Soccer Rankings: Sierra Vista, South Hills remain at No. 1



1. Sierra Vista (13-0-1)
Dons just keep on rolling
2. Damien (8-3-2)
Keeping pace in Sierra
3. Diamond Bar (10-5-1)
Team to beat in Hacienda
4. Baldwin Park (10-3-2)
Sets the tone in Valle Vista
5. Los Altos (5-5-4)
Off to slow start in league
6. Arroyo (8-1-3)
Doing it right in Mission Valley
7. El Monte (8-1-0)
Played Arroyo tight
8. Bishop Amat (6-3-2)
Staying close in Del Rey
9. Duarte (9-4)
Lost to Sierra Vista last week
10. Diamond Ranch (7-3-2)
Sitting in second in Hacienda

1. Mario Saenz, Sierra Vista, 18
2. Sebastian Ocampo, Sierra Vista, 15
3. Andre Gamboa, Diamond Bar, 11
4. Guy Horcasitas, Diamond Bar, 11
5. Kelly Craft, Diamond Bar, 8
6. Manuel Medina, Los Altos, 8
7. Julio Sanchez, Duarte 8
8. Michael Flores, Sierra Vista, 8
1. South Hills (12-1-1)
Found its match vs. Chino Hills
2. Bishop Amat (12-5-2)
Setting the pace in Del Rey
3. Diamond Bar (9-2-3)
Needed own goal to tie Los Altos
4. Los Altos (9-2-3)
Showed heart vs. Diamond Bar
5. Sierra Vista (11-3-0)
Ruling Montview
6. St. Lucy’s (6-8-1)
Lost its last three
7. Charter Oak (8-6-0)
Holding its own in Sierra
8. San Dimas (8-6-0)
Holding lead in Valle Vista
9. Wilson (9-6-3)
Can it knock off the Saints?
10. Azusa (5-3-3)
Keeping pace with Sierra Vista

1. Jaline Miranda, Azusa, 17
2. Alison Kung, Wilson, 17
3. Hailey Zerbel, South Hills, 16
4. Samantha Verduzzco, Los Altos, 11
5. Jessica Lopez, Sierra Vista, 11
6. Jackie Zemeno, South Hills, 10
7. Amber Marinero, South Hills, 9
8. Daisy Duran, San Dimas, 9
9. Ashley Bell, Diamond Bar, 9
10. Helna Kisor, Diamond Bar, 8
10. Caitlan Greenup, Wilson, 8

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  • Soccer Fan

    1. South Hills (13-1-1)- Played well against CH. Just beat Claremont and CO 1-0

    2. Los Altos (9-2-3)- Scrappy and with a big heart; will beat DB at home

    3. Diamond Bar (10-2-3)- Playing well but LA has the edge at home for the second game in league

    4. Bishop Amat (12-5-2)- Won a shoot out vs St. Joe’s 5-3; still not playing to their full potential

    5. Charter Oak (8-6-0)- Tough losses to CH and SH but are doing well enough for maybe 3rd in the Sierra

    6. Sierra Vista (11-3-0)- Could be seeing this team play in the CIF Finals

    7. San Dimas (8-6-0)- Might struggle against Wilson; They rely too much on Duran but she is fun to watch

    8. St. Lucy’s (6-8-1)- Having an off year but in the Sierra anything can happen

    9. Wilson (9-6-3)- Ranked in #9 in CIF and doing well in the VVL

    10. South El Monte (4-2-1)- Will give Gabrielino a run for their money

    • Wells

      Los Altos may be familiar with their home field (that is a huge edge on that surface), but Diamond Bar scores off of their long throws. They can score two or three goals this way if Los Altos does not defend them well.

      • Tonne

        Coach Wells, Why are you giving away one of your best ways to score goals?

        • Wells

          I coach the Men and we have already played Los Altos at their field.
          Our ladies have played Los Altos, as well. Coach Reeder already knows about the long throws. There is always a chance our women may struggle on that horrible field (and it is not mean to say that their field is horrible) they should get enough quality chances on throws and set plays to be successful.

      • Soccer Fan

        DB will struggle in LA’s field. Not to be mean but that field is horrible and LA knows how to play well at home. Home field advantage for a reason

  • Soccer Fan

    1. Sierra Vista (13-0-1)- Looking at the Div 4 CIF champions in my opinion

    2. Damien (8-3-2)- Great start in the tough Sierra

    3. Arroyo (8-1-3)- Won a close one over El Monte and undefeated in league

    4. Diamond Bar (11-5-1)- Will only get better throughout the season

    5. El Monte (8-1-0)- Destroyed MV and SEM 4-0

    6. Baldwin Park (10-3-2)- This team has really come together

    7. Duarte (9-4-0)- Although they lost to SV this team is well coached and disciplined

    8. Los Altos (5-5-4)- The DR loss might come back to haunt them if they dont make the playoffs

    9. Northview (9-3-2)- Only had a bad game against Covina if not they would be undefeated in league

    10. Bishop Amat (6-3-2)- Lost to BM 1-0; should of beat them if their strikers finished on top

  • Soccer Fan

    Boy games to watch

    LA vs Bonita 01/23
    SH vs damien 01/24
    BP vs Northview 01/25

    Girl games to watch

    SH vs St. Lucys 01/24
    CH vs Claremont 01/24
    SV vs Azusa 01/27

    • Wells

      Every game in the Hacienda (on the Men’s side) is important. There is a great deal of parity. Los Altos is good at home, and they have good skill on a synthetic surface, as well.

      • Soccer Fan

        LA is a good team BUT they haven’t been able to get it going this year. Saw them against Damien and they look amazing, great touch, ball possession, and finished on top. Then i saw them against DB and it was a total different team. Long ball, un-disciplined in the back, and didn’t play as a team. No doubt that the teams that take advantage of home field in the Hacienda will make the playoffs