Could Charter Oak, Glendora, Monrovia and San Dimas all be in the same football playoff Division? Proposals coming March 14

Will the Palomares and Hacienda league be in the same playoff division? Will the Valle Vista and Rio Hondo, which have dominated the Mid-Valley Division with Monrovia and San Dimas combining to win the past five titles, be sent to a tougher playoff division and perhaps in the same division with the Palomares and Hacienda? Former Charter Oak athletic director and now Southern Section assistant commissioner Glenn Martinez will announce his proposals on March 14. Whatever happens, expect no complaints from Charter Oak, Glendora and South Hills, who will be happy to beat up on local schools again now that they’re not in the Baseline and Sierra, respectively, and especially the Inland Division.


By Aram Tolegian
March 14.
That’s the date when area fans, players and coaches of high school football will find out just how much the local landscape will change as it pertains to the playoffs.
On that day, the CIF-Southern Section will make public the new football playoff division proposals by Southern Section assistant commissioner Glenn Martinez.
And as of now, questions abound about the fate of several local teams and leagues. Some teams could be in for a serious boost in competition by being placed in new divisions. Others could see their chances at championship glory improve greatly with the removal of powerful leagues from their current divisions.
If it sounds like we’re talking about Monrovia, it’s because we are. The Wildcats won three consecutive Mid-Valley Division championships between 2010-13 and were heavy favorites to win a fourth last season before being upset by Paraclete in the semifinals.
Will that setback be enough to keep Monrovia and the Rio Hondo League in the Mid-Valley Division? Or is Martinez about to move the league into tougher surroundings to ratchet up the competition?


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  • Tic Toc

    I’m hearing that there are several proposals out there that have the Big7 moving into the Pac-5 Division and with the disbandment of the Sierra that would mean that there will be the need to move 2 divisions into the the Inland. Don’t be surprised to see the Hacienda with their new power house team CO being placed right back into the Inland. I’d pay money to see the look on Big Lou’s face if something like that were to happen.

  • Saints Go Marching In

    What a joke, Charter Oak, SD, GHS and MHS in the same division. You do realize that they have to take into consideration the rest of the leagues when the move divisions. Can you see Temple City line up against CO in the first round of the playoff or Glendora against Northview. As Chris Carter would say on ESPN…”C’Mon Man!!!”.

    • The Living Legend

      Can you see San Dimas line up against CO???? get out of here, CO would win by 50

      • Saints Go Marching In

        I agree, it would not be pretty. CO size and speed would be unfair. Look what happened when SD played DB and all that speed, They got doubled up on. Thats why this article is a joke. Sd is where they belong. They are a small school who gets the most out of their kids. They have lost to teams from their own division and higher the past two season. They advent beaten Monrovia in 3 seasons and they are 1-1 against Paraclete. But look what happened to them when they tried to play up with Los Altos, DB and Bonita this season. Maybe, Maybe they are a Northwest Division type of team but they wouldn’t be on a 5 year run like they are now in that division. Imagine what the rest of that division would do to the Valle Vista League. YIKES!!!