Wouldn’t you like to watch Bishop Amat baseball take on locals? Not this year

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  • Valley Athletics

    Glendora , San Dimas and Amat are all in the Boras classic . Maybe if where lucky they meet a local team .

  • that is really a stretch to believe that the fish bowl can hang with “anyone” in baseball

    • Steve Ramirez

      Just look at history, Gal

      • by using the verb “hang” you’re referring to the present…so, I’ll line up the top ten OC schools you take the top SGV schools, we’ll play 2 out of 3 ….at best the SGV wins 1 series…if you call that hanging nothing much I can do except have you take the blinders off.

        • Valley Athletics

          Agree with you .we don’t have Any teams that plAy the best OC teams regularly so we can’t say the valley can hang . Amat is the only team thAt plays them and hasn’t did well last 3 years . In cif we have no teams in division 1 where it is loaded with good OC teams . Division 2 is the only division that valley teams get to play good OC teams but not the top teams . South hills , Glendora , Amat , San Dimas and Damien are the only teams I see even competing with the OCs best . It would be close games with those teams playing against the OC .