Could Palomares and Hacienda be in same football division? One proposal says yes

Got a tip from someone “in the know” about one of the football proposals for the CIF-SS Playoff Division that will change in the fall for the next two years, the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. Locally, it’s interesting. Let me share a few. Remember, this a proposal, nothing more. Love that the Palomares and Hacienda could be in the same division. That would put the East San Gabriel Valley public heavyweights all in the same division.

One proposal for 2014 and ’15 football division realignment.
Division 2AA: Palomares, Hacienda, Freeway, Sea View, Parochial C (which includes St. Paul, possibly Damien).
Division 4AAA: Valle Vista, Alpha, Parochial D, Ambassador, Rio Hondo, Mt. Baldy.
Division 5A: Mission Valley. De Anza, Olympic, Garden Grove, Orange.
Division 5AA: Almont, Parochial E, Golden West, Orange Coast, Miramonte, Montview

Like I mentioned, it’s just a proposal. Here are the dates and timeline from CIF for the new divisions to be finalized.

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  • Interesting

    Here is the complete proposal

    Released today were the proposals for the playoff divisions for the next two years (CIF revises these every two years(, and it was a very radical change.

    Parochial A (St Bonnie, Alemany, Oaks, etc)
    Parochial B (Amat, ND, Serra, etc)

    South Coast
    Big VII (Centennial, norco)
    Foothill (Canyon, Hart, Saugus…)
    Southwestern (Murrieta Mesa, Vista Murrieta, Great oak…)
    Baseline (Chino Hills, Los Osos, Etiwanda…)

    League 1&2- Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, etc
    Bay (Inglewood, Mira Costa…)
    Tri-Valley (Bishop Diegom Nordoff, Santa Paula…)
    Pac-5 (Paso RObles, Atascadero, AG….)

    Palomares (Chino, Claremont, Diamond Bar….)
    Hacienda (Charter Oak, Los Altos….)
    Sea View
    Parochial C (Cat, Harvard westlake, St Paul)

    Inland Valley (JW North, Rancho Verde)
    Sunbelt (Elsinore, Lakeside, Paloma)
    Citrus Belt (Citrus Valley, Carter, Ike)
    Mojave RIver (AV, Burroughs, Hesperia)
    Mountain Pass (Hemet, Citrus Hill, )

    Century 1
    Century 2
    Del Rio (Cal, La Serna, Pioneer)
    Pacific Coast
    Channel (Dos Pueblos, San Marcos, Santa Barbara)

    Pacific (Arcadia, Burbank, Muir)
    San Gabriel Valley (Gahr, Lynwood, Paramount)
    Suburban (Norwalk, Mayfair, La Mirada)
    Pioneer (Centennial, 4 Torrances)

    River Valley
    Desert Valley
    Mountain Valley
    San Andreas
    Desert Sky

    Los Padres
    Pacific View

    Valle Vista
    Parochial D (Sacred Hart, Bishop Montg)
    Rio Hondo
    Mt Baldy

    Mission Valley (Arroyo, El Monte)
    De Anza (29 Palms, Big Bear, Des. Hot Springs)
    Olympic (Herritage Christian, Maranatha, Valley Christian)
    Garden Grove

    Almont (Bell Gardens, Mark Keppel)
    Parochial E (Bosco Tesch, Bell-Jeff)
    Golden West
    Orange Coast
    Miramonte (Bassett. Ganesha)
    Montview (Azusa, Duarte, Sierra Vista)

    Prep (Firebaugh, Chadwick)
    Desert Mountain (Boron, Desert, Lone Pine, Mammoth)
    Tri Valley-2 (Malibu, Grace, Filmore)
    Academy (Bretheren)
    Western Athletic (Capo Christian, Fairmont, SVC)
    Arrowhead (School of the deaf, Sherman Indian)

    Looks to me like CIF is trying to align the leagues into their State Divisions with the Division numbers and “A’s”

  • 90’s Spartan

    I thought Damien was going to be in parochial B. Did you type the wrong thing or do you have some inside info?

    • no-step

      They’ll do well in parochial C, at least until they can get a better coaching staff.

  • New York

    Realigning divisions always creates excitement and breaks inertia. I like it. What is with the numbering? Grade inflation??? Just list them 1-15 or whatever.

    • Interesting

      The numbers align with the State Bowl Division that the leagues will be in. Basketball went to this format a year ago.

  • New York

    Awww. Good point on the numbering.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    I hope CIF won’t re-align base on history and tradition. St. Paul belongs with the lower division privates schools. They need to make a private school league with SP, Rio Hondo Prep, Mission Prep, Salesian, Whittier Christian, etc. St. Paul’s days of belonging with the big boys such as MD, BA, and ND are long gone. In fact, if SP were to play RHP, MP, or Salesian today. They would lose!