Breaking News: Diamond Bar football coach Ryan Maine resigns

WHO’S NEXT: Some of the immediate names that come to mind that Diamond Bar may pursue include South Hills’ Steve Bogan (not currently coaching), Monrovia’s Ryan Maddox (recently resigned), La Puente’s Scott Morrison, Rosemead’s Matt Koffler (not currently coaching) and Etiwanda’s Brandon Rohrer, to name a few. Diamond Bar is a great place to teach and coach football and the job will come with a teaching position, which should peak the interest of high-profile high school coaches.

ryanmainePRESS RELEASE: Diamond Bar school officials issued a press release announcing the resignation of Diamond Bar football coach Ryan Maine. The release stated, “Ryan and his wife Lindsay are pursuing opportunities for their family that may include relocation.” Maine will remain a teacher at Diamond Bar, at least for now.
“We truly appreciate all that Coach Maine has done for the program over his entire history at DBHS. We fully support him and his wife in their future endeavors and wish them the best of luck,” said Principal Catherine Real.

“We will be conducting a comprehensive search for a new Head Football Coach to ensure that our student athletes will be successful for years to come.”
Maine resigns after three years as the head coach.
“We appreciate the efforts that Coach Maine and his entire staff have made over the last three years,” Diamond Bar athletic director Kurt Davies wrote in a statement. We are in a much better place because of this. Principal Real and I have already begun the search for a new Head Coach and are excited to see where that search will take us. Coach Maine will still be around for the immediate future and will assist in making the transition as smooth as possible. I can’t thank Ryan and Lindsay enough for the extreme sacrifice they have made over the last three years to bring Brahma football back where it belongs.”

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  • Brahma Alum

    We should hire a defense minded coach who is going to keep the spread offense that we currently run. This teams returning personnel is constructed for the spread with a good QB and lots of weapons to get the ball into open territory. We don’t have the type of personnel that will do well in a pro style offense. I would love to see the school have some balls and bring back Inglima as head coach. The guy did a terrific job with the defense this year. This past year was the 1st time in probably 10 years the defense looked like they new what they were doing and actually put up a fight and got some stops.

  • Iheard

    Steve bogus is coaching.last season he coached the freshman at south hills and went 3-7!

  • Brahma Fan

    Brahma Alum…Inglima has burned his bridge there at Diamond Bar just as he has many other schools he coached at in the Valley. Good Defensive coach but no morals or ethics and a poor role model. With his reputation in the area, I don’t see him ever getting a Head Coaching job again. At least around the local area where everyone knows of his antics.

    • SGV 4 30 Years

      INGLIMA? You have got to be joking. He was one of the main causes of all the on field antics. There is a reason he doesn’t last long anywhere. They do need to hire a defensive minded coach. I don’t know how many offensive weapons they will have left when the season rolls around. But the biggest obstacle I see for DB is rehabilitating their image in the area. I wonder if Gano is kicking himself right now for taking that Wilson job.

      SGV430 OUUUTTT !!

      • Brahma Fan

        I think you meant to send this to Brahma Alum Since I agree with you. Inglima is trouble and has been everywhere he has coached.

        • What?

          I think we all know that you’re no Brahma fan. Your that guy from Ayala that has a long time vendetta geared towards the man.

          • Brahma Fan

            Actually no im not. I am involved at Diamond Bar and know who you are talking about and know the situation you are referring to at Ayala as well as the Diamond Bar issues. Vendetta or not, track record and history speaks for itself

  • Drake22

    I think that Diamond Bar should pursue ex Norco coach Gerhart. I think he would fit perfectly with Diamond Bar and take them back to what they used to be.

    • PatrickHT

      Question is “Would he apply”? and “Would he actually take it”?