Your nominations for boys/girls soccer player of the year, coach of the year and first team

Over the next week I’ll begin selecting the boys and girls soccer player of the year, coach of the year and first team. Love to hear who you think should be on it. In addition to the player and coach, we select a top 11 usually comprised 3-4 forwards, 3-4 midfielder, 3-4 defenders and a goalkeeper.


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  • FredJ

    We usually invite every first team player in for head shots but this year I’m thinking of taking a group shot in uniform for for the first team … what do you think?

    • Wells

      Can you do both? Have the head shots with a short bio of accomplishments from the year; and a group photo.

      • FredJ

        There will still be a short bio on each, but I think the group picture in uniform will look better than player headshots … will definitely look better online

        • PITCHMAN

          How about adding Newcomer or Freshman of the year. Also what about girls to watch for next season.

      • JamesJ

        I agree with Wells…do both! Headshots in the paper are great. I know a number of the kids frame the paper and a headshot shows off the player better than a team shot. I agree, however, that the team shot is still cool!


      I think the Head shot with the Bio is still the best IMO. But I do love the Idea of a group / team shot to. Just do both. I’m sure all of the player would love to do a group shot. You should also do a group shot of the second team. The more players in pictures the more papers sold.

      • Rone

        Alison Kung from Wilson HS. She has changed the culture and the program there. She made that team competitive and was a 1st team for 4 years, runner up MVP and an amazing young lady

  • JamesJ

    I’m a Hacienda League Girls parent…so I can’t speak too intelligently about the rest of the valley. Here’s my suggestion:

    Player of the Year: Samantha Verduzco, Los Altos (led them to the best record in the SGV, Undefeated League Champs, and they were the only girls team in the area that made the Semi-Finals. Fred, you saw her play…When she’s not scoring 20 goals or dishing 10 assists, she’s drawing double and triple teams which opens up opportunities for her teammates!)

    Coach of the year: Chris Reeder, Los Altos (See above…and factor in that this team lost 6 starters from last year’s 3rd place team. GREAT coaching job!) Honorable mention…Scott Mocabee, South Hills (amazing turnaround for the Huskies! Still think Reeder deserves it for the amazing success, but what Mocobee did with SH is admirable!)

    Other first team candidates from the Hacienda League:

    Los Altos: Kelly Richardson, Jazzmyn Esquivel (best defenders on the best defense in the SGV)

    Diamond Bar: Leah Kolek (best player, goal scorer and midfield force)

    Bonita: Rachel Curley (she’s a maybe. Great player, but not sure Bonita was successful enough this season to warrant a 1st teamer.)

    Others I saw:

    Alison Kung, Wilson (had a chance to watch her early in the season. She’s the real deal. Too bad she didn’t have anyone around her to build a solid attack or she could have scored 30-35 goals this season!)

    Sofia Serafiin, Bishop Amat (look out SGV! She’s the next superstar! Only a Freshman and already dominant!)

    Jamie Peters, Bishop Amat (Serafin’s running mate up top. These two were the most potent 1-2 offensive punch in the valley this season!)

    I didn’t get to see Sierra Vista, South Hills, or some of the other quality programs in the SGV this year. I’m sure they have plenty of worthy girls!

    • Whatacompletemessi

      James hit the nail on the head here. Are there flat out better players than Samantha Verduzco in the SGV? Probably. But I’m friends with one of the coaches in the Hacienda who told me that no player he coached against this year made him alter his defense more than Verduzco. She made teams change the way they played the game! She didn’t have the enormous numbers that other players had, but she was clearly the best player on what turned out to be the best team in the SGV. Freddy, I think you have to go with her!

      Coach of the Year is a tough one! Amat’s Ruben Gonzalez is probably the best pure coach in the valley. Not many would argue with that. He consistently turns out a high quality program year in and year out (and I don’t want to hear anything about recruiting! Even if that’s true, he’s still gotta coach his @$$ off to get those girls playing as a unit!). Steve Jimenez at Sierra Vista is another one who consistently produces a great team. Here’s a sleeper: Ricardo Recinos as Wilson. He took a typically atrocious program and made them respectable this season! In the end, I would agree with James. Toss a coin between Reeder and Mocabee. Two veteran coaches (is there anyone who has coached longer than these two??) who consistently put out top-notch teams. Mocabee competed in a tougher league and produced a winner. But Reeder took his team to the Semi’s. Tough call Freddy. But I think in the end the old quote holds true here…to the winner goes the spoils. Conquerors got to the Semi’s when no one else in the SGV did. They had the best record in the valley. They deserves both POY and COY….IMO.

  • Jesse Gonzales

    Chino Hills has a few players. Ashley Gonzales, Amanda Ball, Denise Garcia, Dana Garcia, Olivia Seddon, Allyssa Carthan, Ricki Ives.

    • JamesJ

      Unless I’m mistaken, Chino Hills is no longer considered part of the Tribune coverage area. Those girls will be recognized by the Inland Valley Bulletin. Congrats on the CIF title and good luck in SoCal Regionals!

      • FredJ

        You’re correct James

      • Jesse Gonzales



    I saw a few games this year and IMHO this is who really stood out to me.

    – Samantha Verduzco – Los Altos forward – She just made so much happen

    – Danielle Robinson – D Ranch /Forward , Mid , Athlete – She played all position and would start at any school in the valley. But she played at DR

    – Erin Harris – Walnut Defender – great defender on a weak team – DNP in the 9-0 SH blow out. Best in the area.

    – Rachael Corley – Bonita Mid field – She was Woman among girls on pitch. needed more help.

    A few South Hills girls very good but – Amber Manairo – South Hills forward –

    • JamesJ


      I saw all those girls too. And they were fantastic. I think I have a problem with placing girls from .500 or sub .500 teams on the all-valley squad unless they were absolutely ridiculous superstars. A comment was made by another blogger that “to the victors go the spoils”. I’m also a firm believer in this statement. I believe the teams that won their leagues or finished well in CIF deserve the lions share of these types of awards. Robinson was a good offensive player. But her team was not very good so I have a hard time giving her all-valley. Same goes for Harris. She was a solid defender. But Walnut really wasn’t very good this year. How do we give her all-valley over defenders from Los Altos, Diamond Bar, Sierra Vista, San Dimas, etc who allowed fewer goals and won league. These girls were great, and I hope they get all-league recognition. But All-Valley? Again…”to the victors go the spoils”.

      • PITCHMAN

        Your point is very well taken. I agree with you wholeheartedly that Coach Reeder Los Altos- COY and Samantha “Sam” LA should be POY , she deserves to win that. I also agree with you that those Los Altos defenders, especially Jazzmyn were great. I just don’t think that because a player may have played on a weak team that they should be automatically penalized or omitted from All Area consideration. Again I believe that the bulk of the girls picked should be from a winning team LA, South Hills, D Bar, etc. I just really thought Danielle Robinson D-Ranch and Erin Harris Walnut really stood out IMHO. Hopefully Fred will do a 4-forward, 4-Mid, 4 Defender Team with the POY on top of that. All with individual pictures and bios. A group picture of the 2nd team would be a nice touch to.

  • MVL

    Question: When will you be doing the nominations for the basketball teams?

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