Basketball Rankings: No. 1 Damien ready for Wednesday’s monster showdown vs. Chino Hills

VDAMIENBasketball Rankings
Boys Basketball Top 10

1. Damien (18-3) — You had Jan. 29 circled on the calendar for a reason. Mighty Chino Hills comes to town.
2. Walnut (15-5) — Perfect 5-0 in the Hacienda, but host Diamond Bar tonight. Brahmas one game back at 4-1.
3. Glendora (15-6) — Not good enough for Baseline, but still one of areas best.
4. Los Altos (13-6) — Not getting it done in the Hacienda. Expected much more from Conqs.
5. Bonita (14-5) — Now that things have settled since the coaching changes, lets see what Cats have left.
6. Wilson (14-7) — Still undefeated in the Valle Vista, will host second-place San Dimas Friday.
7. South El Monte (10-4) — Will put 4-0 MVL record on line against Gabrielino’s 4-0 on Wednesday.
8. Workman (14-5) — Lobos a perfect 6-0 in the Montview.
9. Gladstone (15-2) — Fewest losses in the Valley.
10. South Hills (10-11) — We’ll cut them some slack for being the Sierra.

Girls Basketball Top 10
1. Bonita (18-2) — Lost a close one to Marlborough … every loss counts in hoping to avoid dreaded Open Division. Will host No. 3 DRanch tonight.
2. Bishop Amat (16-5) — Will do no better than third in the Del Rey. Already 1-2.
3. Diamond Ranch (15-4) — Coach Mike Power doing a great job in his first year with Panthers — but party ends at Bonita tonight.
4. Walnut (10-7) — Not easy being in a league with Bonita and Diamond Ranch.
5. South Hills (12-7) — Overall record looks nice, but they’re dying in the Sierra.
6. Covina (12-7) — Colts back in business at 6-0 in the VVL
7. Wilson (12-8) — Wildcats get their second shot at Covina next week.
8. Duarte (10-8) — Falcons crushed Workman in first meeting. What will happen in second?
9. Workman (11-8) — Won five straight and faces Duarte for first in Montview on Wednesday.
10. Arroyo (11-9) — In a three-way tie for first in the VVL.

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  • Chris H

    DIamond Bar with wins over DIamond Ranch, Bonita and Rowland. What gives?

    • Steve Ramirez

      Diamond Bar is also 7-13…Hard to put a team six games under .500 in the top 10….I’ll get a look see at the Purple Gang tonight.

      • Chris H

        Maybe you should look at each team’s schedule. Santa Margarita was 0 and 10 in league play last year but they were seeded 2nd in their CIF division and lost in the finals to Damien .Strength of schedule does mean something. Anyone can schedule down each year to get wins. If Damien had played a Mater Dei level schedule and come in to January with a similar record you would have put them in the top ten and cited their schedule. Just do a little homework beyond talking to you three favorite local coaches Steve.

        • Steve Ramirez

          First of all, they are Fred’s rankings. But when it comes to are a high school rankings, I believe you are ranking each team’s season, and it would be unfair to teams who are enjoying great season’s to rank a sub-.500 team over someone who is 15-1, no matter what their schedule is. Diamond Bar is a good team, definitely top 5 from a talent and eye perspective, and if if they go 10-2 in the Hacienda, they will get ranked.

          • Chris H

            If that’s the case, then how can Glendora be ranked if they don’t finish in the top 3 in their league? You are stating that the rankings are not based on overall quality, but are relative to your standing in your league.

          • Steve Ramirez

            Again, it’s Fred’s rankings. But my criteria would be to rank teams based on their overall record and the success/lack of therof they had. In Glendora/Bishop Amat girls’ case, their ranking comes more from their nonleague schedule, because they have no expectations in league, mainly due to their leagues being so tuff. Glendora beat No. 2 Walnut in December, but despite having a great December, will drop as they struggle in their league. I don’t think you can judge what Glendora and Amat do in their league, because most every other team in the area would struggle. Bottom line, hard to put a team seven games under .500 in the top 10.

  • Not Since 1955

    Come On! Bishop No Mas Boys Basketball is NOT on the list.
    HE HE HE HE!
    Wif Coach Ertel dare, day should be numba 1 in the valley.
    HE HE HE HE!
    I be hereing that more guys quit on him than any odda team in da valley. As soon as day find out wat a terible coach he is, day up an gone!
    Dat has gots to be the worse coaching staff in the valley hands down!
    Dem poor boys playing aganst da odda team and their own coaches.
    What a shame!
    Somebody outta be saying some Hail Mary’s for the AD and Pinciple ova dere.