Azusa student Patrick Cordova-Goff makes history by becoming the state’s first transgender athlete to participate on girls softball team

BREAKING, transgender student makes the team: The Azusa High School girls softball team will include the state’s first transgender student-athlete, district officials said Thursday.
A senior, Pat Cordova-Goff, 17, is a member of the school’s cheer squad and played on the school’s baseball team as a freshman.

AZUSATRANSIf you choose to comment, please be respectful. You can discuss and leave your opinion whether a transgender athlete should be eligible to participate in softball or other sports, but inappropriate comments will be deleted.

By Fred Robledo, Melissa Masatani and Zen Vuong, Pasadena Star-News
A transgender senior at Azusa High School could take the field this spring as a member of the girls softball team, California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section officials have determined.
“If the school determines the student-athlete is transgender, following the guidelines regarding this issue, the student-athlete would be eligible to participate on their softball team,” CIF-SS Director of Communications Thom Simmons said. “If they do not determine that the student-athlete is eligible for their softball team, that student-athlete may appeal that to the State CIF.”
New rules that went into effect for the 2013-2014 sports season state that students can participate in CIF activities “in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on a student’s records.”

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  • Jastrab

    What comes to mind is a male has the potential to be stronger than a female. I sucked at the 800 in high school – I ran a 2:09, but with that time i would have been a CIF finalist and perhaps won my division. I hope this respectful, but what about competitive equity with males to females. What about injuries in contact sports. I don’t have a daughter, but I would have those concerns which would seem to transcend the individuals right to gender.

    • FredJ

      I’m struggling with how I feel about this. I applaud Azusa for how it’s handled her situation, they’ve been extremely supportive and it will benefit Patrick in the longrun to know she’s supported. By I have some of Jastrab’s concerns. There are good points on both sides.


        Fred is Patrick a verified “SHE”, and gone through the entire medical procedure? Were they become a new so to speak women? Because putting on a dress and makeup shouldn’t allow you to play on a women’s softball team! When transgenders break the law, they don’t put them in a women’s Jail, they are consider men and go to the Men’s county jail special housing unit!

      • Bumoto Yo

        Of course you would, Fred


        Azusa Handle it lousy (A.D), the Roster was made 2 weeks ago but were looking for anything to get rid of him, grade cut like Ms. Garhing likes to do to certain kids, if she did it to one of last years TOP RANKED players, I guarantee you she will find away to do it to Patrick. even if he is the school president.


    Just the other day I was in my front yard and happened to run in to Rauley Zaragoza, and probably one of AZUSA’S High best athlete to ever come out of AZUSA! Rauley went onto to play for Delware University the blue hens for two seasons and has completed his Football career as a college player. He was telling me that several NFL teams have contacted him, including the RAMS!!! and also will be reporting back to a pro scout combine soon.

    Rauley Zaragoza is a outstanding young man, and want to wish him the best in his career! Would be great to see him on the RAMS!!! LOL… How cool would that be! From a AZUSA RESIDENT who wishes you nothing but the best, GOOD LUCK Rauley!


    • SaintsR4real

      Too good to be true Pride…..Los Angeles Rams 2015!!

      Good Luck Rauley!!

  • iredryder

    Said athlete has an unfair advantage as he had the ability of producing testosterone

  • Tony Owens

    My first question is? Was this individual, born transgender? Or in the middle of changing genders? And the next question would be, are there any medications being taken such as testosterone or estrogen to lean this individual in either direction either male or female? My concern would be that those elevated estrogen or testosterone levels, in HIGH SCHOOL, would be an unfair advantage to other athletes that can’t enhance there levels of testosterone or estrogen!

    • PeterTx52

      from the articles i’ve read the individual has not undergone the various treatments which also includes counseling

  • Lupe

    I guess I’m too old school, but I guess people can’t her the word NO anymore. If you’re born a male and you want to play high school softball… sorry the answer is No. If the worst thing that happens to this person is ” she ” can’t play high school softball, then it ain’t that bad. Life is way to tough on trans-genders to be worrying about something like high school sports. If my daughter got cut from a team ” she ” made or was injured playing ” her “, I’d be pissed.

  • AramT

    This is just my opinion — but this is a male trying to play a female sport. I don’t care what you think you are or want to be, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE … and this is a male.

    Let’s say I wanted to be a 5-foot-2, 120-pound blonde. Does that make me one? No, it doesn’t end of story.

    That’s my two …

    • Jefe

      Aram nailed it. Does CIF think she’s going to hit the ball like a she just because she’s on the female team??? Ridiculous.

      For the record, what’s the over/under on how many homers she hits this season?


    WOW… What gets me is, here we have the ACLU civil liberties doing there best to remove Praying before games, praying at school, prayer groups, removing crossess and even trying to remove God, from our pledge of allegiance and basically trying to ERASE anything to do with GOD in our schools, but yet, we have the CIF people trying to make history allowing this.
    Would this have been allowed in 1950’s,1960’s,1970′ 1980’s even the 90’s I think not! What we have now in this decade is, it’s okay mentality and were so much different then past decades, but yet how many school shooting have we had in the last few years!

  • Bumoto Yo

    Dude has not even gone through the trouble of changing his name, still calls himself Patrick. How committed is he to this notion?

  • New York

    People in California can not be surprised by this, no matter how much you might be disappointed. Governor Brown recently signed legislation allowing boys to use girls bathrooms in schools. Freddy, do you really applaud Azusa for not taking a stand against this ridiculous direction we are heading in?
    I am curious how Title IX advocates feel about this potential trend. Does allowing a boy to play a traditional girl sport still count toward the Title IX quota goals?
    There is nothing stopping Patrick from trying out for the baseball team. He can play softball for the rest of his life after school. I run a co-ed softball team, and it is a ton of fun.

  • Bumoto Yo

    Let me guess Fred, you will be covering a lot of Azusa softball this season. Patrick might even make All Tribune Girl’s softball selection at the end of the season. Will Patrick play in the All star game? Oh, the headlines, I can see it now.

  • ben dover

    I try to be as tolerant as the next guy, but this is ridiculous. It is a crying shame that we HAVE to agree with all the gay, lesbian, bi, trans stuff just because it is the flavor of the day and politically correct. What are we doing?

  • Questions

    I am just curious.. If he is allowed to play because he “thinks” he is a female, does that mean one of the least successful high school baseball teams can suddenly declare that they “identify” as females (humor me, they may change their mind) and the entire team can be eligible to play CIF-SS softball and who knows possibly win a CIF title ? Well then I guess there goes women sports. Lets just take us all the way back before women had an opportunity to get to school based on their athleticism apart from males. Might as well start posting up unisex signs and disregard the need to separate the two genders. For those that feel it is no big deal, how about we add a an image of a dress to the MLB logo, the NFL logo, etc just to be fair ?

  • FredJ

    One of the concerns I have covering this story and talking to people at the school and close to the team that did not want to speak on record is did Pat make the team simply based on merit and ability? At the end of the day, that is all that should matter. There were seniors cut who had been part of the program previously while Pat was included. What do you tell those players? What do you tell those parents? Again, I’m still on the fence whether a male should be allowed to participate in a female sport, but If politics by the administration played any role in Pat making the team, I have problems with that. This should be a coaches decision and only a coaches decision.

    I don’t blame Pat for the politics, she’s obviously a courageous person, a bright student and doesn’t mind be a trailblazer. Who knows, she might surprise everyone and be a great softball player, and I hope that she is.

    But if politics played any role in Pat making the team while a more deserving player was cut, how is that right?


      Fred J., Yes politics do play a big roll, First Ms. Garhing has failed to talk to all coaches regarding this transgender issue, He started off with Cheerleading, He wanted a Cheer skirt.. really no, he ran for Homecoming failed, Now he’s on to softball, Ms. Garhing seen this as if we do not let him play its a Law suit, either way its a LAWSUIT in the making, Parents are furious with the fact that they will be letting him change in the girls locker room an are asking what can we DO… I’m sorry I see a Tittle IX in the making, CIF should have stated in the by laws regardless of what gender you are NO you can not play girls softball, you had 2 seniors that were great players and got cut to have this boy on the team, My opinion the entire Staff needs to be replaced at Azusa High School, Lisa Montes does NOT know how to Coach softball, let alone brought on the Freshman Football Coach that has no Softball experience period.!!!! why because he’s a Chavirra as anybody knows the Chavirra Family is known for Money embesilement, Ms. Garhing, Ms. Montes & Mr. Chavirra need to be removed from Azusa High School all they did was make this a circus. you Have 17 girls on Varsity and 15 on JV. you took away the awards from certain girls to accommodate this kid, FYI: yes Patrick does Know how to play softball, is a power hitter a good runner, and a Pitcher. I feel sorry for the girls in the league whomever gets hit by his line drives.. LAWSUIT IN THE MAKING………….

      • Concerned Parent

        The School had nothing to do with him being a part of the team. I heard that the District Office made the team keep him. Parents should go to the Superintendent with their complaints she is the one who made the decision. Not fair!!!

    • SaintsR4real

      Fred, are you serious??
      Based on ability? Try taking your mind off Patrick and think about whats about to be allowed. Just Patrick being a male is a safety issue in itself. Since Patrick has played baseball before, she probably has enough skills to definitely help the girls (division 5?) softball team succeed. Once again, take your mind off Patrick and on whats about to come next. If Patrick is a man, than man up. If Patrick is a female, than go through the changes than do woman sports, THAT SIMPLE.
      Didn’t she play basebal and quit because she didn’t feel like she fitted in, heck thats everybody at one time or other. Stand up Azusa, dont be afraid to do whats right!!

  • Bumoto Yo

    The Montview League has the weakest pitching in the valley, he should be able hit this speed and with his strength I hope no one gets hurt or worse. Remember, he has played baseball before. He may call himself a girl, but his body and testosterone says different.

  • What a joke

    CIF doesn’t have the balls to fight this one themselves so they kick the can down the street and force the school districts to decided if they want to spend their money on the lawsuit that is sure to follow. However, allowing this male to play on a female team is only going to get lawsuits from parents of girls that were cut in order to make room for this male or from girls on opposing teams that are being forced to play against males. The rule should be chromosome based and should say no student shall be allowed to play on a girls team if they have a “Y” chromosome. This Politically Correct BS has gone too far, males don’t belong on female teams, period end of story.

  • 12th man

    Sounds like “Bush League!!”
    Would they have granted him/her eligibility if let’s say this person was about 6’4 280lbs & could pitch from 43ft at about 80mph which is equivalent to about 110mph in baseball?…I don’t mind the whole co-ed thing in little league or rec sports but not at the High School level or beyond that..This will open the door for High Schools to become more competitive in girl sports they will intentionally breed this type of Athlete just to gain an unfair advantage…(Hey Johnnie! Let’s just tell CIF you’re a transgender so you can play on the girls Softball team..yeah!! That’s the ticket! lol..)




    What’s interesting is the comments by Pat…wherein she states that medical treatment to “actually be a female” is in the “distant future”. Do you get to have the advantages of both genders…while decidiing? Interesting.

  • Inland

    This is bizarre and will open a can of worms

  • Lupe

    Simple Question…. tens of thousands of kids ( guess ) get told NO they don’t get to play varsity athleltics because they get cut, but we can’t tell a very small handfull of kids no you don’t get to play?



  • What a joke

    What decision? Your ether born with a sac or not. God made the decision at conception.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    So here is what should be the bottom line. Patrick played on the baseball team as a freshmen. So how can he justify playing taking some girls spot on that team. What is going to happen if the coach doesn’t play him? Is the principal going to step in and over ride the coaches decision again. Seems like a whole lot of political grandstanding to me. Have we really come to this? If you were born male and played on boys teams growing up (and through high school), you shouldn’t be allowed to switch teams. What is it going to take for the state to look at what this transgender ruling. There is a reason that girl and boys teams are separate. Bigger Stronger Faster, sounds like an unfair advantage.

  • Bumoto Yo

    Azusa, you get what you voted for. AB 1266 was passed by Democrats with a super majority and Brown signed it to law. Azusa probably votes 80% Democrat – enjoy.

  • reality

    Take a look at Dad. On a day he should be one of his happiest he looks a little sad and confused. Do the parents feelings count for nothing anymore? Boy”s, can you stay in the closet through high school. Sure tell your pop your feelings but please consider his also. That is a part of growing up too.

  • MoreKetchup

    Things such as these reveal most people on this board to be ignorant 40-something year old’s who know literally nothing about this manner. It is seriously disgusting to see you all spew out such hatred about a person you have never met and know nothing about. You all might say you are “all for equal rights’, but by the sounds of it, you all have the same agenda as those who thing sexuality is a mere choice and homosexuals simply choose to be homosexual. This person clearly believes herself to be a women, so who are you to take that away from them? It is only 1 spot on the roster and I am sure the next person in line will not be harshly affected by this. By the way, to hear somebody imply that she is only doing this to be in the other locker room is both insensitive and terribly misinformed.

    • DAD of 4

      Who cares about his sexual preference. It’s not about that it’s about a male playing on a female team. Unfair advantage because he is still and always will be a male

    • Bumoto Yo

      Ignorant? How about your writing skills?

    • RedryderBlue

      There was no hate being spewed, just stating fact’s and Male chromosomes, maybe you should rethink your post…..

      • MoreKetchup

        And I am being denounced for my “terrible writing skills”?

        • Bumoto Yo

          No one used the term “terrible writing skills” that is your term. You people are always making yourselves the victims. You called everyone ignorant because they disagreed with having a male on the girls softball team. If you are going to call someone ignorant, please use proper English.

    • Get a grip

      Yes, how archaic of all us “40+ year olds” to believe that someone born with an X&Y chromosome and the HUGE advantage of large quantities of muscle building testosterone, should be allowed to compete against girls that don’t have such advantages. And what does someones sexual orientation have to do with competitive “girls” softball?

      • MoreKetchup

        have you ever thought that his gender identity might be due to the lack of normal testosterone levels? There are a small percentage of people who were categorized as one gender while also having the brain makeup of the other. It is not as clear cut as an “X&Y Chromosome”.

        • AMAT 73

          It seems by your postings that there are far more variables to this than just this person believing themselves to be a female . No one on here that I can see is taking that right away from him . What is in question is whether or not it is right that he plays on a the girls softball team . One thing is know for sure, Patrick is a boy who identifies with being a female but he’s still a boy . Yes he has rights , but so do the girls on the team and those trying out to be judged on a level playing field , and although all the things you mention such as lack of testosterone , brain make up of the opposite sex , might be true , we have no idea and neither does the school nor yourself unless you are closer to this situation then you care to mention . You can’t make those statements to back Patrick’s play unless you know they are true regarding his biological make up and I don’t think it’s been taken that far yet . You say it was only one spot , but what if your daughter lost that spot to Patrick even though she was the better player but due to the delicate nature of this situation . and the sdministration felt it was the right thing to due . How would you feel then ?????
          I agree there are a couple of knucklehead posts on here but the majority are good takes on this subject and have goods points .

        • DAD of 4

          He can find a transgender league then they all can be on the same level playing field

    • Softball game

      Well here’s something else to think about. How about the safety of the girls? My daughter is a pitcher. Its bad enough I have to sit there and hope she can defend the circle after releasing her pitch. Now you bring up a strong, athletic, male body who has a great bat…. Really, what happens in that split second when a line drive is hit right back at her ( less than 43 ft away)??? Someone is going to get hurt. I’m thankful my daughter doesn’t play in this league.

  • AHSAlumni

    Funny how people are making such a huge buzz about this but when a female tries to join a football team and she is allowed to play everybody supports it. You people are a disgrace to this earth such a waste of air and space. If she wants to play softball let her play. Everyone should be allowed to be who they are and you are all a whole bunch of ignorant assholes!

    • Bumoto Yo

      When a girl joins the football team, she does not try convince everyone that she is a boy, she is very much a girl and proud of it. They are usually kickers and many times, the football coach recruits them for their soccer kicking skills. This dude is trying to convince all of us that he is a girl…, he is not. It amazes me how you preachers of tolerance can get so nasty and vile when people don’t see things your way.

    • DAD of 4

      ok whatever u say bud

    • Softball game

      Stop and think about what you are writing. I think most are saying its unfair and worried about the safety. Which is my concern. I really don’t think a female playing on football team is going hurt any of the boys. Men/ boys are naturally stronger. I have no problem with this person or any other being a cheerleader. They aren’t hitting a ball back into another player body, possible her face. Calling someone names isn’t helping you look to intelligent right now. Someday when you have a daughter who is on a softball team and this happens maybe you can say something that is worth reading.

    • SaintsR4real

      Now, you think your comments are helping us understand this situation any better? How is hatred developed through people expressing their concerns and sharing their facts?

  • DAD of 4

    That doesn’t make him a female, he still has the XY chromosome…. Geez

  • A MALE wants to play softball against FEMALES. Really? What’s next? A boy who identifies as transgender wants to wrestle on the girls team? And to the knuckle head superintendent who said “We are confident in her abilites”…no duh. I believe everyone should live life they way they see fit…kudos to Patrick for doing that, but that isn’t the issue. He posses a physical advantage that the players who will be opponents of Azusa HS softball do not: He’s a boy who produces a hormone that makes him stronger than most, if not all, of his opponents.

  • Guest

    Funny how my comment was deleted but yet all of these other inconsiderate douche bags have their comments up sounds like this whole article is biased supporting homophobia.

    • SaintsR4real

      Try again, in a respectful way. All I see in this article is people expressing their views respectfully for the most part.

    • JoeyPerez

      dumb a$$ this has nothing to do with homophobia. I’m glad hes found him or herself. This about playing fair. He’s a man playing on a girls team. It’s not right. It’s ok to say “NO” people are resilient and will bounce back. He does not need to play on the girls softball team, its an unfair advantage.

  • New York

    This ruling should ensure increased enrollment interest at Bishop Amat and other private schools.