for Div 6

  • FredJ

    Soccer Fan, what are your thoughts on undefeated South Hills (11-0-1, 58 goals for, 4 against) girls soccer at Chino Hills (13-1-1, 49 goals for, 11 against) on Wednesday. As good as South Hills has looked, I don’t think they can compete with CHills, they’re too polished, have played a tougher schedule and are a legitimate D-2 team, ranked third. South Hills has some super youngsters, especially Hailey Zerbel, but they’re not ready for this yet. I’ve got Chino Hills and super senior Ashley Gonzales winning tomorrow, 2-0 or 3-0. Mark it down.

    • Soccer Fan

      Im an underdog top of person but i have to agree that CH is a great team and has depth. Gonzales is a great player and if SH is smart they will put a personal mark on her and have somebody else step up and try to beat them. If SH goes into half trailing by only one goal they can definitely keep up with CH but they must capitalize on CH mistakes defensively (which by the way are hard to come by) and finish the opportunities that they get. Also, SH back line has to play the offside trap to try to control CH speed. My prediction for this game is CH 2, SH 1. I’m even going to go as far and say SH scores first but CH gets their composure and finishes the game like all good teams do.

      • FredJ

        I hate playing an offside trap to neutralize speed, most of the time you end of giving away a breakaway, something I watch Walnut girls and others do all the time. Unless you have speedy, skilled defenders capable of handling a trap, you just don’t do it, especially in high school. More often than not, you just get burned.

        • Soccer Fan

          I agree but thats exactly what SH has. They have decent speed in the back and will be able to contain CH but like all great coaches as soon as the SH coach sees that CH has adapted then you go back to playing your straight 4. Need to keep CH on their toes and show them different looks if not CH will run all over them. Also, SH is very physical in the back a lot of slide tackling if they are careless and commit fouls than CH is very good on set plays. When its all said and done SH will have to play a nearly perfect game or CH have a really bad game for SH to be able to pull off the upset. I feel like that about the top 3 teams in Div 2

          • FredJ

            I watched South Hills tie Upland 2-2 and win in penalty kicks at the Walnut tournament. Upland dominated the run of play. I thought the Huskies were lucky to come away with the result. It will be the same thing against Chino Hills … For South Hills to pull it off, they have to counter and contain, no other way to do it.

          • Soccer Fan

            Funny you say that because just like you say you hate the offside trap i hate the counter. That to me says you are playing for the draw and to me that is not soccer (best example of this technique is the US Mens National soccer team). Your best defense is your offense and maintaing possession of the ball and if SH maintains at least 40% of possession during the game then they will keep it close. If they play the counter then CH will be on top of them all game and it only takes one goal to open up the flood gates.

          • FredJ

            It depends on your team, and by the way, the U.S. rarely counters under Klinsmann, he has the U.S on attack mode most of the time.. But they did sit and counter a lot when Bradley was the coach, that’s his M.O.

            A flat back is the norm in bigtime soccer, whether Europe or anywhere else, but in high school, few teams are talented enough to control possession and string six to eight passes together before finishing. Most scoring opportunities come on long balls, breaks and set pieces.

            Bishop Amat girls soccer, for example, uses a sweeper or has used a sweeper a lot and its resulted in two titles in four years. It’s old school but the easiest way to control a game or keep yourself in a game. You take your opportunities when they come.

            If you try and outsmart yourself and get too risky with a flat back you get burned. See it happen all the time.

          • Tom Kiss

            Let me add my observations to the conversation, I saw CH play in the NOCC where they beat the Corona schools, Cor, Centennial and Santiago, only allowing 1 goal in regulation……without Amanda Ball who is headed to UCSB. They also did not have Danae Antoine, a freshman who is in the USAWNT U-14 player pool, because of a knee injury, and were able to overcome those injuries with their depth and experience. I can’t see Shills being able to overcome that experience, CH will possess the ball and use their speed. BTW Ashely Gonzales may be headed to Long Beach state next year,she has been hampered by a knee injury, but has played thru it and she still leads them in scoring. With 2 goalkeepers that can start anywhere and Denise Garcia, their Best defender, just means CHIlls is loaded and ready to make a run at the div 2 title.

          • FredJ

            Tomashhhhhh, good post and for those wondering, Tom will be at the game with highlights and postgame video .. The reason I said this is the type of game where South Hills should sit and counter is exactly for the reasons you stated. You have to consider your opponent, and Chino Hills is better at controlling possession than South Hills, so why fight it. Might as well sit and counter, gives you the best chance of pulling an upset.

          • Tom Kiss

            and it won’t get any easier when they play Claremont, remember all the sophomores that led them to the D3 title over Amat….they are seniors this year…GK Drew Williams is headed to East Carolina, Marissa Telarroja, Madison Stark, Hannah Chua, Megan Renken, Hayley Rostenbach, Merin Arft, Kate Descombes….This is who Chills biggest threat is

          • Tom Kiss

            Although Claremont does have losses to Diamond Bar 2-0 and Ayala 1-0…..since starting 1-2, they are now 9-2-2 and 10-4-2 overall…..Ayala now has Matt Hodges, From Legends FC as their coach, most of the Chino Hills elite girls play for either Ayala or Chills

          • FredJ

            That’s a big ALTHOUGH Tom … Claremont also graduated some pretty athletic players from that championship team. Finishing top three won’t be easy for South Hills, St. Lucy’s or Charter Oak .. preseason is over, time to put their big-girl shorts on now.

          • Soccer Fan

            You fight it because if you play defensively and they score within the first 10 minutes then coaches and players start taking risks and that means more room for error which then results in more goals. Thats when teams get blown out. Also, there is no doubt that CH is far more EXPERIENCED than SH but and its a small but, when a team is clicking like SH is they can hype themselves up and believe that they can keep up with CH and thats how upsets happen.

          • Soccer Fan

            The US has turned it around under Klinsmann but still plays a little to defensively for my liking. I think the US is playing a little more European type of soccer on relying on the long ball and set plays.

            You are completely right about the flat back being hard to understand or even play but lets remember we arent talking about kids that play on a Saturday-Sunday leagues, we are talking about kids that play in Gold if not Premiere teams ( i.e SH, CH, Claremont, etc) under great coaches that understand how to play their positions and play it well at a competitive level.

            Playing the sweeper stopper style is good but when you run into a team that plays you the 3-5-2 or the 3-4-3 then you lose the midfield battle and we know that the midfield is important when it comes down to ball possesion (if you look at a lot of club teams they are now playing these formations and HS coaches are starting to use it also).

            I get it keep it simple and use basic fundamentals but these kids are capable of playing at high level throughout the year especially when they play at a high level in club so why not put it to use in HS soccer.

  • AramT

    Frank Raygoza is the best coach in the Valley. Period. End of story. Hasta luego. Bueno suerte.

    • sgv fan

      Frank is definetly one of the best. But there are other coaches that will give him a run for his money.

      • AramT

        You show or find me any coach that could have done what Frank did at Mountain View. He put that school and the league on the map. He will do the same at Arroyo.

        I watched Frank’s team get kicked off its own field in the middle of practice by the school’s janitor because the guy wanted to take down the goals and go home.

        • sgv fan

          Bud. Anything less of a cif championship wouldve been considered a disappointment. They played club together. I should know my friend was a part of that championship team in 05. Fact is, they were stacked plain and simple. And what happened to him at moutain view damn shame. But your asking me who else is deemed worthy? Look bottom line is this frank is a great coach and I wish him the best at arroyo but I just dont agree with your statement.

          • AramT

            Club or Sunday leagues? I would say the latter. Most of those kids were ESL kids. I remember one went to UCLA. He took a downtrodden program in a downtrodden league as far as CIF titles are concerned and won the ONLY CIF that league has won in any major or mid-major sport that I can remember. And they won more than one. Again, I’d like to see coaches who get club players at their doorstep every year do what Frank did and do it with little to no admin support.

          • sgv fan

            Dont know about downtrodden but, ok. They were playing together before high school. Diego, Cruz 05 Tribune Player OF THE YEAR, Frank and lets not forget Oscar. That was the heart and soul of the team. I know im missing a couple of players so forgive me. They had chemistry and you could tell they knew each other very well. He nourished the talent that was giving to him and it was only a matter of time before it would pay off. 2005 d5 champs. No one can evere take that away from him. I said it once and ill say it again frank is a great coach but to say that hes the best hands down? Again, I just dont agree with your statement,

          • Wells

            Regarding this argument, SGV Fan is far more informed. The best of the Mountain View players from that area played club together — one of our players played with them. They were a team that could compete with any in the valley and they were in a division that was well suited for their success. I am sure that he is a fantastic coach. It is difficult to have great success at more than one school and Arroyo looks to be very strong this season. However, to say that no coach is close, citing obstacles that nearly every soccer coach faces is an opinion that does not carry much merit.

      • Soccer Fan

        Great coach and definitely top 3 in my opinion for the SGV. He honestly did what a lot of coaches are doing now 7 years ago and thats pretty much having his whole team play club or in the same saturday-sunday league team. He will definitely put Arroyo on the map!

  • Soccer Fan

    So let me start off by giving Fred kudos for choosing 2 out of 3 correctly yesterday. El Monte almost came out with the draw but that missed PK was a bust. As for LA vs DB I knew LA could hang with DB if not even pull out the win but that own goal hurt them. Im sticking with what i said yesterday though about SH keeping it close with CH and losing 2-1 in todays much anticipated game.

    • Tom Kiss

      stay tuned for the highlights which we will have after the game.

      • Soccer Fan

        Trying to leave San Diego now to make the game. If not please keep us posted. Would of never set this prior engagement if i knew SH would be this good this year. Thanks Tom!!

        • FredJ

          Don’t worry, there will be plenty of tweeting and tout video today

  • Guti Torres

    El Monte is overrated. Look what happened yesterday, they lost to Arroyo. I wouldn’t brag if I beat nothing but weak teams just like El Monte has done.

    • FredJ

      El Monte crushed Baldwin Park, 4-0. Arroyo already has tied Damien and Monrovia. The Mission Valley League is tough, you also have Mountain View and Rosemead. I’ll put the MVL against any league in the area, including the Sierra.

      • Guti Torres

        The score was actually 4-1! It wasn’t a 4-0 blowout, even though a 4-1 is still a good win. I bet you anything, if El Monte faces Baldwin Park again, it will be a whole different story. Baldwin Park tied arroyo btw

  • Soccer Fan

    Girls Soccer

    SH beats Claremont 1-0

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